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What is currently happening in Croatia to meet or exceed the requirements of the Kyoto protocol
Waste disposal methods in petroleum engineering
Application middleware
ANN tools structural design
World - renowned contemporary Croatian bridges
Application of engineering in the study of human locomotion
Who is who in the Croatian Academy of Engineering
Application of advanced encryption standard in virtual private networks implementation
An analytical approach to error evaluation in gamma shadowed Nakagami-m fading channel for different path loss models
Water management strategy
Water management strategy
Water in agriculture
Water supplay system of Eastern Slavonia
4D data compression methods for modelling virtual medical reality
Application of high power ultrasound in inactivation of microorganisms
Aquaculture and fish cell technology
Aflatoxins fifty years later : still unsolved challenge
Amylolytic activity inhibition of low falling number flours by pulses extracts and impact on final bread quality
Building of an insourcing information technology expert team as a success factor for information system development
Building of a prototype of a poly-valent vessel of a generic hull form
Biomedical engineering worldwide : celebreting the 50th anniversary of the IFMBE
Beam-to-column joint modelling to EC3
BIOCentre : the bioscience technology commercialisation and incubation centre
Culture of innovation
Cartography in Croatia 1991-1999
Croatian and European approach to seismic resistance of immovable cultural assets
Creating a solution of information processing in technical systems using analogies from alchemical technology
Course of study of materials engineering at the Faculty of mechanical engineering
Contemporary forms of the spatail organisation of industrial locations
Cartography and new technologies
ComVis interactive data visualisation tool
Croata and science
County irrigation plans
Current state and future of Croatia's inland navigation
Critical analysis of investment efficiency in construction of water supplay and sewerage systems
Changes in water quality in the Sava river as a result of construction of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Zagreb
Collectiveness of visual and Z-infrared spectrum in the security printing
Digital printing and environment
Development of the Laboratory for Geodetic Electronic Instruments at the Faculty of Geodesy of the Zagreb University
Dynamic simulator for numeric analysis of landing transport aircraft
Development of furniture in Croatia
Determination of optimal water storages in the accumulation for the irrigation requirements
Development of river ports in the Republic of Croatia
Development of the ecological models of the Adriatic Sea
Development of spatial data infrastructures in South East Europe
Designer's custom screening elements development
Development of electric automobile in Croatia
Detection of environmental contaminants by in vitro biological systems
Development strategy of Ecoindustrial Park Raša - EIPR
DICES : distributed component-based embedded software systems
Development of integrated bioprocess for ethanol production from sugar beet
Efficient and environment-sustaining transport on the Adriatic-Ionian traffic corridor
Evaluation of pavement performance and current requirements of motorway maintenance and rehabilitation in Croatia
E-learning paradigm & intelligent tutoring systems
Education of modern engineers of metallurgy in the context of the world development of metallurgical industry
Engineering education for environment protection
Education of food technologists for the future
Education and training of technologists and biotechnologists and their effects on educated expert position in production plants
Energy and ground vehicles in the near and distant future
Evolution trends of the converged networks and next generation networks
Endocrine disruptors and animal-free toxicology
Forestry mechanisation at the crossroads
Fed-batch culture and repeated fed-batch culture experiments as a basis for antibiotic production process improvements
From cybernetics to cyber-artefact
From Tesla's inventions in the field of radiocommunications to digital broadcasting for multimedia services
Fundamentals of military production development in the Croatian war for independence from 1991 to 1993
Framework for 3D motion field estimation and reconstruction
Graphic engineering and digital printing
Geodesy in Croatia from 1878 to 2003
Geothermal water as energetic and mineral source
Geomathematics between mathematics and geosciences
Geostatictis as a group of methods for advanced mapping of geological variables in hydrocarbon reservoirs
Geodetic contribution to the geodynamic research of the area of the city of Zagreb
Human locomotion study
How to optimise the use of coiled tubing in drilling process
Health care in new technologies environment
High education mission in the field of wood processing technology
Hydraulic aspects of cross-border cooperation in river restoration project
Higher education for the requirements of industrial production : European experience and Croatian challenges
Influence of paper and board packaging on the environment
Industrial competence centres and networks in Austria
Improvements of wood surface layers by modifications
Innovation management as a basis for successful development
Implications of Tesla's inventions and his moral character on the development of contemporary science and technology
Importance of intelectual property rights protection in Croatia : education and the role of the Croatian academy of engineering
Intelligent forest fire monitoring system : from idea to realization
Importance of salt content reduction in bakery products
Knowledge and the development of a strategy of economic sustainability in Croatia
Knowledge economy in technical system with high capital value
Laboratory testing and numerical modelling of MBT waste deformability
Laboratory evaluation of mud differential sticking tendency and spotting fluid effectiveness
Modern biotechnology and public perceptions
Map projections
Mathematical modelling of process relationships in the mixed microbial culture with probable new product formation
Map projections for air navigation
Mining engineering education
Mechatronics and robotics
Microwave device for thermal treatment of cellulose materials
Modeling of Tesla's transmitter using the antenna theory approach
Modulation of ultrasonic signal in vortex street of fluids
Mutational typography in security printing
Modelling of joint behaviour in steel frames
Mathematical modelling of virus replication kinetics as a function of biological reaction system properties
Modernization of production plant and processes in Zagrebačka pivovara from 1995 to 2012
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 's patents
Nikola Tesla from the aspect of communication
Nikola Teasla' European time
Nikola Tesla and Končar Group
New achievements in understanding of embankment dam failure
New approach to groundwater protection in Croatia accoding to the requirements of EU directives and guidelines
New approaches in the development of antibiotics : the return of tetracyclines
Opening the discussion on the introduction of e-learning principles in the life-long education in printing
Overview of the past and the look on the future of forest reproductive material production in Croatia
Plastics waste management
PC-based industrial automation
Possible impact of biotechnology on the future development of the pharmaceutical industry
Perspectives of designing with new concrete types
Possible impact of EU water framework directive on energy utilization of water resources in Croatia
Public water supplay systems in Croatia
Protection of groundwater for public water supplay in Croatia
Process color management for producing double images
Physical planning information system of the Republic of Croatia and National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
Process and structure of JDF protocol in production of hardcover books
Possible model of mathematical evaluation of behaviour disorder therapy
Quay on Sava river at Slavonski Brod currently under construction
Review of ship and offshore structures analyses
Renovation and identity of town
Reform of the education in Croatia
Role of the engineers in the modern economy
Research and development as a business activity
Role of forests in Croatia : from the perspective of research institute
Safety criteria for mechanical structures stressed over yield strength and calculated with the non-linear FE method
Systems problem solving in traffic science and technology
Soft communication and information systems
State of the art in engineering of printing and graphic art
Some specific features of the future study for training forestry and wood-technology engineers
Soil improvement by deep vibro compaction
Scalar wave effects according to Tesla
State and possibilities of development land drainage systems in Croatia
Small hydro power plants and the utilization of hydropotential in Croatia
Short- and long-term sharp cone tests in clay
Spanish broom (Spartium junceum L.)
Systems biology and biotechnology
Selective advantage of S-layer surface proteins presence in Lactobacillus probiotic strains
Supercritical CO2 extraction as an alternative to organic solvents in the production of soybean oil
Trends in polymeric materials
The origins of the Zagreb school of bridges
The influence of printing materials and printing techniques on the efficiency of the paper recycling process
The aluminium industry in Croatia
Trends in chemical engineering education
The future of geodetic engineers
Technological challenges at the beginning of the third millennium
The comminution of solid waste
The novel technologies for the use of biocatalyst and biotransformations
Third generation medium-size forest skidder TIBOTRAC FM 03
The ocean and its environment as a source of food production
The role of knowledge and highly educated personnel in the relocation of JADRAN hosiery factory Plc.
Tesla vision lives on in Ericsson
Tesla's works and works about Tesla in Croatian libraries, searchable via online catalogue
The saint of science and the martyr of humanity
Tesla's high frequency currents in electrotherapy
The preparations for Danube
The way to reduce pipe wearing while drilling
Toxicological safety assessment and antioxidant activity of sodium copper chlorophyllin
Use of plasma technology for modification of textiles
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Impresum: Zagreb : Croatian Academy of Engineering, 2000- .
Nastavlja: Godišnjak ... - Hrvatska akademija tehničkih znanosti

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