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Ostali autori: Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje (Zagreb) (-)
Ostali autori: Alfirević, Ivo (-)
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A balanced implicit numerical scheme for one-dimensional open channel flow equations
A beam model for the buckling analysis of curved beam-type structures considering curvature effects
A boundary element method for motions and added resistance of ships in waves
A comparative analysis of metaheuristic maintenance optimization of refuse collection vehicles using the Taguchi experimental design
A comparison of approximate analytical methods and the finite element method in the analysis of short clamped thin-walled beams subjected to bending by uniform loads
A comparison of approximate analytical methods and the finite element method in the analysis of short thin-walled beams subjected to bending by couples
A mathematical model of the hardness of high-speed steels
A method for the assessment of the rolling contact fatigue of modern engineering materials in lubricated contact
A model for gear shifting optimization in motor vehicles
A new algorithm for dynamic analysis of thin plates in the combined finite-discrete element method
A new analytic adaptive fuzzy robot control
A new method for deriving the Joule-Thomson coefficient of gaseous fluids from speed-of-sound measurements
A new system for the calibration of gas flow meters
A numerical procedure applied to an elliptical-parabolical domain of turbulent heat transfer in pipe flow
A real time experimental set up to analyse automatic actuation of a fire sprinkler using a shape memory alloy (NiTinol)
A redundancy-based design by event-oriented analysis
A study into resonant phenomena in the catamaran ferry propulsion system
A study of effects of changing the position of the tool axis against the machined surface
A study on erosion of ductile cast iron
A study on erosion of ductile cast ironz
A study on hot working and frictional behaviour of 6082 aluminium alloy during hot forming using pressure tests and finite element simulation
A study on the two-row effect in the sloshing phenomenon
A theoretical comparison of two eco-friendly refrigerants as alternatives to R22 using a simple vapour compression refrigeration system
A tool for supporting the process of property management and the creation of technical drawings
An analysis of device and equipment failures by means of business inteligence methods
An analysis of non-associated plasticity formulations in deep drawing simulations
An analysis of the finite element method applied on dynamic motion and maximum payload planning of flexible manipulators
An analysis of the influence of railway vehicle mass and velocity on curve resistance values
An application of the method of characteristics in unsteady two-dimensional fluid flow
An approximate closed-form solution for the airfoil critical Mach number
An automatic system for 3D models and technology process design
An experimental method for measuring the clamping force in double lap simple bolted and hybrid (bolted-bonded) joints
Analogy between crystal lattices and tools for forming spatially reinforced composite structures
Analysis of the vibration signal using time-frequency methods
Analysis of vapour content at isochoric heating of vapour for subcritical specific volumes
Applicability of a linearized model for the unsteady gas flow in pipes
Application of Bessel functions to stability analysis of elastic bars with continuously varying cross section
Application of gravitational method by determination of rail vehicles constant resistance
Application of group technology for production time estimation
Application of simulation modelling to the shipbuilding process
Application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for simulating incompressible laminar flow
Application of strain gages in the material science
Application of white light interferommetry for foot orthotic design and manufacture
Assessment of mechanical properties of arterial calcium deposition
Automatic mesh motion for the unstructured finite volume method
Autonomous robot learning model based on visual interpretation of spatial structures
Wear mechanisms for steam turbine rotor blades
Wear of plastic mould steels under injection moulding conditions
Barkhausen noise emission in hard milled surfaces of steel C55
Berth operability estimation related to ship motion
Bilateral comparison of gauge block measurement by mechanical comparison between the Slovenian and Croatian national laboratories
Bone sintering for strength assessment
Broadening of the repertoire of forms for space structures by using f-ormex algebra
CFD analysis of the influence of centrifugal separator geometry modification on the pulverized coal distribution at the burners
Characterization of the cooling liquid after the machining of Si and SiO2
Coagulation and flocculation tretment of wastewater from wood pulp production
Comparative analysis based on two nonlinear corrosion models commonly used for the prediction of structural degradation of oil tankers
Comparison of genetic and bees algorithms in the finite element model update
Comparison of mechanical properties and creep responses of HSLA steels
Comparison of rigid-plastic finite element methods for bulk metal forming processes
Comparison of structural design in high and ultra-high cycle fatigue regions
Comparison of the simpler and the simple algorithm for solving the Navier-Stokes equations on a collocated grid
Complexity comparison of two models for robot collision detection
Computation of contact caustics
Computational and experimental investigation into subsonic flow around a finned ogive cylinder
Computational modelling of the impact damage in composite structures
Computer-aided design of embossing taps
Coupled flexuraland torsional vibrations of thin-walled girders
Damage mechanisms in ferritic-pearlitic nodular cast iron
Descriptive geometry in today's engineering curriculum
Design and optimization of backstepping controller for an underactuated autonomous quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle
Design of a mathematical model for strength calculation of adhesival bonded joints subjected to long-term exposure to an outdoor environment
Design rationale capturing model for use during the embodiment phase of the product design
Design, modelling and motion simulation of the remontoire mechanism
Determination of actual discharge of high-pressure low-discharge axial piston pumps
Determination of braking force of aerodynamic brakes for high speed trains
Determination of carburizing parameters by using the genetic algorithm
Determination of flow stress curve by modified hydraulic bulging
Determining the influence of outside air temperature on aircraft airspeed
Determining the limit of synchronous generator dynamic stability depending on electromechanical oscillation damping
Development of a didactic set of pneumatics and servo pneumatics in engineering education
Development of competence for sustainable manufacturing by using serious games
Diffusion coating with wear resistant carbide layers
Dimensional and shape control in shipbuilding using photogrammetric technique
Discrete-time variable structure controller for aircraft flight angle tracking
Dry sliding wear behaviour of stir cast LM25/ZrO2 metal matrix composites
Dynamic simulation of multibody systems with no constraint violation
Eco-evaluation in conceptual design phase : a case study
Effect of the asymmetric density-temperature relationship of water on neutral concvection in and enclosure
Efficiency of crossed helical gears with wheels made of sintered steel Fe1.5Cr0.2Mo by applying the sinter-hardening treatment
Elastic buckling behaviour of aerospace CHS gusseted "T" connections
Elastic stability analysis of thin-walled C- and Z-section beams without lateral restraints
Electronically regulated cooling system in internal combustion engine
Embedded condition monitoring of power transmission of a pellet mill
Enhancing evolution of truss structures by using genetic algorithms
Evaluating glued laminated beams using a nondestructive testing technique
Evaluation of corrosion resistance of alumina ceramics by measuring surface roughness
Event-oriented analysis fail-safe objects
Experimental analysis of die clearance distribution in a presstool assembly
Experimental and FEM analysis of sintered steel worm gear wear
Experimental and numerical study on wave run-up
Experimental and statistical parametric optimisation of surface roughness and machining productivity by lapping
Experimental study of a vortex diffuser with a side entry plenum box
Experimental study on heave and pitch motion characteristics of a wave-piercing trimaran
Experimental study on hydrous methanol fuelled HCCI engine using air pre-heater assisted controlled autoignition
Experimental tuning of marine diesel engine speed controller parameters on engine test bed
Extraction of heave displacement of planing craft by means of seakeeping trial
FEM and Ritz method : a piezoelectric active shell case study
FEM simulation of the design optimization of a hot forging die and its heat treatment
Fatigue performance of shot-peened gears investigated by experimental and numerical methods
Fatigue resistance in a very high-cycle regime
Fatigue response of nitrided nodular cast iron
Fatigue strength of a chassis of a semi-heavy truck under dynamic loads due to real road roughness
Finite element modelling of the behaviour of connections in the stability analysis of thin-walled beam-type structures
Finite volume method for heat conduction problems in complex domains
Flexural strength of alumina ceramics
Foot orthosis design and manufacture
General approach to the determination of critical buckling loads for tapered columns
Genetic algorithm applied to optimization of the ship hull form with respect to seakeeping performance
Geometry optimization of two infinite parallel plates with free convection heat transfer
Growth of multiple fatigue cracks in plates under cyclic tension
Hybridization of adaptive genetic algorithm and ART 1 neural architecture for efficient path planning of a mobile robot
Hydraulic system control using a proportional valve
Identification and validation of a linear elastic dynamic system model in workshop environment
Identifying the technical condition of rotating parts by means of vibrodiagnostics
Impact of electromechanical oscillation on the synchronous generator stability
Improvement in sheet metal forming technology due to the use of different software approaches
Improvements in thermo reactive deposition of carbide layers
Improving productivity by deriving and defining target conditions in the value stream of packing
Improving pump efficiency by modifying the size and shape of the anti pre-rotation vane
Improving variant design in parametric environment
Influence of airspeed measurement error : implications for dead reckoning navigation
Influence of artillery weapon barrel superheat on erosion wear resistance of material
Influence of betatisation temperature on thermal transformation behaviour of CuZn27Al3 alloy
Influence of crosslinking parameters on mechanical properties of chloroprene rubber
Influence of force transducer position on results of testing machine calibration
Influence of microslip on harmonic motion of turbine generator rotor
Influence of modelling on truss stress analysis results
Influence of piezoelectric anisotropy on electromechanical performance of ultrasound NDT probes at elevated temperatures
Influence of shear on the torsion of thin-walled girders
Integral uncertainty estimate of production capabilities development
Intelligent robotic assembly using machine vision and CAD integration
Interaction between the hydroelectric power plant and the power system and its effect on the mechanical design procedure of a synchronous generator with salient poles
Interaction modelling of multiple fatigue cracks in stiffened panels
Investigation into cold cracking in underwater wet welding of API 5L X70 steel
Investigation into self-locking planetary gear trains through the lever analogy
Investigation of the extrusion of porous metal using finite element method
Investigation of the pull-out phenomenon in steel bolted connections
Investigation of unsteady air flow around two-dimensional rectangular cylinders
Investigations into surface integrity in the turning process of duplex stainless steel
Isogeometric FE analysis of complex thin-walled structures
Kinematic controller for a Mitsubishi RM501 robot
Kinematic operating modes of two-speed two-carrier planetary gear trains with four external shafts
Kratak povjesni osvrt na razvoj časopisa Radovi FSB
LU-decomposition for solving sparse band matrix systems and its application in thin plate bending
Large Eddy Simulation of ultra-high injection pressure diesel spray in marine diesel engines
Laser welding of duplex steel
Lie group modeling and forward dynamics simulation of multybody systems. Part 1, Topology and kinematics
Lie group modeling and forward dynamics simulation of multybody systems. Part 2, Dynamics and time integration
Linear, quadratic and cubic invariants of orthotropic elastic materials
Mathematical model for generated heat estimation during the plunging phase of FSW process
Measuring of collecting pipe aeolian vibrations at transformer substations and switching plants
Mechanical system wear and degradation process modelling
Merged neural decision system and ANFIS wear predictor for supporting tool condition monitoring
Methodical approach to designing workplaces and increasing productivity based on value stream mapping and methods-time measurement
Methodology for the development of RFID value added services to improve supply chain operations
Micro milling of metallic materials : a brief overview
Microfractography of nodular cast iron
Mixed meshless plate analysis using B-spline interpolation
Model simulations of pollutant reduction in heavy fuel oil fired furnace
Model update with the Observer/Kalman filter and genetic algorithm approach
Modelling and discrete simulation for the sustainable management of production and logistics issues
Modelling and simulation of piezoelectric adaptive structures
Modelling of erosion effects on coatings of military vehicle components
Modelling of load transfer to laterally restrained thin-walled beams with open cross-section
Modified neural network-based study into the coefficient of friction in pressed assemblies
Movement change of the human cervical spine after stabilisation
Multi-criteria sustainability assessment of clean air technologies
Multiplicative decomposition based FDEM model for membrane structures
Nano-submodelling technique based on overlapping domain decomposition method
New approach to establishing Poisson’s ratios of soft-wood components
Non-dimensional entropy analysis of condenser and/or evaporator type heat exchangers
Numerical FE modelling of the ironing process of aluminium alloy and its experimental verification
Numerical analysis of the cooling tower performance
Numerical examination of the strain gradient effect on accuracy of birefringent coating method
Numerical investigation into the failure of welded double-T aluminum cantilevers
Numerical modelling of deformation responses of cracked tubes
Numerical prediction of hydrofoil performance in wave by NURBS numerical wave tank
Numerical simulation of wind characteristics in the wake of a rectangular building submitted to realistic boundary layer conditions
Odziv dinamičkog sustava na impulsnu uzbudu
On determination of the JIc parameter using a CN plate specimen
On modelling of kinematic hardening responses in finite strain elastoplasticity
On numerical modelling of cyclic bending responses of thin-walled srtuctural components
On the development of a sustainable design framework for steel structures
On the structural response of aluminium T-stub joints under tension
Operation reliability and diagnostics of mechanical systems
Optimum structural design using Mathematica
Parametric analysis of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) performed by the Taguchi method
Performance analysis of leaf spring by contact mechanics approach based on the nature of material properties
Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine with a zirconium dioxide-coated piston and nerium and mahua methyl esters used as fuels
Photocatalytic degradation of an azo dye by UV irradiation at 254 and 365 nm
Photoelastic investigation into stresses in high transverse contact ratio gears
Physiological anthropology and biomechanical modelling analysis
Pitting of tooth flanks of crossed helical gears made of sintered steel
Planing hull seakeeping in irregular head seas
Pojave na graničnim površinama u koloidnim sustavima i njihov utjecaj na proces bistrenja vode
Possibilities to reduce the stress concentration in adhesively bonded joints
Possible ways of reducing the number of gears in universal gear units
Potential of Kyoto protocol in transfer of energy technologies to insular countries
Predicting thermal conductivity of steels using artificial neural networks
Prediction of the material removal rates of cylindrical wire electrical discharge turning processes
Preliminary selection of basic parameters of different torsional vibration dampers intended for use in medium-speed diesel engines
Prevention of reactive soldering on die casting parts
Približni postupci za procjenu nelinearnih valnih opterećenja brodske konstrukcije
Probabilistic assesssment of the lifetime of the railway steel bridge over the Labe River
Probabilistic models of ultimate strength reduction of damaged ship
Product data and knowledge integration
Proof of strength of shafts and axles using finite element method and DIN 743
Properties of diamond-like carbon coatings deposited on CoCrMo alloys
Realization of the highest level of traceability in Croatian national laboratory for length
Reducing the complexity of product development context by ontology
Reflections on the historical and future developments of experimental mechanics
Repeatability and reproducibility analysis of pinpointing buried mines by metal detectors
Residual stresses caused by shrinking in multibody polymer models
Response of AISI 304 steel subjected to uniaxial stress at elevated temperatures
Retrofit of a roller brake tester at FAMENA
Robust stability of singularly impulsive dynamical systems
Rotating stall region of water-jet pump
Selection of the two–carrier shifting planetary gear train controlled by clutches and brakes
Self-balancing mobile robot tilter
Sensitivity to correlations in structural problems
Significance of preload in the testing machine calibration procedure
Simulation of ultrasonic pulse propagation through multiple curved boundaries
Simulation of water entry and exit of a circular cylinder using the ISPH method
Smooth yield surfaces of isotropic materials
Some aspects of geometric stiffness modelling in the hydroelastic analysis of ship structures
Steering of iron parameters through its filtration
Strain and stress analysis in two-dimensional elastic-plastic state by moire method
Stress analysis of a single root tooth loaded with orthodontic forces
Stress time history of rolls with grooves
Structural stiffness optimization with respect to vibration response
Structure, electrical conductivity and mechanical characteristics of copper-tungsten composite obtained by electron beam physical vapour deposition (EB-PVD) technique
Study of martensitic-austenitic transformation in Cu-shape memory alloys
Study of the suitability of the maching of rotaining surfaces
The design model of micro end-mills made by using the finite element method
The effect of multiple fuel injection on combustion profiles in slow-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines
The impact analysis of lateral restraint on the state of stress and strain in the thin-walled Z-section beam
The impact of empirical rules for aeolian vibrations in overhead transmission lines
The influence of the selected aspects in planing operations by using auto-rotation tool
The influence of wagon structure part shape optimization on ultimate fatigue strength
The methodology of monitoring the implementation of a strategy in an electricity distribution enterprise
The optimization of the vibrodiagnostic method applied on turbo machines
The use of genetic algorithm for the determination of parameters in the langmuir isotherm in the system of metal ions-electric furnace slag
The use of the cluster analysis method to describe the mixing process of the multi-element granular mixture
The variability of chemical composition of the AISI 316Ti and pitting
Thermodynamic coefficients of real gases derived from the experimental speed of sound
Thermodynamic properties of argon and xenon derived from the speed of sound
Thermodynamic properties of liquid methane, propane and refrigerant HFC-134a from speed-of-sound measurements
Tool path planning for machining free-form surfaces
Tooth root stress analysis of a thin rim gear
Torsional transient response using Z-transformation
Transverse sensitivity of strain gages
Tribological investigations carried out by a linear friction tester
Tribological test engineering
Tuning and validation of a diesel spray model
Twin hull form design, theoretical background
Two-dimensional numerical modelling of high pressure pipelines with axial flaws
Updated Lagrangian finite volume solver for large deformation dynamic response of elastic body
User function approach in combustion and radiation modelling in commercial CFD environment
Using exponential penalty functions in optimizing bearing support dynamic characteristics
Valorization of working spaces in multipurpose ships from the ergonomical point of view
Vegetable oil structure and antioxidants
Vibration suppression of a flexible rotor using active magnetic bearings (AMB)
Virtual modelling and simulation of a CNC machine feed drive system
Virtual surface for human-robot interaction
Viscous-inviscid interaction method for steady transonic flow
Volume and mass comparison of two-stage coaxial reduction gears
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Impresum: Zagreb : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 2000- .
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Alfirević, I. (2000). Transactions of FAMENA: Transactions of FAMENA. Zagreb: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

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Alfirević, Ivo. Transactions of FAMENA: Transactions of FAMENA. Zagreb: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 2000.

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Alfirević, Ivo. Transactions of FAMENA: Transactions of FAMENA. Zagreb: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 2000.