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Analysis of flexibility structure in women on the basis of the direct measurement method
A review of cardiovascular risks during exercise
Analysis of efficiency of different types of sprint start in younger girls
A scientific approach towards the identifying of rugby talent among ten and eleven year old boys
Analysis of kinematic variables and their relation to the performance of ski flights at Planica in 1994
Analysis of the way primary and secondary school students in the Republic of Slovenia spend their summer holidays
An aspect of qualitative research in sport science
A simple system for monitoring of weight exercise
Assessing the active drag in swimming using the kinematic and dynamic parameters
Analysis of differences between guards, forwards and centres based on some anthropometric characteristics and indicators of playing performance in basketball
Why do children exercise ?
Why exercise?
A physical education curriculum for the 21st century
A comparison of rugby skills, physical and motor abilities and anthropometric data of national-, provincial- and school talented youth rugby players
A skidding model for carving skis
"Duck on the rock"
Acute anxiolytic and the mood balancing effects of aerobics
A comparative analysis of the relations between the motor dimensions and cognitive ability of pre-school girls and boys
A contribution to understanding relations between morphological and motor characteristics in 7- and 9-year-old boys
Acute anxiolytic and mood balancing effects of aerobic gymnastics
Anthropometric characteristics and performance of 110m and 400m male hurdlers
Additional exercise as an efficiency factor in physical education lessons
Assessment of ventilation during swimming using backward extrapolation of the ventilation recovery curve
Adaptation to submaximal physical training
"All-out" tethered running as an alternative to wingate anaerobic test
Alterations of responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation during repeated isometric contractions
An attempted determination of the latent structure of leisure-time sporting and other recreation activities' characteristics
A study on the dynamic progress of performances of prominent world-class athletes in selected track-and-field events
Age-related changes in contractile properties of plantar flexor muscles in physically active women
Ability grouping
Weather conditions during Athens olympic rowing and flatwater canoe-kayak regatta at the Olympic rowing center in Schinias
Anthropometric, physical, motor, and game-specific profiles of elite U 16 and U 18 year-old South African schoolboy rugby players
Anthropometric and physiological profiles of rowers of varying ages and ranks
An assessment of the effectiveness of various variants of water rescue
3D kinematic analysis of overarm movements for different sports
A comparison between 2D plate calibration and wand calibration for 3D kinematic systems
An investigation of the influence of bilateral deficit on the counter-movement jump performance in elite sprinters
Analysis of the setter's tactical action in high-performance women's volleyball
"Joint-decentralization": some reflections on the organization structure of high-performance sports events in China
Analysis of the sports services market in Slovenia
3D kinematics of the swing arm in the second double-support phase of rotational shot put : elite vs sub-elite athletes
A language profile of sources cited in the journal Kineziologija/Kinesiology from 1971 to 2010
Acute effects of depth jump volume on vertical jump performance in collegiate women soccer players
Winning medals at the Olympic Games : does Croatia have any chance?
Acute L-alanyl-L-glutamine ingestion during short duration, high intensity exersice and a mild hydration stress
Assessing test-retest reliability of the portable brower speed trap II testing system
Analysis of the pedagogical knowledge of prospective physical education teachers
Age-related differences in force-velocity characteristics in youth soccer
Acute effects of attentional focus on shot put performance in elite athletes
Anthropometric and physiological determinants of running performance in middle- and long-distance runners
Adopting an external focus of attention facilitates motor learning in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Are taller handball goalkeepers better? : Certain characteristics and abilities of Slovenian male athletes
Association of physical self-concept with physical activity, life satisfaction and Mediterranean diet in adolescents
Analyses of time-motion and heart rate in elite female players (U19) during competitive handball matches
Anaerobic endurance capacity in elite soccer, handball and basketball players
Alcohol and tobacco use in sport coaches
Assessment of balance abilities in elderly people by means of a clinical test and a low-cost force plate
Advanced glycation end products' response to resistance training in postmenopausal women with type II diabetes
Analysis of female handball players' effort in different playing positions during official matches
Acetaminophen ingestion improves repeated sprint cycling performance in females : a randomized crossover trial
Analysis of goals scored by players with cerebral palsy in official football 7-a-side matches
Analysis of ground reaction force in gait during different phases of pregnancy
Analysis of scored and conceded goals by a football team throughout a season : a network analysis
A meta-analytic review of achievement goal orientation correlates in competitive sport : a follow-up to Lochbaum et al. (2016)
Analysis of load and players' effort in 4vs4 small-sided handball games in relation to court dimensions
Activity patterns in male and female wheelchair tennins matches
Analysis of muscle activity during the bench press exercise performed with the pre-activation method on stable and unstable surfaces
Body proportions of elite male junior rowers in relation to competition level, rowing style and boat type
Body mass index, relative body fat and physical performance of Hungarian Roma boys
Breathing frequency patterns during submaximal and maximal front crawl swim with and without a respiratory valve
Bone metabolism in young female athletes
Beach volleyball techniques and tactics : a comparison of male and female playing characteristics
Blood oxygen saturation and heart rate during exercise a month after a high-altitude alpinist expedition
Biomechanics and energetics of uphill cycling : a review
Biochemical, hormonal and psychological monitoring of eight weeks endurance running training program in female runners
Beginning age, wrestling experience and wrestling peak performance : trends in period 2002-2012
Concept formation via latent variables modeling of motor abilities
Clustering of some movement structures in aerobics
Comparison of various criteria of playing performance in basketball
Competition injuries in Olympic taekwondo
Criteria of top form in highly qualified athletes
Characteristics of language in sports commercials
Cardiovascular risks during physical exercise
Current developments in the modernization of the physical education system im Polish schools
Correlation of some variables of explosive power and competitive successfulness of boys in alpine skiing
Characteristics and differences in the heart rate and blood lactate concentration values measured during HI-LO and STEP aerobics classes
Classification of tennis centres with regard to conditions and models of offer
Comparison of three breaststroke swimming instruction programmes for 8 to 9 year old children
Characteristics of one model of muscle activity measurement
Congruence between average general playing efficiency of basketball teams and their rank in the round robin and elimination competition system
Changes in motor and morphological measures of young women induced by the HI-LO and step aerobic dance programmes
Comparison of centre of mass trajectories in modern giant slalom techniques
Comparisons of positional groups in terms of anthropometric, rugby-specific skills, physical and motor components among U 13, U 16, U 18 and U 19 elite rugby players
Changing conditions on the slalom ski course affect competitors' performances
Complex group organizational forms
Creatine supplementation alters the hormonal response to resistance exercise
Complex imitation of gestures in school-aged children with learning difficulties
Comparative study of measured and predicted VO2max during a multi-stage fitness test with junior soccer players
Classification of wavelet transformed EEG signals with neural network for imagined mental and motor tasks
Comparison of hamstring extensibility and spinal posture between kayakers and canoeists
Coping in sport : a test of Elliot's hierarchical model of approach and avoidance motivation
Circadian variations in anaerobic threshold
Classification of judo throwing techniques according to their importance in judo match
Change of direction speed in soccer : how much braking is enough?
Comparison of block versus weekly undulating periodization models on endocrine and strength changes in male athletes
Correlation between ball speed of the spike and the strength condition of a professional women's volleyball team during the season
Comparison of sagittal spinal curvatures and pelvic tilt in highly trained athletes from different sport disciplines
Comparison of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity levels between physical education, school recess and after-school time in secondary school students : an accelerometer-based study
Diagnosing the morphological, motor and playing status of young basketball players
Development characteristics of motor and functional abilities in primary and secondary school pupils
Dynamics of subcutaneous adipose tissue changes in relation to age and sexual maturation in girls aged 12-15 in Sarajevo during war
Determining basketball player types according to standard indicators of situation-related efficiency
Designing the economics of sport activities
Developing indexes of efficiency in basketball: talk with the coaches in their own language
Differences in situation-related indicators of the handball game in relation to the achieved competitive results of teams at 1999 World Chamionship in Egypt
Differences in the speed of learning particular judo throwing techniques
Development of human movement science
Discriminant analysis of the sets won and the sets lost by one team in A1 Italian volleyball league
Differentiation of skeletal muscles in 9-year-old children
Differences between competitively efficient and less efficient junior handball players according to their personality traits
Dental/orofacial trauma in contact sports and intraoral mouthguard programmes
Differences in physical fitness levels between the classical and the free style wrestlers
Differences in heart rate and lactate levels at three different workloads in step aerobics
Differences in motor abilities of various types of European young elite female basketball players
Development of software for comprehensive analysis of force plate measurements : technical note
Diferences in game patterns between male and female youth volleyball
Do combat sports develop emotional intelligence?
Determinants of attack players in high-level men's volleyball
Differences in aerobic capacity indicators between the Croatian national team and club level volleyball players
Differences between 2010 and 2011 performance indicators of tennis play at the Grand Slam tournaments
Differences between skeletal muscle contractile parameters estimated from transversal tensiomyographic and longitudinal torque twitch response
Differences in physical activity levels in school-based contexts : influence of gender, age, and body weight status
Evaluation of the economic impact of sport in developed countries and in Croatia
Evaluation of potential competition performance of young cross-country skiers based on hierarchical regression analysis and expert modelling
Evaluation of variables of shooting for a goal recorded during the 1997 European Basketball Championship in Barcelona
Efficiency of active and passive verbalization methods in learning motor exercises by pre-school children
Evaluation of a model of monitoring individual and team performance during attack in a competitive soccer game
Effectiveness of Brazilian and German teams and the teams defeated by them during the 17th FIFA World Cup
Effects of sprint and plyometric training on morphological characteristics in physically active men
Empirical basis for predicting success in combat sports and self-defence
Educating future preschool and primary school teachers to teach physical education
Ethics and sport
Evaluation of the condition of high jumpers' locomotor system in the prebvention of health problems
Effectiveness of sports activities with an orientation on experiential education, adventure-based learning and outdoor-education
Effects of five weeks of functional vs. traditional resistance training on anthropometric and motor performance variables
Effects of concurrent exercise protocols on strength, aerobic power, flexibility and body composition
Effects of long-term physical inactivity on depressive symptoms, anxiety, and coping behaviour of young participants
External focus of attention enhances discus throwing performance
Effect on concurrent exercise on post-exercise hypotension in borderline hypertensive women : influence of exercise intensity
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) following multiple effort sprint and moderate aerobic exercise
Effect of omega-3 supplementation on the blood levels of oxidative stress, muscle damage and inflammation markers after acute resistance exercise in young athletes
Effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation on oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation induced by acute incremental exercise to exhaustion in wrestlers
Effects of starting quarter score, game location, and quality of opposition in quarter score in elite women’s basketball
Effects of a maintenance resistance training program on muscular strength in schoolchildren
Effects of diverting activities on electromyographic amplitude and mean frequency
Effect of birth date on playing time during international handball competitions : with respect to playing positions
Effects of different aspects of coordination on the fighting methods and sport skill level in cadet judo contestants
Effects of six weeks of depth jump vs. countermovement jump training on sand on muscle soreness and performance
Effects of supervised practice on the accuracy of observers for manual segmentation of simulated electromyograms
Effects of achievement goals on perceptions of success and achievement emotions in minority children
Effects of attentional focus instructions on the learning of a target task : a moderation role of visual feedback
Effect of a short-term physical education-based flexibility program on hamstring and lumbar extensibility and its posterior reduction in primary schoolchildren
Effects of game location, team quality and final outcome on game-related statistics in professional handball close games
Effects of alpine ski course program on attitudes towards alpine skiing
Effects of eccentric exercise on anaerobic power, starting speed and anaerobic endurance
Effect of high-intensity interval training protocol on abdominal fat reduction in overweight Chinese women : a randomized controlled trial
Effect of different rest interval lengths of resistance exercise on lipid peroxidation and creatine kinase responses
Expertise development in volleyball : the role of early sport activities and players' age and height
Effect of augmented verbal and visual feedback on efficiency in skiing teaching
Effects of training against elastic resistance on jab punch performance in elite junior athletes
Effects of team timeouts on the team's scoring performance in elite handball close games
Effects of a steps/day programme with evaluation in physical education on body mass index in schoolchildren 11-12 years of age
Effect of a physical education-based dynamic stretching program on hamstring extensibility in female high-school students
Effects of speech passage length on accuracy of predicting metaboli thresholds using the talk test
Effect of a one-session-per-week physical education-based stretching program on hamstring extensibility in schoolchildren
Effects of shoes on kinetics and kinematics of the squash forward lunge in male players
Effects of game location, quality of opposition, number of foreign players and anthropometric characteristics in elite handball games
Functional and motor abilities diagnostics as the criterion for the selection of basketball players
Fragmentary overview of desirable potential implications of participation of pre-school children in playgroups with sport programmes
Formal model for assessing the suitability of a competition system in basketball
Fair play : its origins and meanings in sport and society
Future sport, exercise and physical education professionals' perceptions of the physical self of obese children
Facilitation effects of a preparatory skateboard training on the learning of snowboarding
Financial taxonomy of non-governmental sports organizations
Football supporters in the context of Croatian sociology : research perspectives 20 years after
First-person experience of optimal sport competition performance of elite team athletes
Football match officials do not attain maximal sprinting speed during matches
Goal orientation and perceived motivational climate in Hungarian athletes with physical and visual disabilities and in able-bodied athletes
Ground reaction forces in performance of steps in step aerobics at varying heights of step bench
Gross movement patterns in elite female beach volleyball
Goal orientation and intrinsic motivation for physical education : does perceived competence matter?
Ground travel-induced impairment of wellness is associated with fitness and travel distance in young soccer players
Heart rate deflection point and lactate threshold in field test
Hierarchical value of the physical education curricula contents intended for secondary school female students
Health-enhancing physical activity
Heart rate dynamics in 5.5-year-old children during relay races
High frequency fatigue appearing after maximal hopping
How can dynamic rigid-boy modeling be helpful in motor learning?
How can dynamic rigid-body modeling be helpful in motor learning?
Heavy training stress in male rowers
Hierarchies of synergies in human movements
How effective is exercise in producing fat loss?
How can travelling athletes deal with jet-lag?
Hormone response to jumping tests in adolescent sprinters
Human resource factors as an element of the quality implementation of motor activities in kindergartens
Hand grip strength in healthy young and older Brazilian adults : development of a linear prediction model using simple anthropometric variables
Interralionship between anthropometric, motor, and specific technique variables and wrestling bout
Impact of anthropometric variables on judo performance for female judokas in absolute category
Influence of a programmed training on changes in functional abilities in young basketball players
Influence of some situation-related parameters on the score in volleyball
Injuries to the orofacial structure in a selected sample of handball players
Influence of some aspects of parental socio-economic status on the attitude towards sports
Influence of some measurement procedures on the structure of flexibility
Intrinsic motivation and goal orientation in track-and-field children
Influence of training of rhythmic gymnastics fundamentals on certain motor abilities in girls 8-9 years of age
Issues of translating English kinesiological terms into Croatian
Intensity and direction of competitive state anxiety, self-confidence and athletic performance
Impact of the additional physical education lessons programme on the physical and motor development of 7- to 10-year-old children
Impact of identity on anxiety in athletes
Impact of psychological dimensions of psychosomatic status on potential competitive performance in cross-country skiing
Isokinetic performance in elite volleyball and basketball players
Influence of latent motor abilities on performance in judo
Influence of dominant and non-dominant body side on specific performance in taekwondo
It's not just sport : Taiwan and the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay
Influence of ball weight on shot accuracy and efficacy among 9-11-year-old male basketball players
Imigration, school, physical activity and sport. : analysis of sport acculturation in Spain
Impact of sport games and cyclic sports on muscle strength and certain cardiovascular system indicators in boys 11-14 years of age : a longitudinal study
Improvement of the physical conditioning of young soccer players by playing small-sided games on different pitch size – special reference to physiological responses
Is the best defense a good offense? : Comparing the Brazilian and Italian soccer styles
Influence of neuromuscular fatigue on co-contraction between vastus medialis and vastus lateralis during isometric contractions
Interactive dance : an exciting way to enhance children's physical activity level
Interests of children and youth in the context of prevalance of physical activities and sport
Improving muscle strength and size : the importance of training volume, intensity, and status
Influence of half-squat intensity and volume on the subsequent countermovement jump and frequency speed of kick test performance in taekwondo athletes
Innovative teaching units applied to physical education : changing the curriculum management for authentic outcomes
Is an external focus of attention more beneficial than an internal focus to ball catching in children?
Integrating sleep, sedentary behaviour, and physical activity research in the emerging field of time-use epidemiology : definitions, concepts, statistical methods, theoretical framework, and future directions
Jump shot performance in team handball
Judo, soccer and track-and-field differential effects on some anthropological characteristics in seven-year-old boys
Kinematic analysis of javelin release characteristics
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of the ushiro mawashi geri
Kinesiologists: raiders of the lost paradigm?
Kinesiology in the names of higher education institutions in Europe and the United States of America
Knowledge production in kinesiology as viewed through the titles of papers published in an academic journal - a linguistic approach
Latent structure of the spatial, phasic, positional and movement characteristics of the handball game
Linear and non-linear correlation models of morphological variables
Latent structure of agility obtained by a battery of tests
Levels and correlates of domain-specific physical activity in university students : cross-sectional findings from Croatia
Lower-extremity side-to-side strength asymmetry of professional soccer players according to playing position
Long corner kicks in the English premier league : deliveries into the goal area and critical area
Monitoring training process in middle distance runners
Morphological and functional characteristics of the student population at the University of Zagreb
Motivational structure of girls involved in sports with a distinct esthetic component
Models of expert system and decision-making systems for efficient assessment of potential and actual quality of basketball players
Modelling and simulation of two competition slalom techniques
Motor and morphological characteristics of female university students and the efficiency of performing folk dances
Morphological characteristics and motor abilities of boys following different secondary-school programmes
Mechanical work and coordinative pattern of cycling : a literature review
Motivational differences in athletes trained by coaches of different motivational and leadership profiles
Motives for sports participation, attitudes to sport and general health status of the Slovenian armed forces employees
Measurement issues and poor adjustments for physical activity and sleep undermine sedentary behaviour research : the focus should shift to the balance between sleep, sedentary behaviour, standing and activity
Motivational climate created by other significant actors and antisocial behaviors in youth sport
Morphological and physiological profile indicators of physical fitness in male tennins players aged 12, 14 and 16 years
Motor characteristics of fast break in high level basketball
Metabolic, muscle damage and heart rate responses in Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches of varied duration
Mood aspects of rapid weight loss in adolescent wrestlers
Metric characteristics of a new test for the evaluation of dynamic balance
Monitoring perceived respiratory and muscular exertions and physical fitness in young professional soccer players during a 32-week period
New insights into the biography and scientific background of Nicolas Dally (1795-1862), father of kinesiology (1857)
Neuromuscular fatigue after short maximum cycling exercise
Network analysis in small-sided and conditioned soccer games : the influence of additional players and playing position
Orofacial ijuries in water polo
Organisational and methodological aspects of health
Occupational health problems among Slovenian physical education teachers
Oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation to cluster vs. traditional sets resistance exercise in professional volleyball players
Physical education and socialisation
Paramorphic and dysmorphic spinal changes in top-class rowers
Parental participation in their children's sports clubs
Potential and competitive successfulness of young tennis players
Psychosocial structure of a cadet volleyball national team
Proposed offence structure model of elite men's basketball teams
Possible judo performance prediction based on certain motor abilities and technical knowledge (skills) assessment
Personality traits of Slovenian female and male mountain climbers
Promotion as an element of marketing mix in sport and sport tourism
Physical fitness of professional firemen
Paramorphic and dysmorphic changes of the thorax and of the thoracic spine in secondary school pupils
Possibilities of the carving turn in skiing and snowboarding
Protein supplementation improves results of rehabilitation following knee arthroscopic surgery in competitive soccer players
Personality in high-risk sports athletes
Position-related differences in volume and intensity of large-scale cyclic movements of male players in handball
Physical inactivity is a cause and physical activity is a remedy for major public health problems
Physique, anaerobic power and pulmonary measures of Botswana track athletes
Participation in leisure activities and self-perception of health in the students of the University of Split
Physical education and sport in England
Perceptual-motor abilities and their relationships with academic performance of fifth grade pupils in comparison with Oseretsky scale
Physical education and sport in Hungarian schools after the political transition of the 1990s
Psychometric properties of the Croatian version of task and ego orientation in sport questionnaire (CTEOSQ)
Performance indicators of teams at the 2003 Men's world handball championship in Portugal
Prevalence of certain chronic diseases sensitive to kinesiological treatment in physically active vs inactive postmenopausal women
Physiological and technical demands of 4 v 4 and 8 v 8 games in elite youth soccer players
Physical education in schools
Performance indicators of teams at the 2003 world handball championship for women in Croatia
Primary school child development
Promoting endurance training adaptations with nutritional interventions : the potential benefits of 'low carbohydrate' training
Profiles of dominance in physical education
Psychological profile of Hungarian national young ice hockey players
Psychological characteristics of younger and older coaches
Physical activity and cardiovascular disease prevention in Europe : an update
Postural adaptation of idiopathic adolescent scolioses (IAS)
Prediction of the successfulness of tennis players with machine learning methods
Posture in top-level Croatian rhythmic gymnasts and non-trainees
Perspektives of the sport-oriented public in Slovenia on extreme sports
Perceived service quality, perceived value and satisfaction in groups of users of sports organizations in Spain
Play area and physical activity in recess in primary schools
Physiological responses and rate of perceived exertion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes
Practicing along the contextual interference continuum : a comparison of three practice schedules in an elementary physical education setting
Participation in afterschool sport : relationship to perceived need support, need satisfaction and motivation in physical education
Psychological characteristics of Slovene handball goalkeepers
Physical fitness levels of young adults with and without intellectual disability
Psychological, physiological, performance and perceptive responses to Brazilian jiu-jitsu combats
Prediction of jumping distance using a short approach model
Psychological response of athletes to injury
Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, use of electronic media, and snacking among youth : an international study
Predictors of attack efficacy and attack type in high-level Brazilian women's volleyball
Physiological load of referees during basketball games
Perception of sports events held in a permanent sports facility : the case of the Madrid Sports Palace
Periodization training from ancient precursors to structurated block models
Planning in the Croatian national sport federations
Positional differences of physical traits and physiological characteristics in female volleyball players : the role of age
Psychological concomitants of CrossFit training : does more exercise really make your everyday psychological functioning better?
Pedal force asymmetries and performance during a 20-km cycling time trial
Practicing with gradual increases in contextual interference enhances visuomotor learning
Physical performance, time-motion, technical-tactical analyses, and perceptual responses in Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches of varied duration
Psychological aspects of sports injuries among male professional soccer players in Croatia
Physical activity prevalence in Australian children and adolescents : why do different surveys provide so different estimates, and what can we do about it?
Parent-initiated motivational climate and self-determined motivation in youth sport : how should parents behave to keep their child in sport?
Relationship between blood lactate concentration and swimming success
Relative plasma volume decrease during all-out laboratory exercise in variously active males
Rowing ergometer performance and anaerobic capacity in college rowers
Relationship between simple movements and karate performance
Recreational sport as a therapeutic adjunct to balneotherapeutical treatment for patients with back pain
Relationship of basal endogenous testosterone levels to lean body mass in young to middle-aged physically active and athletic men
Relationships between physical activity, self-perceived and actual indicators of fitness in adolescents
Reduction of relative maximum oxygen uptake in girls of advanced sexual maturation
Relations among variables of shooting for a goal and outcomes of the 2000 Men's European Handball Championship matches
Reproducibility of coaches' observations in running target shooting performance
Recreational programmes for adult men based on cluster analysis of survey indicators
Rating of perceived exertion in kayaking ergometry
Relations of the variables of power and morphological characteristics to the kinematic indicators of maximal speed running
Reliability and validity of a modified field test for the evaluation of aerobic performance
Rotation analysis of teams' performances at 2003 youth European volleyball championship
Relating content and nature of information when teaching volleyball in youth volleyball training settings
Relationship between the results of selected motor tests and competitive successfulness in tennis for different age categories
Relationship between core power and measures of sport performance
Reliability oh the Croatian long version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire
Regression equations for estimating the quality of maximal instep kick by males and females in soccer
Relationships between sprinting, agility, one- and two-leg vertical and horizontal jump in soccer players
Relationships between perceived teacher's autonomy support, effort and physical self-esteem
Relation between knee extensor muscle strength and movement performance : the effect of load and body size
Starting action dynamics analysis in top sprinters
Students' perceptions of physical education
Swimming and diving project for youth
Sport as quality of life
Subjective discomforts in adult women in relation to chronological age and engagement in kinesiological activities
Structural analysis of the volleyball game elements based on certain anthropological features
Social and economic characteristics of region and significance of sport activities
Serum electrolyte concentrations in highly trained young athletes
Sport as a form of social involvement
Some proposals for the methodics efficacy improvement concerning endurance running in physical education
Sports activity participation of the citizens of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia
Sport participation in the Republic of Slovenia and its relation to selected socio-demographic variables
Secular trend and motor performance scores in Hungarian schoolboys
Sport activities and smoking habits among schoolchildren
Secular changes in sport
School physical education and sport in Europe-rhetoric and reality
Sport of the elderly
Selecting children for swimming school
Sport management
System of general gymnastics in the Czech association Sport for all
Speed differences between forehand and backhand in intermediate-level tennis players
Somatic parameters of children with low and high levels of motor performance
Simple 'in-water' vertical jump testing in water polo
Selected problems in international terminology of the human movement science
Segmentation of sports consumers in Slovenia
Survey of the public educational system and structure of European countries from a physical education point of view
Strength symmetry and imprecise sense of effort in knee extension
Start reaction time and performance at the sprint events in the Olympic games
Strength assessment in athletes following an anterior cruciate ligament injury
Subjective wellbeing of cyclists and physically inactive subjects
Seasonal variation in isokinetic peak torque in youth soccer players
Satisfaction of basic psychological needs and goal orientation in young atheletes : a test of basic psychological needs theory
Sport education model and self-determination theory : an intervention in secondary school children
Sensitivity and validity of a functional test for agility performance in water polo players
Self-talk does not affect the transfer and retention in the tennis forehand learning in beginners
Scientific discovery and its role in sports science
Specificity of jumping, acceleration and quick change-of-direction motor abilities in soccer players
Short- and long-term effects of using shooting straps on free-throw accuracy of young female basketball players
The demise of teaching in western universities and rise of the discourse of science
The canonical correlation between the mechanism for energy regulation and situation-related efficiency in handball
Teacher's knowledge and attitudes towards health education and its teaching in schools
The image of sport in Eastern Europe
The rationalization during physical education
The role of rhythmic abilities in dance
The development of the specific speed without a ball in volleyball players
The predictive value of variables for the evaluation of technical - tactical elements in handball
The measurement of the functional state of posture and spine in low back pain through the 3D non-ionising technique
The twitch contractile properties of quadriceps muscle in athletes
The physiological response at different standardised intermittent exercising protocols
The interdependence between variables testing repetitive and explosive power and the judo performance of 11-year-olds
The assessment of the content value of physical education syllabus in elementhary school
The basketball evaluation system
Transparency of the function of sport offered to spectators and TV viewers and to those active in sports recreation
The importance of recreational sport and sports programs during rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation of the physically disabled
The follow-up of the development of a competitive and potentially successful performance of a top sportsman with the aid of the "sport-expert" system
The impact of the initial status of motor abilities on mastering motor proficiency in rhythmic sports gymnastics
The genetic based prognosis in sport selection
The posture steadiness of running target shooters of different skill levels
The relations between indicators of intelligence and motor abilities
The impact of transition on sports management
The significance of pain in sport
The journal "Kinesiology"
The influence of habitual physical activity on functional and motor abilities in middle aged women
The functions of the lower extremity muscles during the double-leg push-off
The prevalence and distribution of injuries in karate (kumite)
Transversal drag forces during the ball's flight
Time analysis of the goalkeepers' movements in water polo
Take-off and landing properties in top-level football players
The differences between heart rate- and velocity- controlled endurance training intensity of wild water kayakers
The imapct of sports participation after school on intrinsic motivation and perceived learning environment in secondary school physical education
The place of sport in the battle for the tourist
The study of a mathematical model and of the regression equation for calculating inertial parameters of body segments in young Chinese women
The leaping performance of 7-year-old novice rhythmic gymnasts is highly influenced by the condition of their motor abilities
Tactics of top-level competitors in cross-country skiing
The incidence of orofacial injuries in high-school basketball players
To exercise or not to exercise in acute upper respiratory tract infections?
Technical efficiency of wrestlers in relation to some anthropometric and motor variables
The influence of environmental conditions on the benefits of aerobic gymnastics
The interest in sports activity among first year secondary school students in the years 1995-2001
The effects of guided systematic aerobic dance programme on the self-esteem of adults
The relationship of the tennis-specific motor abilities and the competition efficiency of young female tennis players
The latent structure of variables of sports preparation and athletic preparedness based on physical conditioning contents in basketball
The financial management of sports clubs in the Czech Republic
The role of the mirror neuron system in motor learning
The analysis of the arch of the foot in three-year-old children
The influence of five different types of observation based teaching on the cognitive level of learning
The best slalom competitors
The effect of proprioceptive training on jumping and agility performance
The relationship between the speed of motor reaction and short-distance runs and the effectiveness of play in defence and offense in basketball
The effect of the 1989-1990 political transition in Hungary on the development and training of football talent
The imbalance of commentators' discourse during a televized basketball match
The reliability and sensitivity of indices related to cardiovascular fitness evaluation
The five-factor model of personality and aggressiveness in prisoners and athletes
Thermogenic effect of a high energy, pre-exercise supplement
Time characteristics in wheelchair tennis played on hard surfaces
The effect of foot type and laterality on ankle sprain in elite female volleyball athletes
The effect of soccer match induced fatigue on neuromuscular performance
The effect of agility training on athletic power performance
The profile and comparison of body composition of elite female volleyball players
The relationship between emotions and confidence among Greek athletes from different competitive sports
The effects of different exercise workloads on visual perception skills in elite Serbian female judokas
The effect of two rest intervals on the workout volume completed during lower body resistance exercise
The relationship between arm span and stature in Nigerian adults
The effects of least-to-most prompting procedure in teaching basic tennis skills to children with autism
The relationship between selected kinematic parameters and length of jumps of the ski-flying competition
The brand personality of large sport events
The effects of basic military training on shooting tasks in conditions of sleep deprivation
Three-year evolution of physical fitness and BMI in schoolchildren aged 12-16 years with extreme BMI
The variability of a horse's movement at walk in hippotherapy
The relationships between pre-competition anxiety, self-efficacy, and fear of injury in elite teamgym athletes
The influence of different twists in the forward and backward somersault on increased landing asymmetries
Thermal evolution of lower limbs during a rehabilitation process after anterior cruciate ligament surgery
The effectiveness of attentional instructions on running economy at a submaximal velocity
The influence of ball-touches number on physical and physiological demands of large-sided games
The path to expertise in Portuguese and USA basketball players
The comparison of task and ego orientation and general self-esteem of Turkish and Montenegrin young basketball players
The impact of introducing a lighter and reduced-diameter basketball on shot performance in young female basketball players
The effects of hologram wristbands and placebo on athletic performance
Thermographic evaluation of lactate level in capillary blood during post-exercise recovery
The effects of different training modalities on bone mass : a review
The effects of hypercapnic-hypoxic training program on hemoglobin concentration and maximum oxygen uptake of elite swimmers
The influence of motor experience on motor creativity (fluency) of preschool children
The score differences between elite European junior and senior women gymnasts
The beginnings of education and training for delivering physical education classes in Croatia : 140 years of tradition
The influence of energy return and minimalist footwear on the kinetics and kinematics of depth jumping in relation to conventional trainers
The relationship between quantity and level of competition, and cognitive expertise in Spanish tennis players
The influence of a weekend with passive rest on the psychological and autonomic recovery in professional male handball players
The interaction between paternalistic leadership and achievement goals in predicting athletes' sportspersonship
The effect of defensive strategies on the physiological responses and time-motion characteristics in small-sided games
The effect of long-term bimanual training on arm selection during reaching tasks
The relationship between the assessment system in physical education in the former Soviet State of Lithuania and physical activity levels of adults
Task and ego goal orientation in competitive sport : a quantitative review of the literature from 1989 to 2016
The influence of acetaminophen on sprint interval treadmill running : a randomized crossover trial
Test-retest reliability of electromyographic signal parameters used to evaluate neuromuscular fatigue in quadriceps femoris muscle
The trade-off between distance and accuracy in the rugby union place kick : a cross-sectional, descriptive study
The physiological mechanism behind the talk test
Tracking changes in the upper boundary of the heavy-intensity exercise domain : end-test power versus respiratory compensation point
The use of classification and regression tree when classifying winning and losing basketball teams
The intermediate learner's choice of self-as-a-model strategies and the eight-session practice in learning of the front crawl swim
The effects of verbal and visual feedback on performance and learning freestyle swimming in novice swimmers
The effects of a comprehensive teaching program on dribbling and passing decision-making and execution skills of young footballers
The effect of shooting range on the dynamics of limbs angular velocities of the basketball shot
The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation's classification system : the participants' perspective
The foot posture index between elite athletic and sedentary college students
Universality of reduced models of energy characteristics in slalom kayaker
Using the Rasch model to improve the qualitative analysis of the overarm throw
Verification of a motivational climate inventory in a sports setting
Validity of some situation-related motor tests for the assessment of technical efficiency of wrestlers
Virtual reality research
Variables which distinguish between talented and less talented participants in youth sport
Variability of high jump kinematic parameters in longitudinal follow-up
Validity of the dimensional configuration of the reduced potential performance model in ski jumping
Validity of measuring muscle activation levels by isokinetic testing
Visualized movement patterns and their analysis to classify similarities : demonstrated by the karate kick "mae-geri"
Vertical jump performance and isokinetic torque discriminate advanced and novice judo athletes
Validation of the physical working capacity at the fatigue threshold treadmill test
Volume estimations for combined free-weight and rubber-band resistance exercise
Jezik: eng
Impresum: Zagreb : Faculty of Physical Education, 1996-.
Zagreb : Faculty of Kinesiology,
Izdanje: [English ed.]
Prilog: Kinesiology (Supplement. Print)
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