Vrsta građe: Časopis
Povezani zapisi:
A master of dialogue
Wielki Tin
Aiaxaia ou pouvoir dire
A l'exposition universelle de 1900
A permanent non-reconciliation with violence
A short history of Croatia
"Dubrovačka trilogija" d'Ivo Vojnović
A story of trees and ruling
A tender book of hard resistance
Austausch von Dramatexten zwischen Wien und Zagreb um die Jahrhundertwende
Auswahlbibliographie 1995
"Gold, Myrrhe und Duefte"
Avanti adagio, quasi indietro
Wellen und Felsen des Mittelmeertums
Auf Deutsch - um ein Drittel umfangreicher!
Why Ivo Andrić is important for Croatian literature
A note about words
A Travnik chronicle
A letter from 1920
Write it down, and even God will remember
A century of a Croatian nobelist
Andrić's bridges and our Drinas
A propos du Journal de Dragojla Jarnević
Autobiographie en Croatie
Why is Vera so silent?
A group potrait with a chasm
"Emptiness" in Croatian contemporay poetry
What we are in this world
An ideal vacation with and ideal girl
When Judita was symbol of Split
A transmogrification of birds or how two see the theatrical world of Dubravko Jelačić Bužimski
Wzmianka o zyciu i pismach Raguzanina, Gondola, czyli Gundulicza, a w szczegolnosci o jego poemie pod tytulem Osman
[Die Poesie]
[Das literarische Prosawerk]
[Das literarische Prosawerk]
Arthur Rimbaud
Wundervolle Buecher
Auf die Nachricht vom Tode Heinrich Boells
Abschied von einem Fluss
[Das literarische Prosawerk]
Antun Gustav Matoš, 1873-1914
Aufgezeichnet hinter der Kneipentuer
A. G. Matoš et les routes d'Italie
[La slavonie litteraire]
[La poesie croate contemporaine]
An autobiographical note
A gloss on philosophical poetry
A poetics of the soul
A loner's place
A dead deposit
A review of the manuscript
Words of silence
What is Gotovac?
A glance at the Croatian prose writing in 2002
Authors of picture books in Croatia
Why would Croatians create a new language when they were forming the existing one for centuries?
A true believer in story
Ausgewaehlte gedichte
What to do with Krleža?
Adam et Eve
Ausgewaehlte Gedichte
Als waeren wir Vater und Tochter
Astro del ciel
A hard boiled politician in the jaws of Arcadia
Window to the reality of exile
Anthology from the new style closet
Armed with words
"I am not, nor was I ever, keeping myself warm by any institutional fire"
Wenn sich die Nebel lichten
A chi appartengono?
Andrija Kačić Miošić in German literature
A peculiar textbook on the past three centuries of culture
Yet another valuable scientific contribution of European relevance
A thus far unknown Italian translation of Marko Marulić's Quinquaginta parabolae
Antun Branko Šimić
Ausgewaehlte Gedichte
A witch hunt
"My place in poetry is decided on by poetry and not me..."
Ausgewaehlte gedichte
12 Poems
"Positivism" for all times
A basic contemporary insight
World riders of narrow horizons
When the everyday becomes literary and permanent
Writers and awards
Alida Bremer: "Ein kleines Kulturzentrum in Berlin und eine Stiftung fuer die Vermittlung kroatischer Literatur im Ausland wuerden schon einen sehr grossen Schritt nach vorne bedeuten"
"De un lado para otro"
A meeting with the prince citizen of Lyon
Was traegt der Dichter in seiner Tasche
Ante Stamać: Your and my signs (Društvo hrvatskih književnika, Zagreb, 2008)
A giant of Croatian poetry
A believer in the Croatian language
"A poet must not be entirely isolated in his fictional world"
"Easy and hard literature" : what literature is to postmodernism
Art as a game of the language and the world
An unfinished story
We are all the children of loves that shouldn't have happened
A paradoxical language of love
A spiritual portrait with the sublime
Wise and sad verse
A synthesis of Vladović's poetic orientations
"Malik, malik, na menadžera si nalik" = ("Malik, Malik, you resemble a manager")
Who are croatian women poets?
"Readers do not remember when they first read Kafka of Krleža, but they do remember their first meeting with Zagorka" : an interview with Miroslava Vučić
"A new interpretation of Zagorka's oeuvre has resulted from the increased interest of the literary theory in the so-called popular literature" : an interview with Krešimir Nemec
A valuable and a reliable guide
A project of national importance
Authobiographies against literature
"The writer constantly wants more, but in the end he is always dissatisfied both with his text and himself" : an interview with Željko Barbieri
April in Berlin
A tale of how the goddess Venus lit the fire of love in handsome Adonis, presented as a comedy
Ausgewählte gedichte
Antes de la vida : (un fragmento de la novela)
A story that does not immerse in serious thought : Zvonimir Balog: The novel Predživot (Prelife) : [review]
A castle of words
A powerful anti-war novel
An author who uses her pen like a lethal weapon, a straightforward theatrologist
An individual in the wringer of the totalitarian power
An authentic representative of academic criticism.
An illustrated encyclopaedia of the glagolitic script
A firmly built antology
Yearning for a more complete existence
Women in the Croatian literature of the first half of the twentieth century : Zdenka Marković and Mara Švel-Gamiršek
A researcher of the desert
An autobiography : a close-up
A powerful debut novel
A book about loneliness and oblivion
A shocking novel about the croatian reality
A novel about historical traumas
An important contribution to the history of the homeland
An anthology with current effects
A major work for Croatian-Slovak culture relations
"Kroatien wird demnächst EU-mitglied" : ein Gesprach mit ProfessorDr. Josip Matešić über sein Werk
"Am ende zählen nur die menschen : die lebendige begegnung über alle grenzen hinweg" : interview mit dem Germanist und Schriftsteller Dieter Strauss
Why and how to talk about catholic poetry?
A writer of generic and stylistic alterations
Aleksandar Flaker : in memoriam (1924-2010)
An excellent, promising opening
"And why would I do what they want me to?"
A book of confidence in contemporary croatian poetry
"Wie kann es sein, dass ein und derselbe mensch für die einen ein held ist und für die anderen ein kriegsverbrecher?" : interview
"The purpose of writing? : It might be, as always, in the truth, and not in a soap opera" : an interview with Irena Vrkljan
All books in the Croatian language in the region of Bačka
"The writer is a freak, a mocker, a lout, who is always bothered about something" : an interview with Goran Tribuson
A history of pornography : (fragment of a novel)
A writer in solitude
A wake over the world
A stick for a stoll
Ah, madhouse!
A thread of a string ; Now kokils are singing in Bengal ; Snake's flute
A letter to Josip Sever in the Nether-war-ld ; Verona elegies [I, II, III]
A letter from my homeland, a stone slid off ; My home splashed with light ; A coffin is beautiful
A cream which can feel what a woman wants to express ; A french village ; Be it on limestone or on Parnassus
With the pressure of the words ; I remove things ; You grow into the dark
A nocturnal for Fiume ; The fall of Venice (7) ; The Tamils gorge on clootie dumplings and noodles
What has a carpenter under his pillow ; Coal-black maiden ; Three haiku lines on a postcard from Osaka
An orange or a poem about love ; Butterfly (a similar scene) ; Pomengrate
A prophet in the garden ; Where did the war go? : Why a viper in the bosom?
A house ; The treetop ; A touch, a letter in a dream
Why do you start with ; Do not let me lose my mind ; I don't quite know where
Airport ; The terrorist ; Thoughts reclining
Why I translate?
A group portrait with a chasm
Article encyclopédique à propos d'Antun Gustav Matoš dans l'encyclopédie de la littérature croate
34th Zagreb litetary talks : the position of authors in contemporary Europe
"Elle demandait toujuours après Joseph" : histoire dans le roman Les champs d'honneur de Jean Rouaud
Breve storia de "La breve gita"
Branimir's Croatia in the letters of Pope John VIII
Badessa madre Antonia
Bibliographie de la litterature croate en langue francaise
Between pressures and consumption
Baroque music in Croatia
Brodetto und Krawatte
Black sails
Blues of Croatians in Vojvodina
Balls of fire
Being able to say
Both seriousness and polymethodicalness in approach
Blog literature
Branimir Bošnjak: Worlds have been reset by death : [review]
Branimir Donat : in memoriam (1934-2010)
Borben Vladović : Zimsko kupanje
Bošnjak's theoretical opus magnum
Bitanga : pictures of Zagreb life
Black moth, demon of the sentence ; Mozart's death ; To accompany my son on his journey
Biblische gedichte : (Biblijske pjesme)
Catalogue of publications 1990-1993
Cultures in contact through translation
Croatian cultural openness
Coordinates of the Croatian litterary avant-garde
Cvijeta Zuzorić et les Ragusains
Comment Potik partit a la recherche de la verite
Comment Potik partit a la recherche de la verite
Chamber music
Croatian poetic constructionists and deconstructionists
Child's room
Croatian renaissance literature
Croatian "Indias"
Chronique parisienne
Comment Matoš est arrive a Paris
Controversial author
Comparative synthesis by Milorad Nikčević
Choreographie des Leidens
Crossing the cold war border and other lines
Croatian language in the jaws of globalisation
Coming closer by becoming distant
Croatian renaissance revival in France
Contribution to better knowledge of Croatian culture
Contemporary Croatian writers in German language
Croatian family saga
Cartesianische Meditationen
Clearly documented mirror of the theatre of the nineties
Consistent, yet reduced view on the Croatian poetry
Croatian studies in Seoul
Comment tuer le president
Croatian literature at the beginning of the new millenium
Capturing the unutterable
Contemporary masochistic separation of literature and theatre
Chilean prose writer Diego Muñoz Valenzuela in Zagreb
Comme si tu avais touché mes lévres
Comme si tu avais touché mes lévres
Crystals of Afghanistan
Crystal ; How to adress you? ; Two little times
Cartographers of dreams ; Electrical cosmos ; The erased picture of the earth
Corona mortis ; Knife stuck into the tree, overgrown by the bark ; A Teuton perfidiously killed, disarmed, then buried, rotten in the island soil - wakes up to the strokes of the hoe and minds being dug out
Check out girl ; Olympic games ; Evening date
Cardinal Kuharić at 9827 ; The sly barber ; A man fell in the street from the red plague
Crystals of Afghanistan ; Airport ; Shoes
Cantana on coffee ; I am the portrait, the jorney and the life ; 31st birthday
Contemporary Croatian literature in Hungarian and vice versa
Centuries of Croatian literature
Croatian culture as meeting point of four superstrata
Croatian novel at the beginning of the 21st century : a time to take off masks
Cuatro cuentos
Dramaty Vojnovicia w kontekscie dramaturgii powszechnej
Discours sur l'utilite publique
Držić's cities
Duhovni putopis Čedomila Veljačića
Dodatek bibliograficzny
Deux pieces de la renaissance tirees de fonds florentins
Dossier: Antun Šoljan
Dinko Ranjina dans l'anthologie de la poesie francaise
Discours sur la main
Die Maske des Admirals
Die Rueckkehr des Filip Latinovicz
Der Hoehepunkt von M. Krležas Schopenhauer-Aneignung
Das politische Theater Miroslav Krležas und das Erbe des europaeischen Expressionsmus
Die Nationalfrage bei Miroslav Krleža
Die Wiener und die Kroatische Moderne
Das Einbahnmeer
Die verlorene Heimat
Das Mittelmeer
Das Perikopenbuch von Ivan Bandulavić
Die seide der Erinerung, die Schere des Krieges
Death in Sinan's Tekke
Don't put out the candle, maestro
Deep in the oven of the present
Dialogue about Hercules who was surpassed by those who honour Christ
Diocletian (the person and the personality) and his palace
Did Wittgenstein die in Omiš?
Death of the president's dog
Dubrovnik as "Hamletfield"
Dubrovnik in Europe
Die befreite Aphrodite
Das verhasste Ich
Die Bohemiens
Der Hahn vor Endymion
Der vollstaendige Goethe
Die Quellen, das Wesen und das Ende der Poesie
Das Gedicht ist unsere Geliebte, eine Schwaermerei
Der spaete Ujević
Die Zeit
Das letzte Abendmahl
Die kleine Tuer
Die Sprache der Traeume
Der Gast
Der gute Mensch von Kaprije
Der Kuss des Gustav Klimt
Don Quichotte
Der Wirbelsturm, in dem das Unbewegliche weilt
Das Dramatische in den literarischen Werken von Lydia Scheuermann Hodak
Dix annees d'existence de Ceres
Diary of the work
Die grosse Liebe von Don Juan und der kleine balkanische Krieg
Don of the Triborder
Death between the programmes
Drei Gedichte
Der Schnuller
Die Geschichte der M.
Die Reisenden
Dubrovnik, Sedona and the Grand Canyon abstractions and attractions
Disintegrative assembling
Der achte Beauftragte
Dragutin Tadijanović's philological work
Die Geklonte
Deciphering "The secret garden"
Der Huf des bestaendigen Pferdes
Double journal de la femme au dragon
Das Zweifache Tagebuch der Frau mit dem Drachen
Der Modernismus in Gojko Sušac' Lyrik
Dialect, philosophical reflections, and haiku in poetry
Deutsche Kultur auf der kroatischen Insel Lošinj
Dramaturgy of the fairy tale and the puppet theatre
Differing loves, various poems
De la antologia poetica Tiempo, tiempo
De la antologia poetica: Ciudad, bosque, isla
Die literarische Sektion
Dem Schlangenhemd auf der Spur
Diez poemas : de la antología poética Aritmia
Dawn and icy graves
Discard owing to old age
Diverse spices of love : an interview with the writer Ljerka Car Matutinović
De la antologia poética Naranča (Naranja)
De la antologia poética Jabuka puno krilo (Regazo lleno de manzanas)
De la antologia poética La captura de las sombras (Hvatanje sjena)
De la antologia poética Nikad bolje (Nunca mejor)
De la antologia poética Golubica mira (La paloma del paz)
Drama from the world of art
Die Glocke
Dora Pfanova : women in croatian literature of the first half of the twentieth century
Direct speech ; A new afternoon poem
Dance, Modesty, dance! ; n the Rijeka harbour ; The beginning
Different problems in the Croatian translation of Herman Raucher's novel Summer of '42
D'amore e d'odio : un raconto della prima guerra mondiale
Der erste Weltkrieg und der untergang Habsburgs : ein hundertjähriges Thema der Kroatischen Literature
Die parola : (Parola) ; Das Spiel : (Igra)
Dimčo Debeljanov i Fran Galovič : dvepožertvani poetični svetylki v og'nja na edna vojna---
De la antología poética El tigre ; Da la antología poética África
England's wealth of Slavonic manuscripts written in Dubrovnik and/or Dalmatia
Entre le vide et l'echo
Echa Mickiewiczowskie w poemacie Franciszka Markovicia "Dom i swiat"
Ein typischer Autor Mitteleuropas
Ein Introspektionsspiegel
Eine Fahrt durchs wache Bewusstsein
Entwurf zu einem Adriabreviar
Ex ponto
Entries (aphorisms)
Existe-t-il une ecriture feminine dramatique contemporaine croate?
Egyptian mementoes in Diocletian's palace
Eternal Split
Elegie ragusee
El sentimento tragico de la vida
Es kann ein Anfang sein
Exercices d'explication
Ein Revolutionsnachtstraum
Ethics and judgement
Elements of the situation
Eine Insel unter dem Meer
El triste hombre rico
Einige mythische Symbole in kroatische Volksliedern
Eradication - the cancer of our times
Edition with the traditional security - edition of the future
El hijo olvidado o el Angel de Omorina
Elucidation of the crisis of man and world
Erroneous development of Croatian studies in Germany
Ernesto Livacic Gazzano
El prestamista
El testigo y la enrucijida
E proprio il tempo giusto per l'amore
Electronic books - a new form of artistic expression or much ado about nothing
Essays, poetry and a dialectal novel
Elijah's chair
Ein Führer durch Karlovac ; Duga Resa - Ixtlan
Essays of Veselko Tenžera
Exile and literature
English fiction translated into French
Eine Familiensaga aus dem Kroatien des 20. Jahrhunderts Alida Bremer erster Roman "Olivas Garten" : interview
Ein obsessiver Roman über die Akteure des Grossen Kriegs
Encuentros : Poesía croata contemporánea
Funkcja elementow ludowych w konstrukcji swiata pastoralnego
From disembodied voice to the stage
Fear and hatred in Bosnia
From heart to heart
Fortunes and misfortunes of a book by Marko Marulić
Fuer Ujević
Fuenf Saeulen
Fraeulein Margareta
Farben des Boesen
Final address
From a moment to eternity
Full sails of the spirit
For decades of a unique encyclopaedic work
FAK or the ambush suicide
From capital works on history and cultural heritage of Istria to creative individual projects
From politics and theatre to erotica
From traditional classicity to recitative directness
Frente a la comision
Framenti dalle annotazioni poetico-pittoriche Nel paesaggion possibile
From the novel City in the mirror
Faithful to the Croatian literary tradition
French literature in recent croatian translations
From recent translations to rock and roll
From Split to Zagreb ; A gloss ; I had just extinguished the light
Fear of God ; Handstand ; No return
Facing madness
Fran Galović und Georg Trakl : beispiel einerschicksalhaften Koinzidenz
Gli intermedi in lode di Sebastiano Quirini conte-capitano di Cherso dal 1586 al 1588
Giovanni Domenico Stratico (1732-1799)
Gedicht ueber den Schatten
Gewinnertypen und Verlierer
Generals, Croatia is not afraid
Gotovac today
Grytzko Mascioni
Gordana Vnuk: "As a state Croatia has to systematically present itslef abroad more aggressively, be much better organised and - invest more money
German views on Croats : from Grimmelshausen to Croatian writers who write in the German language
Growing up on the fringes or yearning for freedom
Hwadu i kim'chi tamo, sjećanja ovdje
Hermann Bahrs Reise in eine oesterreichische Provinz
Hrvatska - Australija i Novi Zeland
Hieroglyphics from Peristyle
Hercules and the Poets
Hrvatska - Čile
Hrvatska - Čile : povijesne i kulturne veze = Croacia - Chile : relaciones historicas y culturales
Hrvatska - Španjolska
Hinduizam u Vezdinovu djelu Systema Brahmanicum
Hsin Hsin Ming
Heisse Sonne, ich bitte dich...
Hypochondrisches Schreiben
Happenings and glosses
How the baby-ant saved the ant-hill and met Santa Claus
Half the century of Croatian University comparative studies
Harmonius articulation of disharmony
Holy devil
How to succeed in life ; Living without falsification ; Foetus anthem
Heart ; Yes ; Freedom is a harbour
Hammering skills ; A little night ; A common mosquito
Hrvatska - Španjolska : povijesne i kulturne veze = Croacia - España : relaciones históricas y culturales
Istok i sloboda kreativne imaginacije
Iz Bhagavatara
Il vecchio ponte di Osijek
Ivan Gundulić
Introduction a la drontologie fondamentale
Introduction a l'ere des femmes
Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić a l'etranger
Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić et Rabindranath Tagore
Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, le consentement - cadre du refus
Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić
Introduction to reading through Slavko Mihalić
In the mid-nineties
Ink in the eye
In our city there lived an emperor
In search of lost Mediterranean
Il carnevale nel teatro di Ivo Vojnović
Ivo Vojnović - il poeta nella notte del fiore algido
Il Palombaro
Indijska drama u Hrvatskom narodnom kazalištu
Ilica, wen sich endlich der Regen herablaesst
Immer laenger bleibe ich im Meer
Impressions de l'exposition parisienne
I endeavour to gain a life
Ivo Škarić, PhD: "Croats are in need of an interdialectical hybrid"
Irena Vrkljan
Il contaminuti
Invent a room, invent a language
Istrian encyclopedia
Is short story still flourishing?
Il giardino segreto
Ivan Meštrović and Andrija Kačić Miošić
In tragic search of identity
Il bosco ci invia un albero tramite e-mail
I fiori del piccolo giardiniere
Ivan Rogić: "Well anything can be the means of enslavement. But in that respect, science is clearly more suitable"
Interrupted silence
Ironic interpretation of history : Goran Tribuson: Zbirka otrova ( A collection of poisons) : [review]
Ivan Kušan : an introductory note
Ivan Kušan's bibliography and awards.
In dramatic search of identity
I'm watching you delighted ; Now that we could not live live ; The umbrella of space
I am getting out of the old house ; I do not know but it is mighty ; Water and a blister
In the last grain ; Kafka's anti-diary ; A poet's hologram
I remember everything ; Drawing oneself in the easiest ; What "us" means
I spend the summer with my girlfriend ; I live by my eye ; You are always leaving, Ivica
Ivan Slamnig: When I'm fed up with everything : (an interpretation)
Janko Polić Kamov in the shadow of an aeroplane
Janko Polić Kamov
Janko Polić Kamov
Junije Palmotić
Josip Mlakić: I consider myself to be a Croatian and a Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer"
Jalta in der Schule
Jene Dichtkunst die der Zeit nicht entfliehen will, bleibt nur noch Tagespolitischer Journalismus
Job ; For sale ; Institute for humanistic studies
Karlovac diptych
Koeniglicher Jahrmarkt
Krležas Pazifismus
Kroatische Poesie
Kamov Abroad
Kamov, Modernism and the Avant-Garde
Kamov's lyric poetry in the context of Croatian modernism
Kamov's position in the European theatre of the early 20th century
Kamov, Grosz: "It is not theatre"
Kako su čitali Kiplinga
Ksaver Šandor-Gjalski
Kategoria nowosci na przykladzie chorwackiej literatury lat siedemdziesiatych
Kleine Ballade
Kein Zurueck
Kriegsgedicht ueber die Liebe
Koennen nicht sprechen
Kritiker ueber Mirko Kovač
Kasum Cana: "I managed to express myself through this collection, to say what i have to say"
Kroatistik in Deutschland - noch nicht unproblematisch : interview mit prof. dr. Elisabeth von Erdmann
Krakóv, Kazimierz ; Šalamun's temple ; Ambrosia
Kroatische literarische Avantgarde und der Erste Weltkrieg
Les livres parus en Croatie au cours du premier semestre 1990.
Le rapport
Les premiers pas du roman croate
Lettere a Cosimo I de' Medici
La crise de la musique contemporaine
Les plus anciens contacts entre la France et Raguse
La Nouvelle musique a l'epoque du Post-moderne?
La musicologie croate contemporaine
Le prestige du silence
Le caractere national de Matthias Flacius Illyricus
La voix qui resonne a travers les couloirs
Luka Sorkočević et sa place dans la musigue croate et europeenne du 18eme siecle
La musique dans la conception du classicisme chez l'eveque Maximilien Vrhovac
Les notions de culture nationale et les discours des letteratures nationales apres la Revolution francaise
La giustizia
Le voyage a Dalj
Luko Paljetak
La place d'Ivo Andrić dans la litterature croate
Les mains
Les continuites litteraries de Marinković
La jeune poesie croate
Literature and politics
La femme dans la culture litteraire croate
Lichen de ruines
Les Histoires du temps jadis
Le pecheur Palounko et sa femme
La foret de Stribor
Les etranges aventures de l'apprenti Lapitch
La paix de l'ame
Les Histoires du temps jadis et la litterature orale
L'imagerie botanique mythique dans les Histoires du temps jadis
Love for a real country
Lire and dinars
Lire and dinars
Life does have a point
L'originalita della Trilogia Ragusea
Leggere Dubrovnik
La letteratura italiana in Istria prima e dopo l'esodo: i tratti di una continuita
La letteratura italiana di Fiume nell'Ottocento e nel Novecento
Lord of the shadows
Le concept d'infection dans l'antiquite et au moyen age
Lettres parisiennes
Le futurisme
Le moineau
Le balcon
La belle Helene
La creatin de la legende Matoš
L'oeuvre de Matoš
Les cartes postales de Zagreb d'Antun Gustav Matoš
Letters from prison
Light in the black infinity
Literary Rijeka in journal environment of Rijeka
Los vivos y los muertos
La cultura como mercancia en la era de la globalizacion
La boutique del mistero
Leica format
La poesia oral de Croacia
Les cinq poemes
La croix du sud
Le cygne
Language and identity
Literary (and other) encounters in Santiago
La ventana metafisica
La preghiera delle tenebre
Literatura moderna croata
Luko Paljetak "Poets are gardeners of the wind rose"
Linguistic luxury in depicting the world
La morte e una bestia piu domesticata
La lapide alle soglie dell'esordio letterario
Latest Marulological events in the world
Largas Ansiedades cercanas
Last mournful words to a friend
Literature and politics
Ljerka Schiffler: "Today, more than ever before, Western civilisation is confronted with the dangers and threats of forgetting about humanity (...)"
La villet, la foret, l'ile
L'apprendista del mago
La impugnacion de la Biblia y la impugnacion con la Biblia en la poesia de Janko Polić Kamov
Leksikon hrvatske književnosti: Djela = A lexicon of croatian literature: Works
Light interprets the Mediterranean
Le goüt de conter, de raconter, reste : Le discours d'Ivo Andrić à l'occasion de l'acceptation du prix Nobel à Stockholm, le 10 décembre 1961.
Like the sound of an island ; King's gambit ; Rosebery avenue
Lover for classical forms ; Here sat Virginia ; An island
Like snow ; A canvas ; Double life
Literature as another language
Literary criticism in Most/The Bridge
La legon parisienne, le roman croate contemporain représenté par cinq éminents auteurs : Slobodan Novak, Ivan Aralica, Nedjeljko Fabrio, Pavao Pavličić et Ivan Kušan
Lettres parissienes
Lettres parisiennes
Le roman Hanka de Zofka Kveder
La der du roman
La muerte de los tres grandes
Los pobres : (Siromasi, 1920./1921.)
Liber memorabilium
Mušnammir gimillu
Musique et politique a Dubrovnik a l'epoque de la renaisance
Metaphore-image et metaphore-concept
Misijski centar hrvatskih i slovenskih misionara Družbe Isusove u Bengalu
Montaigne et les pelerins croates a Loreto et les marchands a Ancona
Miroslav Krleža und seine mitteleuropaeische geistige Heimat
Miroslav Krležas Geschichtsphilosophie
Marko Marulić - a portrait
Marko Marulić and Erasmus of Rotterdam
Marulić's love poetry in Scotland
Marulić and the spiritual movements of humanism and the reform
Marulić and the metaphysical dimension of history
Marulić and Europe
Milutin Velimirović, "Kroz Kinu"
Mirko Kovač
Mes prisons
Matoš et les Francais
Matoš a la charniere de deux siecles
Matoš desherbe le jardin
Miro or the freedom of the fairy tail
Miro Gavran
Marulić was a man in whom the formation of today's Europe was incarnated
Majestic splendour of life's minimalism
Millennial angel
Marija Jurić Zagorka : from rejection to recognition : a woman who has enchanted Croats with her skill at fabulation
Milivoj Slaviček : twenty years later
Mysterious placement of the world and text
Miroslav Šicel : (1926-2011) : in memoriam
Morose notes on the dying of an island
My knight departs ; When a knight so quick and cheery ; Look the fine lady landed just right
My tiger name ; A tiger in the snow ; A tigress waiting for the tiger
My work in translation
Marginalisation and creative resistance : fundamental emphases of Croatian poetry 2010-2013
Miroslav Krleža
Matoš et Paris : comment Matoš a-t-il introduit les images parisiennes dans la littérature croate
Moderne Kroatische Kajkavische Lyrik : (1900 - 2015) : antologische Auswahl
Neobična energija i ljubav
Notes for the writer
Neva Nevinita et son garcon d'honneur le soleil
Nota biografica
Na počecima
Nuit solitaire
Neue Gedichte
New contribution to theoretical questions of translation
Need for the physical and spiritual consolidation
New cognitions
Noise, rage and the bus
Novak's cage metaphor
New cognitions of Marko Marulić and the reception of his opus
Novels with papers
Nedjeljko Fabrio
Nikola Batušić : in memoriam (1938-2010)
Nature speaks through the poem
Načinović's summa čakaviana
Opus Novakiano
Obredi hadža i putopisi u Meku
Old Nick in the tragedy
On stories and story-telling
On Native ground
On thinking in a proper language
Orchard of black apples
Orijentalistička građa Ivana Paštrića u Arhivu Propagande
Od Kitaja do Kine
On Beno Kotruljević and his work
Od Nabuchodonozora do Smail-agi Czengicia
Outsiderly fragments
Outsider's variations of the theme of Gotovac
Otra casa
Obligatory stations of a dream
One hundred and eight times one hundred and eight, noted by Vesna krmpotić
On the margin of my personal meeting with Heine and the Rhein
On the lyrical poetry of Ivan Rogić Nehajev
On Zagreb at the time of the disintegration of Yugoslavia
Pomet's Machiavellism from artistic vision to conspiratory reality
Poeci Polscy humanistom Chorwackim
Petar Zrinski: My dear soul!
Piccolo mondo perduto
Pouvoir dire
Pisma Nikole Ratkaja iz Indije
Poezja starochorwacka w przekladach polskich
Poezja iliryzmu i realizmu
Poezja moderny
Poezja miedzywojenna
Poezja po 1945 roku
Place and destiny
Pisma isusovca Nikole Ratkaja, misionara u Indiji u prvoj polovici 17 st.
Planetary enigma
Pavao Pavličić: Die Zukunft ist immer gleich
Poems by Drago Štambuk
Praise to an empty pocket
Poetry in prose in Croatian literature from the sixties to the nineties
Poems from Tonko Maroević's anthology "Exclamations"
Pandora's box
Passeggiata lirica attraverso Dubrovnik
Put u istočne Indije
Putokaz istraživačima
Priče sa severoistoka
Piotr Preradowicz
Problemy recepcji literatury chorwackiej w Polsce
Primavere di Ivan Galeb
Picasso, Kubismus und Purismus
Panorama des points de vue, pensees, impressions et observations d'Antun Gustav Matoš
Pečalba ou L'existence yoyoisee
Poeme d'un journaliste
Places of responsibility
Planetary enigma
Postponed silence
Poetas a Dubrovnik 2002
Poetry of Željko Knežević
Poesie scelte
Poetic test of humanity
Parabola of the meanders of existence
Poeti croati contemporanei
Polvere sacra
Poesisas escogidas
Protected witness
Patricia Eliana Stambuk Mayorga
Pietra preziosa
Poemes choisis
Poesia escogida
Poetry of Veselko Koroman
Poesia de Andrija Vučemil
Poetry of Luko Paljetak
Poetry of Višnja Stahuljak
Poetry of Sead Begović
Poetry of Joja Ricov
Prisca and Valeria : chapter 13
Peaks of croatian prose poetry
Poetry of Ivan Slamnig
Poetry of Borben Vladović
Poetry of Dunja Detoni-Dujmić
Poetry of Stjepan Šešelj
Poetry of Admiral Mahić
Poems and stories for children
Poetry of Tomislav Marijan Bilosnić
Poetry of Lana Derkač
Poetry of Sandra Obradović
Precious trifles under the stars
Paradoxes of futurism
Poesía de Irena Vrkljan
Poetry by Janko Polić Kamov
Poetry by Gojko Polegubić
Poetry in the mirror : anthologies of Croatian poetry from 1990 to the present day
Porgy & Bess band ; Later ; An imprint of the pen
Poesia : Riso chinato
Quelques remarques sur le rapport Le Maire
Quand Apollinaire allumait une cigarette
Quand un comedien meurt
Quatro poeti croati
Quatro poesie
Riflessi dell'Accademia degli Arcadi nell'oltre Adriatico
Regard dans le poeme
Ranko Marinković
Reflexions anthropologiques et controverses autobiographiques
Reminiscences of a Lord
Rivisitare Dubrovnik
Radovan Ivšić
Reminiscences, farewells
Raymond Queneau's Exercises in style in Zagreb &TD Theatre
Radovan Ivšić ou un jeu de miroirs sans fin
Returning to the origin or the communication with reality
Recapitulation of the history of sonnet
Ritorno nella visione
Return to Diocletian
Radovan Ivšić : in memoriam (1921-2009)
Room, kitchen, train : recurring motifs in the work of Irena Vrkljan
Shakespearean themes in the plays of Marin Držić
Scelta di volumi publicati dalle case editrici croate dall'agosto 1991 al marzo 1992
Sur Ranko Marinković
Selected bibliography
Selected bibliography
Stanko Lasić
Slobodan Novak
Squandering the Future
Story and history in Andrić's novellas
Space and time in Andrić's chronicles
Semantic levels in Prokleta avlija
Selected bibliography
Selected bibliography
Silent bonfires
Slavko Mihalić form the invention of infinity
St. Domnius
South of north, north of south
Split and renaissance times
Sull'origine romantica del "lirismo soggettivo" nello stile di Vojnović
Serve e Signore
Split e Spalato
Suho ljeto
Supetar auf Brač
Stendhal - Henri Beyle
Sichtbares und unsichtbares Mitteleuropa
Sujets contemporains et points de vue conservateurs dans la poesie d'Antun Gustav Matoš
Souvenirs fragmentaires sur Gustav Matoš a Paris
Selected bibliography
Simple, chaste notes
Signs for Croatia
Structural characteristics of the novel Triemeron
Seele und ich
Sortie Zagreb sud
Science fiction in Croatia
Slavonian literature and new regionalism
Srećko Lipovčan : the omniscient scholar, the versatile author and the culturologist
Sabrana djela Ranka Marinkovića = The collected works of Ranko Marinković
Schreckliche Leere nach dem Krieg in ex-Jugoslawien : interview
Silk disappeared, scissors remained
Skup = The miser : (an extract)
Sparks of beauty, persistence of evil : (on some aspects of Ivo Andrić's narration)
Small people and big history
Scabs ; Before you fall asleep ; Unfinished drops
Sailing before a feast ; Deer hunting ; A room with a view of the sea
Symmetry ; Narcissus ; The toys
Start rowing ; When a stain vanishes, the heart does too ; Props
Substitute ; With water, with breathing ; The dog train coming
Several theses about Krleža's poetics
The place of Gundulić in modern Croat national ideologies
The tears of the prodigal son
The stages of Držić's plays
Tworczosćpoetycka Michala Vrančiča
The thematics conflicts in Marin Držić's Dundo Maroje
The Bard
Teoria e prassi politica in Marin Držić ovvero tecnica di un "Coup de theatre"
The term "Central Europe" in the mirror of tropology
The generous exile
Trois poemes
Tausendundein Tod
The legend of St Francis of Assisi
The story of the Vizier's elephant
The guest-house
The damned yard
Two stories by Janko Polić Kamov
The downfall of the tragic
The subversion of a traditional value system built into language in Joyce's Portrait and Kamov's Dried-up Bog
The Adriatic sources of the Croatian literary avant-garde
The posterity of Kamov
The relation between poetry and prose in the early works of Ivo Andrić
The first creative disquiet of Ivo Andrić
The writer in isolation
The language of literary scholarship
Trap for memories
The beginning of oblivion
The voyage to non-Existence
The seductive wood
The poem that kills itself in itself
The poet in a videocratic age
The loss of footing
The Davidiad
The epistle of Marko Marulić of Split to pope Adrian VI about present misfortunes and a call to union and peace of all Christians
The Mediterranean and the earliest examples of Croatian literature
The Croatian people and the Mediterranean complex
The characteristics of Dalmatian towns and regions
This labyrinth of thick walls
The ruined Sustipan graveyard in Split
The Marulić chronicles
Trilogia Ragusea
Tra consacrazione e dissacrazione
Total theatre
The performance of "Hamlet" in Central Dalmatia
Tin Ujević
The principle of the work
The ineluctable uncertainty
The weight of death
The power of language
The years of bars and loneliness
The preservation of a new hope
Tre poesie
The uncompromising poet of surrealism
Three volumes on changes of poetic paradigms
The imagery of surrealism
The meaning in time
Theatre and drama literature at the end of season 2003/04
The theatrical Pecs and the theatre different from others
The Swamp
The fairytale on Iraq
Troubles with globalisation
Translators, both in Croatia and in the world, are the most self-abnegating and the most neglected, yet culturally the most precious part of the nation
Times entwined
Tin's home and world
Tin Ujević, the self-made myth
The reception of Andrija Kačić Miošić in English speaking countries
The Houellebecq phenomenon
Three words and the Universe
Translations of Andrija Kačić's poems in foreign languages and his influence on European romanticism
The history of art or the history of manipulation
The charm of close encounters
The dragonheads
The openess of notes
The grand ceremony marking the four hundredth anniversary of the National and University Library in Zagreb
Terra del fuego en dias de vento ausente
The fortieth anniversary of the Grigor Vitez award
Tres cuentos
The philosophy of art versus pragmatism
The novel in search of time
Tadijanović or on fascination
The waste
The year of Marin Držić - 2008
The reconstruction of small things and the threat of death
The chrystallisation of the personal "self" : "In you, the sea, I am dying"
The future is here for us
The attractive world of privation
The day of the Spanish language celebrated at the National and university library in Zagreb
Tagebuch nach dem neuen Kalender
The literary work of Zvonimir Balog
The verbalisation of the non-verbal
The opening of the lyrical heroine
Themes that provoke consciousness
The voice of bygone times
The hispanic-american cultural-historical travelling trifles of Mirjana Polić Bobić.
The croatian diaspora from New Zeland to Chile
The quality of detective stories has increased, but the interest in them has decreased
The Zagreb school of Slavic studies : during thirty-eight years of its existence more than twenty-eight hundred attendees from some fifty countries : an interview with Krešimir Mićanović, new head of the Zagreb school of Slavic studies
The penitance of (non)work
The book series "Biblia slavica" ceremoniously closed
The movement of modernism borders : the paradigm of equallity and temporal distance
The widening of poetic circles
The first croatian novel entirely written as a blog, four-handedly
The trauma of unmasking social and personal mythologies
The windmills of postmodernism
The noticing of semantic ties
The opening of the typological system
The Ivo Pilar institute : the intellectual consciousness of Croatia : interview
The Austrian Academy of Sciences on the Croatian scientist Rugjer Bošković
Twenty-five croatian poets in a new spanish guise!
The master's poetic breviary
The chaotic world of war veterans
To explain the inexplicable
The "liberal" west censors books?
The biography of Miroslav Krleža as an instruction to german publishers
The newspaper death of Ladislav Hanak : (fragment of a novel)
The oldest and the most significant print collection in Croatia
Tohu and Bohu
The four layers of Kušan's work
Tower : [chapters from novels]
The battle at Bistrica Lesna
The visit
The eternal rashomon
The dog
The oak
The good ghost of Zagreb
The drug
To be a man ; The banks of Bosut ; A little girl plays the piano
The wild apple ; Land in the language ; My bees darken your sky
The four corners of the earth ; And is there anything else left to us now
The fourth animal, the animal of time ; A scene ; A furious face
The city that is not there ; Varaždin suite ; Autumn sonata (andante cantabile)
The way of the high tide ; The morning washing ; Axis
The sanctity of the cathedral substantiated spontaneously ; In lunacy anything is possible ; Excursion with a girlfriend
The moon over Sarajevo ; A history of the Dalmatian ; Take the train
The way I sailed away, the island ; M/isty/inute poem ; The song of the drunken stonemason
Tsunami ; Covenant with dust ; Before the book
The pleasure of translating
Traduttore traditore? : Poetry and translation
The reception of Croatian literature in translation in the Spanish-speaking world
The reception of Slavko Mihalić's poetry and poetics in the Macedonian context : the 2002 Struga poetry evenings Golden Wreath laureate
The aesthetics of inspiration is also the aesthetic of creation : Ivo Frangeš
The apocalypse of Central Europe : the history of the last news
The death of Sancho Panza
The metaphysical ideal and the writer of the small nation
The disegration of the picture of the world as a whole
The year 1914 : a boundary between cosmos and chaos
The great war between history and literature : theoretical controversis in Croatian memoirs
The nations of the monarchy in a wild storm
Umjesto životopisa
Une lecon de l'Antigone de Sophocle
Un poetique de l'ironie
Un miniaturiste minucieux et un createur moderne
Un generation de poetes croates
Under the aeroplane
U potrazi za izvornikom
Une fleur au carrefour
Urbane Elegien
Unique triptych
Universal Croatian genius Rugjer Bošković : [interview with Hans Ullmaier]
Uncompromising polemicism
Uncle Maroje
Vuk Karadžić et la langue litteraire des Croates
Voici des vers en attendant l'hiver
Vorlaeufige Reflexionen zu den philosophischen Grundlagen des Wiener Fin de Siecle
Velvet woman
Vojnović e Pirandello
Vlaho Bukovac
Veglia (Krk) e Venezia
Vrgorac und Makarska
Vom populaeren Bild Ujevićs als unseres Zeitgenossen
Vladimir Primorac
Vlado Gotovac
Variations on the point of literature
Visible and invisible Central Europe
Vlado Gotovac - a murdered poet
Vlado Gotovac
Vlado Gotovac's political legacy
Voll in der Pubertaet
Višnja Stahuljak: "Isn't all literature a product of imagination"
Values and controversies
Vesna Parun : in memoriam (1922-2010)
Višnja Stahuljak : (1926-2011) : in memoriam
Vladimir Rem : (1927-2011) : in memoriam
Von sündigem Ungeziefer und anderen Verleumdungen : Essay
Vor- und Fehlurteile : Literaturkritik
Zeittafel zu Miroslav Krleža
Zwei Badessa
Zagreb Kaptol and Upper Town (Gornji Grad) in the past and now
Zagreb et les Zagrebois
Zeit, Liebe, Krieg und Schoenheit in einer Allegorie der Hoehle
Zwei Kurzgeschichten
Zvonko Todorovski : in memoriam (1960-2010)
Željko Knežević: Kopito trajnoga konja
Jezik: mul
Impresum: Zagreb : Društvo književnika Hrvatske, 1976-.
Zagreb : Društvo hrvatskih književnika = The Croatian Writers Association,
Nastavlja: The bridge (Zagreb)

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