Collegium antropologicum

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An outline of socio-cultural analyses and discourse on war, ethnicity, and change in Croatia and East/Central Europe
War in Croatia
Ageing without impairment and disease - cohort study
A prospective study of ST-segment depression in the electrocardiogram during a 13-year period
Adult dento-oral health survey as a part of anthropological investigations (the island of Brač, Croatia)
An inductive learning method versus the common statistical approach to outcome forecasting
Anthropological concepts in postmodern literature
War in Croatia
War devastation of the Croatian cultural heritage and means of its restoration
Women and anthropology
A brief analysis of the basic situation and lives of rural women in fourteen Chinese provinces
Ageing without impairment and disease - cohort study
A "Memoricide"
War in Croatia
An approach to describing "normal" human growth
Who is normal?
Who is normal?
An example of cybernetic model
Anthropology and mental health
An anthropological sketch on the Hungarian centenarians
Ageing without impairment and disease - cohort study
Analysis of the latent structure of risk factors for coronary artery disease
Analysis of quantitative traits of the digito-palmar complex dermatoglyphs in patients suffering from bronchopulmonary carcinoma
Anthropology as a predictor of risk factors on cardiovascular diseases
Women with breast cancer and creative therapy
Antropodynamical analysis of jumping subject
Are there long-term health consequences of secular trend in early menarche?
Westernization and blood pressure variation in four Amazonian populations
Ageing without impairment and disease - cohort study
A cross-cultural approach to health education for immigrants and refugees
Anthropological studies on the mummy from the Oetztal Alps
War experience and ethnic identities
A community in transition as a sample/example (consequence?) of political and economic democratization process in Croatia
Acute renal failure due to cardiogenic shock in older patients
Asymmetry of metacarpal skeleton
Anthropology and genetic disease
A nationwide survey of familial open-angle glaucoma
A clinical and biochemical study of hereditary hemochromatosis in Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean (Quebec)
A proposal of ovarian cancer prevention program in Croatia
A study of attention deficit
Analysis of VNTR DNA polymorphisms in the population of the island of Hvar, Croatia
A study of the face structure of highland and lowland populations in prehispanic South America
Adolescent and his family
A prospective study of changes in the electrocardiogram in a middle-aged population of Croatia during a 13 year period
Anthropological and psychodynamic characteristics of family life of displaced persons and refugees
Acute gastrointestinal bleeding in stroke patient
Anthropogenetic variability of populations of the north-eastern part of the Slavonia and Baranya region - Croatia
Autonomic dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis
An universal model of health and work output
Aging and gerontology
Anthropometric and quantitative EMG status of femoral quadriceps before and after conventional kinesitherapy with and without magnetotherapy
A prospective study of S-T segment depression in the eletrocardiogram and mortality in the population
Analysis of the quantitative dermatoglyphics of the digito-palmar complex in patients with multiple sclerosis
Anthropometry in health assessment
Anthropometric and health-related fitness characteristics in middle-aged obese women
Apolipoprotein E genotypes and metabolic risk factors for coronary heart disease in middle-aged women
Assessment of position of foramen mandibulae in recent adult population
"C"-shaped canal configuration of mandibular second permanent molar
A biomechanical analysis of deformation and strain on lower jaw model
Anthropological aspects of alcohol consumption and alcohol related problems
Assessment of the nutritional status in Croatian pregnant women by measuring skinfolds
Alcoholism and depression
Anthropological cybernetic model of demographic structures in the Republic of Croatia
Aspartat aminotransferase
Alterations in optic canal following resection of nerve in rats
Autogenous training
A qualitative approach to assessing body compartments using bioelectrical variables
Anthropology and history
An integral approach to the victims of war
Analysis of changes in indicators of functional and motor readiness of female basketball players within one-year training cycles
Anthropological measurements of the skeleton and parathyroid glands growth during fetal development
Anthropogenetical analysis of abnormal human [alpha]-globin gene cluster arrangement on chromosome 16
Anthropological cybernetic model of demography of the island of Hvar
Are respiratory allergic diseases related to atopic dermatitis?
Alcoholic drinkers and road safety in the Republic of Slovenia
Adolescent development and external influences
Attitudes, behaviour and knowledge on sexuality among female adolescents in Zagreb, Croatia
A large cross-sectional study of health attitudes, knowledge, behaviour and risks in the post-war Croatian population
Aggression and alcoholism
Analysis of occlusal contacts in different types of prosthodontic appliances, Eichner classifications, presence RCP-ICP slide and the type of occlusion
Anthropological and cultural features of a skeletal sample of horsemen from the medieval necropolis of Vicenne-Campochiaro (Molise, Italy)
Women in transition
A comparative study of adiposity and central body fat distribution of normotensive and hypertensive older Bengalee Hindu women of Calcutta, India
Age-related skeletal muscle atrophy in humans
Advantage or disadvantage of the Central-European traditions
Aspects of contemporary disease problems
Amniotic membrane transplantation for ocular surface reconstruction in neurotrophic corneal ulcera
Are there differences in body dimensions among children from matings at different exogamic levels?
Age trends in adiposity and central body fat distribution among adult white men resident in Peterborough, East Anglia, England
Y-chromosome-specific microsatellite variation in a population sample from Sardinia (Italy)
Allele frequencies of alpha-1-antitrypsin (PI) in the Balkans
War injuries of colon and rectum
A case of visceral Leishmaniasis in the Northern Adriatic region
Amniotic membrane transplantation for ocular surface reconsruction
A method to evaluate and compare two different intraoral radiographs of the same patient
A pentanucleotide repeat polymorphism (TTTTA) in the apolipoprotein (a) gene
Antropology and style of life in middle age women
Youth and AIDS
Attitudes of medical staff towards the psychiatric label "schizophrenic patient" tested by an anti-stigma questionnaire
Analysis of indicators of load during the game in activity of the second line attacker in water polo
A European project on health problems, mental disorders and cross-cultural aspects of developing effective rehabilitation procedures for refuge and immigrant youth
Acculturation process and its effects on dietary habits, nutritional behavior and body-image in adolescents
Alu insertions in the iberian peninsula and north west Africa
A model of oncologic care in general medicine
Anthropological and clinical characteristics in adolescent women with dysmenorrhea
A study of replacement of timolol-pilocarpine with latanoprost in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Antioxidant enzymes activity in patients with peripheral vascular disease, with and without presence of diabetes mellitus
A-cephalometric comparison of skulls from different time periods
Anthropological analysis of the late roman/early medieval cemetery of Novigrad (Istria)
Animal resources and subsistence strategies
Age determination on long bones in a skeletal subadults sample (b-12 years)
ApoE genotyping and response to galanthamine in Alzheimer's disease
Acute cardiovascular complications due to physical exercise in male teenagers
War, mental disorder and suicide
Age and sex variation in measures of body composition among the elderly Bengalee Hindus of Calcutta, India
ACE Alu insertion polymorphism in Croatia and its isolates
5, 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) 677 C-]T genetic polymorphism in 228 Croatian volunteers
Adherence ability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from patients with cystic fibrosis to two different epithelial cell lines
Axillar compression syndrome
What the Croatian doctors want to be learning about?
200 years of Lithuanian anthropology
Association of stress and delinquency in children and adolescents
A study on cormic index among semi-urban Bengalee boys of west Bengal, India
Aging of human skeletal muscles
Anthropometry and the comparison of garment size systems in some European countries
A 3-year experience of a minimally invasive technique for correction of pectus excavatum in Croatia
Analysis of scores in diagnosis of acute appendicitis in women
Are there differences in serum cholesterol and cortisol concentrations between violent and non-violent schizophrenic male suicide attempters?
Yolk sac carcinoma derived from the rat epiblast as a renal isograft
Wood dust exposure in wood industry and forestry
Youth and personality formation
A cross cultural analysis of positive illusions and sport performance levels in American, Croatian, and Norwegian basketball players
Associations between parental and child overweight and obesity
Analysis of the quantitative dermatoglyphic traits of the digito-palmar complex in patients with primary open angle glaucoma
A comparison of lymphocyte subpopulations simultaneously on local and systemic levels in acute rheumatoid arthritis patients
Association between childhood atopic disease and parental atopic disease in a population with high consanguinity
Anthropological determinants of success in young judoists
Anthropology and psychiatry
Anthropometry of male and female children in Creches in Turkey
Age-related and gender-related differences between human vertebral and iliac crest bone
Analysis of the qualitative dermatoglyphics of the digito-palmar complex in patients with primary open angle glaucoma
Atopy patch test with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Dp 1) in atopic dermatitis patients
A rare case of multiple aneurysms in a young patient
Attractiveness of men's faces in relation to women's phase of menstrual cycle
Apoloprotein E polymorphism in relation to plasma lipid levels and other risk factors of atherosclerosis in two ethnic groups from Slovakia
Analysis of internal deletions of a rat Col1a1 promoter fragment in transfected ROS17/2.8 cells
A case of canine hypodontia in an early Croatian cemetery Stranče - Gorica
An example of demographic anthropology, the study of matrimonial exchanges
Association of two genetic variations of lipoprotein lipase, S447X and Hind III, with coronary artery disease and hypertriglyceridemia
A new model of selection in women's handball
A veil (hijab) as a public symbol of a muslim woman modern identity
A study on blood pressures between the Tibet born and India born Tibetans who are permanently residing in northern India
Age variations in anthropometric and body composition characteristics and underweight among male bathudis
Analysis of human skeletal remains from Nadin iron age burial mound
A radiographic study of location of mental foramen in a selected Turkish population on panoramic radiograph
Antropological measurement of the sacroiliac joint
Anthropometric evaluation of the creches children furniture in Turkey
Association of methylenetetrahydrofolate (MTHFR) and apolipoprotein E (apo E) genotypes with homocysteine, vitamin and lipid levels in carotid stenosis
Analysis of the feeding sites for some horse flies (Diptera, Tabanidae) on a human in Croatia
Acute coronary syndrome frequency in western Herzegovina over the fifteen year period
Addressing childhood overweight through schools
A cross-cultural perspective on obesity and health in three groups of women: the Mississippi Choctaw, American Samoans, and African Americans
A cross-cultural study of adolescents
Antibody profile of pregnant women with antiphospholipid syndrome and pregnancy outcome after treatment with low dose aspirin and low-weight-molecular heparin
Antibiotic use optimization program in the largest Croatian university hospital
Aberrant glycosylation of Igg heavy chain in multiple myeloma
Anti-citrullinated antibodies, radiological joint damages and their correlations with disease activity score
Aortic valve replacement in a patient with severe hemophilia
Which is the best anthropometric technique to identify obesity
Alternative methods of nutritional status assessment in adolescents
Abnormal systolic blood pressure during treadmill test and brachial artery flow
A single-centre experience with octreotide in the treatment of different hypersecretory syndromes in patients with functional gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
Antropologic factors in prediction of ovary cancer
Antiproliferative, antiangiogenic and apoptotic effect of photochemotherapy (PUVA) in psoriasis patients
Age-sex and diurnal variation of blood pressure in different nutritional states among the adult Telegas of Kharagpur in West Bengal, India
Atherosclerotic lesions of supra-aortic arteries in diabetic patients
What distinguishes the olympic level heavyweight rowers from other internationally successful rowers?
Analysis of fibroblast growth factor influence on growth and developmental potential of rat foetuses in the in vitro culture model
Weight variation by sex and nature of risk factors in high-risk infants
3-D stress analysis in first maxillary premolar
Analysis of preincisional and postincisional treatment with alpha2-adrenoreceptor agonist clonidine regarding analgesic consumption and hemodynamic stability in surgical patients
Anthropological analysis of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age skeletons
Application of novel lossless compression of medical images using prediction and contextual error modeling
Association of angiotensin-converting enzyme insertion-deletion polymorphism with preeclampsia
Access site complications following cardiac catheterization assessed by duplex ultrasonography
Antropometric parameters as predictors for iliopsoas muscle strength in healthy girls and in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Association of cyp2c9 gene polymorphism with bleeding as a complication of warfarin therapy
Alimentary infections during war conditions
Antropological aspect of death in dialyzed patients
A case study of Chinese bound feet
Youth outcomes of psychological distress of Albanian adolescents in Albania
Analysis of colon cancer features in Croatia
Application of advaced virtual reality and 3D computer assisted technologies in tele-3D-computer assisted surgery in rhinology
Axial vs. angular dynamization of anterior cervical fusion implants
Anti-inflmmatory effects of exercise training in the early period after myocardial infarction
Acute appendicitis and ileal perforation with a toothpick treated by laparoscopy
A Homo erectus hyoid bone
War surgical care
Application of a novel bone osteotomy plate leads to reduction in heat-induced bone tissue necrosis in sheep
Abdominal angina caused by kinking of the superior mesenteric artery
Age at menarche in schoolgirls from Tanzania in light of socioeconomic and sociodemographic conditioning
A new tibial torsiometer applicable to clinical practice
Acute phase proteins in psoriasis
Adolescents eating behavior, body image and psychological well-being
Acute tonsillopharyngitis in a family practice in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Association of alcohol consumption and blood pressure in some low socioeconomic groups from Andhra Pradesh, India
Assessing health-related quality of life outcomes after the surgical removal of a mandibular third molar
Age affects drivers’ response times
An increasing older population dictates the need to organise palliative care and estabilish hospices
Acute stress and depression 3 days after vaginal delivery
Association of neuroticism with sick building syndrome, quality of life and psychomotor performance
Age-related pattern of the antiepileptic drug utilization in active epilepsy
A current genetic and epigenetic view on human aging mechanisms
Anthropometric growth pattern in Ethiopian infants and children
Aggression in group psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Anterior neurodecompression of kyphotic spondylogenic myelopathy ranawat grade III and posterior decompression of lordotic spine improve walking ability
Arthroscopic removal of metal foreign bodies from the knee joint after explosive war injuries
Ammonia intoxication on workplace
Alea iacta est«
After 40 years gossypiboma caused spleen abscess
Women and stroke: how much do women and men differ?
Anthropometric Characteristics of Young Turkish Male Athletes
Why do we follow sporting events?
Analysis of muscle forces acting on fragments in pelvic fractures
Age identity, social influence and socialization through physical activity in elderly people living in a nursing home
A one year retrospective study of gastroenteritis outbreaks in Croatia
Antimicrobial effect of 0.2% chlorhexidine in infected root canals
Aging quantification on alveolar bone loss
Advancement in the mesothelioma diagnostics in Primorsko-Goranska County of Croatia
Abdominal pain patient referrals to emergency surgical service
Anthropometrical characteristics of the population of the Island of Rab
Alcohol sclerosing ovarian cystic lesions : 20 years experience
Accuracy of fine needle aspiration biopsy with and without the use of tumor markers in cytologically indeterminate thyroid lesions
Analysis of Ikaros family splicing variants in human hematopoietic lineages
Assessment of HPV DNA test value in management women with cytological findings of ASC-US, CIN1 and CIN2
Additional cytomorphological criteria in diagnosis of pilomatricoma : benign tumor with bad reputation
Accreditation of medical laboratories in Croatia : experiences of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital "Merkur", Zagreb
An unusual presentation of Gaucher’s disease : aortic valve fibrosis in a patient homozygous for a rare G377S mutation
A correlative study of histology and imprint cytology of gastric mucosa byopsy in the diagnosis gastric cancer
A view at the future : a dynamical, protocol-based and computationally intensive approach in cardiovascular risk assessment
An active lifestyle explains sex differences in physical performance in children before puberty
Aerobiology of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in north-west Croatia
Aplastic crisis induced by human parvovirus B19 as an initial presentation of hereditary spherocytosis
A case report of breast angiosarcoma
Apoptosis of leukemic cells : a case report
Advances in cervical cancer control and future perspectives
A new classification of resin-based aesthetic adhesive materials
Accidental finding of an anomalous spinal nerve root during lumbar-disc surgery : a case report and a review of literature
Assessment of physical fitness levels of elderly Turkish males over 60 years
Assessment of nutritional status of gastroenterology patients in Croatia
Anthropometric and motor features of young judoists in Vojvodina
A 10-year experience in the treatment of intraabdominal cerebrospinal fluid pseudocysts
Arthroscopic Treatment of Localized and Diffuse Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Knee
Antropological measurement of the calcaneus
Anatomical study of the facial nerve canal in comparison to the site of the lesion in Bell’s palsy
Angiomyoma : angioleiomyoma of the cheek
A Century of antivenom
An investigation of concepts and words used by Turkish children and teenagers to define their perceptions regarding events involving emotional situations
Waist-to-hip ratio and woman’s education level as predictors of breastfeeding duration
A cross sectional study of sex differences in self-medication practices among university students in Slovenia
Analysis of the C609T polymorphism of NQO1 gene in South Croatian patients with hematological malignancies
3D surface analysis and classification in neuroimaging segmentation
Anthropological, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of irritable bowel syndrome
Artery balloon angioplasty and depression symptoms
Assessing psychosocial factors in depressed patients : accordance of patient’s and physician’s assessment
An example of qualitative research in social work with older people : the history of social work in old people’s homes in Slovenia
A quality of life in chronic combat related posttraumatic stress disorder : a study on Croatian war veterans
Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia and sudden cardiac death in Croatians, young athletes in 25 years
Application of tomographic methods in the diagnosis of pathological changes of the jaw
A boy with Dent-2 disease
Advantages of intramedullar fixation in treatment of congenital tibial pseudoarthrosis : a case report
Analysis of anger expression style : continuous anger and personality types of professional soccer players
Are there any differences in power performance and morphological characteristics of croatian adolescent soccer players according to the team position?
An analysis of the pollution problem in Slavonski Brod (eastern Croatia)
Assessment of stress level of forestry experts with academic education
A tetrahydrophthalazine derivative »sodium nucleinate« exerts a potent suppressive effect upon LPS-stimulated mononuclear cells in vitro and in vivo
Alzheimer’s dementia : current data review
A critique of race-based and genomic medicine
A probable case of Hand-Schueller-Christian’s disease in an Egyptian mummy revealed by CT and MR investigation of a dry mummy
A battery in the stenotic esophagus of a child with a congenital tracheoesophageal fistula
A pilot Croatian survey of risk factor (CRO-SURF) management in patients with cardiovascular disease
An ethnomedicine study among women in Uremia (North-West Iran)
Wegener’s granulomatosis : clinico-radiological finding at initial presentation
Alterations in the masseter muscle and plasma IL-6 level following experimentally induced occlusal interference and chronic stress : a study in rats
Antituberculosis consortium founded in Rijeka (Croatia) : implementation of public health measures between 1924–1945
Analysis of dental supportive structures in orthodontic therapy
Accuracy and benefits of 3D bone surface modelling : a comparison of two methods of surface data acquisition reconstructed by laser scanning and computed tomography outputs
Water related otitis externa
Aspects of the structure of film expression and anthropological paradigm of films reception in Croatian cinema and TV distribution
Adaptive changes of the electrophoretic mobility of cell nuclei (EMN) index in the intensive physical exercise of male rowers with different training experience
Angiographic control and percutaneous treatment of myocardial ischemia immediately after CABG
Atrial fibrillation, atrioventricular blocks and bundle branch blocks in hemodialysis patients
An unusual cause of the ileus : non-specific stenosing ulceration of the small intestine
Alcohol-related road traffic accidents before and after the passing of the road traffic safety act in Croatia
Awareness, attitudes, and perceptions of Croatian-based orthopedic and trauma surgeons toward scientific manuscripts, publishing internationally and medical writing : results of an online questionnaire
A craniometrical analysis of the early bronze age dogs from Vučedol site (East Slavonia, Croatia)
Acute oxcarbazepine-induced hepatotoxicity in a patient susceptible to developing drug-induced liver injury
An incidental finding of unicornuate uterus with unilateral ovarian agenesis during laparoscopy in patient who gave birth to eleven children : a case report
A measure of obesity : BMI versus subcutaneous fat patterns in young athletes and nonathletes
An in vitro morphological investigation of the endodontic spaces of third molars
Antibiotic prescription rate for upper respiratory tract infections and risks for unnecessary prescription in Croatia
Wildlife-vehicle collisions in Croatia : a hazard for humans and animals
Analysis of purity profiles of generic lisinopril tablets marketed in Croatia
WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire as a measure of quality of life in sarcoidosis
Analysis of self-determined motivation in basketball players through goal orientations
Association between red blood cell count and renal function exist in type 1 diabetic patients in the absence of nephropathy
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in diabetic hypertensive patients, single center report : preliminary results
West Nile virus outbreak in humans in Croatia, 2012
Animal assisted therapy and perception of loneliness in geriatric nursing home residents
Who is the patient? Disclosure of information and consent in anesthesia and intensive care (informed consent)
A validity of ultrasound subdivision of risser grade 4 in assessment of skeletal maturity
Assessment of endothelial dysfunction by measuring von Willebrand factor and exhaled nitric oxide in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Anthropometric influence on physical fitness among preschool children : gender-specific linear and curvilinear regression models
A correlation of peak height velocity and olecranon apophysis ossification assessed by ultrasound
Assessment of sperm nucleus integrity in infertile men : a novel research field for anthropology in the molecular era
Attitudes towards and knowledge about homosexuality among medical students in Zagreb
Assessment of nutritional status in cancer patients in Osijek Health Area Center
A correlation between the epression of estrogen receptors and progesterone receptors in cancer cells and in the myometrium and prognostic factors in endometrial cancer
Association study of cytochrome P450 1A1*2A polymorphism with prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness in Croatians
Anthropometric indices of obesity and potential health risk in adult rural population from Bačka and Banat – The Republic of Serbia
A case of transient constrictive pericarditis in a 42 year old patient
Asymmetric neonatal crying : microdeletion, infection or birth injury? : a case report
A first case of endoscopical removal of an eroded adjustable gastric band in Croatia
Advances in a rapidly emerging field of hair follicle stem cell research
An investigation of the role of job satisfaction in employees’ organizational citizenship behavior
Anthropometric methods in evaluation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Association between socioeconomic status and obesity in children
A study on utilization of oral contraceptives in the city of Zagreb (2008-2010)
Analysis of abutment feeth in partisaally edentulous patients
Alzheimer and Lewy body pathology or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A study on the quality of outpatient prescription of psychopharmaceuticals in the city of Zagreb 2006 – 2009
Analysis of the human female foot in two different measurement systems : from geometric morphometrics to functional morphology
Are there differences in students’ school success, biorhythm, and daytime sleepiness depending on their school starting times?
Amyloidosis of the aortic root in a patient with polyarteritis nodosa
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children with intellectual disability in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Analysis of Cesarean section delivery at Nova Bila Hospital according to the Robson classifification
A case of extensive inflammatory changes (osteomyelitis) in an infant's skeleton from the medieval burial ground (11th–12th c) in Wawrzeńczyce (near Krakow)
A coincidence of HLA-B27 negative spondyloarthritis and paravertebral non-Hodgkin's lymphoma : a lesson to be learned from the past experience
Working group for trichinellosis – a way of systematic prevention, control and eradication of trichinellosis in the Republic of Croatia
An alternative analysis of the discourse by Descartes, Kant and Hegel in terms of the ethical structure of the Kanun
Association of IL-1β and IL-10 polymorphisms with prostate cancer risk and grade of disease in eastern Croatian population
Acute coronary syndrome with ST-segment elevation in pregnancy : anesthetic management of delivery
(Dis)organization of palliative care as a potential quality-of-life issue in the senior population – Croatian experiences
Athletic engagement and athletic identity in top Croatian sprint runners
Additive manufacturing of medical models - applications in rhinology
Adjuvant cancer biotherapy by viscum album extract isorel : overview of evidence based medicine findings
Adaptive changes in basal metabolic rate in humans in different eco-geographical areas
Anthropometric characteristics of Chinese professional female marathoners and predicted variables for their personal bests
Advanced clinical and radiological features of ankylosing spondylitis : relation to gender, onset of first symptoms and disease duration
Are patients ready for lesbian, gay and bisexual family physicians : a Croatian study
Bodies lost
Body image disturbances in women
Body weight
Between destruction and deconstruction
Bronze Age versus recent crania
Bibliotherapy as one of the untraditional treatments of the physical and emotional problems of the women
Beyond the basic needs
Balint - between education and therapy
Brain stem evoked potentials in two representative groups of prisoners of war released from Serbian detention camps
Biomechanical definition of the anthropological model for the human intraabdominal force estimation
Biocultural approaches to health and mortality in an old order Amish community
Bronchopulmonary sequestration and dextrocardia
Body composition, nutrition and nutritional habits of young and elderly adults
Body composition characteristics after menopause
Bioelectrical impedance analysis and anthropometry in Ecuadorian children of African ancestry
Body composition in an employee health improvement program
BMI and heath-carter somatotypes of female students in Ljubljana
Body morphology in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa
Biology of desert populations - South Sinai Bedouins
Between symbolism and experience
Balint groups in the postwar period in Croatia
Body composition characteristics, sex hormone levels and circadian gonadotropin fluctuations in infertile young women
Blood pressure and its biocultural correlates among the Lepchas of Sikkim, India
Biological, epidemiological and clinical bases of understanding human immunodeficiency virus infection
Birth order and BMI in teenage girls
Body composition and functional abilities in terms of the quality of professional ballerinas
Biological anthropology and epidemiology
Bone loss and cartilage degeneration of the joints
Bone mineral loss in middle and old age
Benign epithelial gastric polyps
Bayesian approach to searching for suspectibility genes
Bite force in subjacts with complete dentition
Building new university hospital
Biological anthropology of aging
Blood pressure variation in the institutionalized elderly
Body image among older, rural, African-American women with type 2 diabetes
Breastfeeding practices of health professionals and care workers in Turkey
Bilateral amaurosis caused by Salmonella enteritidis infection
Body structure and respiratory efficiency among high altitude Himalayan populations
Birth weight of healthy newborns in Zagreb area, Croatia
Body composition and fat distribution pattern of urban elderly females, Delhi, India
Bioarcheological research in Croatia
Burnout syndrome - assessment of a stressful job intensive care staff
Bilateral MR volumetry of the amygdala in chronic PTSD patients
Body mass index and nutritional status of the Bayash Roma from eastern Croatia
Biomotor systems in elite junior judoists
Biocultural linkages
Breastfeeding and the risk of childhood obesity
Behavioral, environmental, metabolic and intergenerational components of early life undernutrition leading to later obesity in developing nations and in minority groups in the USA
Body mass index, prevalence of overweight and obesity in Lithuanian children and adolescents
Balance index score as a predictive factor for lower sports results or anterior cruciate ligament knee injuries in Croatian female athletes
Blood flow multiscale phenomena
Biomechanical pressures and upper extremity asymmetry
Biomotor structures in elite female handball players
Body composition of young laborers
Body shape in relation to socio-economic status in young adults from the Basque country
Biomotor development in 1992 and 2002 samples of seven-year-old children
Burkitt's lymphoma in the boy
Body image and growth in Italy
Biomotor structures in elite female handball players according to performance
Breast infiltrating ductal carcinoma
Biomechanical model of the diabetic foot
Biological bases of dentin hybrridization
Birth intervals and infant mortality in La Cabrera (Spain)
Body size and body composition change trends in preschool children over a period of five years
Biopsychosocial model
Body mass index and triceps skinfold thickness in prepubertal children in Slovenia
Bone length estimation and population-specific features of calcaneus and talus bones of the late byzantine era
Body composition and somatotype of the elite of Polish fencers
Biological aspects of the development and self-concept in adolescents living in single-parent families
Biological correlates of P300 and extraversion relationship
Bifocal stress fracture of pubic rami after contralateral total hip arthroplasty and longstanding ipsilateral hip fusion
Biliary brush cytology for the diagnosis of malignancy : a single center experience
Bilateral laryngoceles in association with squamos cell carcinoma : a case report and literature review
Biomechanical and clinical alterations of the hip joint following femoral neck fracture and implantation of bipolar hip endoprosthesis
Bone traumas in late antique populations from Croatia
Behaviour after cardiosurgery
Body size changes in elite junior rowers : 1997 to 2007
Biphasic and monophasic pattern of brain natriuretic peptide release in acute myocardial infarction
Body composition variations in ageing
Biomechanical properties of bones from rats treated with sevelamer
Biochemical screening of fetal aneuploidies and neural tube defects by »double-test« in Croatia : a 10 years’ experience
Bracelet creases among twins
Blood pressure trends and hypertension among rural and urban Jat women of Haryana, India
Body mass index, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio : which anthropometric indicator is better predictor for the hypertension development in women Population of the island Cres
Biomotor status and kinesiological education of students aged 13 to 15 years : example: karate
Biomotor status and kinesiological education of girls aged 10 to 12 years : example: volleyball
Benign paroxysmal vertigo in childhood
Brainstorming for which brains are prohibited : Analyzing Our Bio-Neoliberal Realities
Breast metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma diagnosed with fine needle aspiration cytology : a case report
BCM – body composition monitor : a new tool for the assessment of volume-dependent hypertension in patients on maintenance haemodialysis
Bilateral concentric and eccentric isokinetic strength evaluation of quadriceps and hamstrings in basketball players
Blood lactate level responses and comparison with submaximal running and roller skiing in cross-country skiers
Brain tissue adaptability to slow-growing tumors : case report of clivus meningioma
Biomedical psychiatry and its concealed metaphors : an anthropological perspective
Body mass index and anthropometric characteristics of the hand as risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome
Brugada syndrome and right ventricle morphofunctional abnormalities on echocardiography in young male with family anamnesis of sudden cardiac death
Body mass index, waist circumference and waist-to-hip-ratio in the prediction of obesity in Turkish teenagers
Bone remodeling after supracondylar humeral fracture in children
Bioelectrical impedance analyzes offers clinically relevant appraisal of body composition, but fails to recognize nutritional risk or differences between surgery and percutaneous coronary interventions treatments : a non-randomized cohort
Bus water storage tank as a reservoir of Legionella pneumophila
Bilateral synchronous breast cancer
Blunt trauma of thorax with subclavian and axillary artery lesion : case report
Benefits of controlled ultraviolet radiation in the treatment of dermatological diseases
Bone fragility fractures in hemodialysis patients : Croatian surveys
Biological and cultural causes of seasonality of deaths in historical populations from Poland
Biopsy quantitative patohistology and seral values of prostate specific antigen-alpha (1) antichymotrypsine complex in prediction of adverse pathology findings after radical prostatectomy
Bronze and iron age finds from Romuald's cave, Istria : 2014 excavation season
Cultural transmission by verse translation in the work of Ezra Pound and Robert Lowell
Childlessness and gender
Circumcision, a treath for women's health
Concepts of normality in sexual behavior
Cultural influences on normal and idealized female body size
Constitution as a prognostic factor in medical and sports anthropology
Croatian national growth and development study
Croatian national growth and development study
Correlation between dermatoglyphic asymmetry and genetic and biological distances
Cardiovascular differences by phase of the menstrual cycle
Comparisons of Chinese and Arizona bone densities
Curative factors experienced in an activity oriented group with Bosnian refugees in the Zuidlarens camp (The Netherlands)
Cross-cultural Bedouin medicine
Cranial deformation of the neolithic man from the Hauslabjoch
Coping strategies in ancient times
Changing of symbols
Colorectal cancer
Cementum spurs
Contribution for studying the functional structure and face skeletal strength
Clinical dismorphology beyond developmental genetics
Comparison of contact parameters between the proximal humerus and the acromion with Hertz's theoretical model
Correlation of some anthropometric obesity indicators and coronary heart disease in old age population
Changes of sex composition with a changing environment
Consanguinity in Kuwait
Comparison of mandibular and femoral bone density in totally and partially edentulous population
Comparative study of mitral annular calcification (MAC) with cardiac arrhythmias in dialysis patients
Comparative review of gnathometric characteristics in total dentures and eugnathic subjects
Changing the stereotypes of "counsellors"
Continuity and change reflected in synchronic and diachronic linguistic variation of Middle Dalmatia
Changes in vitamine E concentration after surgery and anesthesia
Calcium homeostasis and human evolution
Characteristics of myotonic distrophy in Istria
Changes in characteristics of chronic pancreatitis during the course of disease
Comparison in regression of femoral neck anteversion in children with normal, intoeing and outtoeing gait
Construction of anthropometric measuring chair (AMC) for lung function prediction
Computer analyses of two active plate modifications
Color doppler flow imaging (CDFI) of the vertebral arteries
Children and wives of deceased veterans
Club as an integral approach to war veterans
Cancer incidence in Eastern Adriatic isolates, Croatia
Cronology, dynamics and period of primary tooth eruption in children from Zagreb, Croatia
Cytomegalovirus disease as a possible etiologic factor for early atherosclerosis
Current topics in Austrian anthropology
Characteristics of myotonic dystrophy in Istria
Chronology, dynamics and period of permanent tooth eruption in Zagreb children
Change in the inclination of the occlusal plane during craniofacial growth and development
Culture and biology
Current concept on the anticaries fluoride mechanism of the action
Cultural concomitants of the onset of women's reproductive lives
Croatia's psychiatric case register (CPCR) and incidence of schizophrenia
Changing patterns of morbidity and mortality and the challenge to health care delivery systems of the future
Comforting the (exile) afflicted in Croatia
Competence and behavioral/emotional problems in Croatian children
Circulating platelet aggregates and progression of visual field loss in glaucoma
Chiasma syndrome in acromegalic patients
Clinical case of acral hemorrhagic Darier's disease is not caused by mutations in exon 15 of the ATP2A2 gene
Complex segregation analysis of body height, weight and BMI in pedigree data from Middle Dalmatia, Croatia
Comparative morphology of incisor enamel and dentin in humans and fat dormice (Glis glis)
Comparative research on substance abuse and self-perception among adolescents with physical handicap
Cardiovascular risk factors in a small urban community in central Croatia
Circadian rhythm of blood leptin level in obese and non-obese people
Contribution to the physique of women with manic-depressive disorder in Hungary
Calculating lumbar puncture depth in children
Changes in the interpupillary distance (IPD) with ages and its effect on the near convergence/distance (NC/D) ratio
Craniofacial anthropometric pattern profile in hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
Croatian experience with sibutramine in the treatment of obesity
Comparison of glycosylation patterns of placental proteins between normal pregnancy and missed abortion
Common bile duct obstruction caused by the hydatid daughter cysts
Calcifying odontogenic cyst
Comparison of self-reported and parent-reported emotional and behavioral problems in adolescents from Croatia
Caries and oral hygiene in children in postwar Novi Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Zabok (Croatia)
Changes in the tissue expression of the C-erbB-2 oncogen in the oral lichen ruber
Clinical importance of significant asimptomatic bacteriuria in newborns and infants during early postnatal period
Chinese women in Italy
Counties selecting public health priorities
Cost-efficiency of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug prescribing in Zagreb, Croatia
Chest radiography findings in primary pulmonary tuberculosis in children
Calcium intake, food sources and seasonal variations in Eastern Croatia
Changes of defense mechanisms and personality profile during group analytic treatment
Changes in bone mineral density in patients with prostate cancer treated with androgen deprivation therapy
Choice of age cut-off for endoscopy in dyspepsia in developing countries according to incidence of gastric cancer
Carotid bifurcation position and branching angle in patients with atherosclerotic carotid disease
Causal Bayesian network for tagging syntactical structure of Croatian sentences
Comparison of fetal plasma cortisol level between eutrophic and hypotrophic newborns
Changes of adolescents' defense mechanisms during the first year of high school education
Combined action of virus injection and local
Clinical presentation of a patient with congenital polycythemia
Contact allergy and sociodemographic characteristics
Carabelli's trait in contemporary Slovenes and inhabitants of a medieval settlement
Comparative analysis of plant finds from early Roman graves in Ilok (Cuccium) and Šćitarjevo (Andautonia), Croatia
Cerebrovascular insult hospital cases in the Clinical Hospital Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) from 1999 to 2003
Connection between classroom abuse and manifest aggressiveness, anxiety and altruism
Calcaneous ultrasonographic assessment of bone mineral density in the Roma minority population of Croatia
Changes in body size of newborns in Lithuania
Coping with severe burns in the early stage after burn injury
Comparison of preoperative and postoperative astigmatism after superotemporal or superonasal clear corneal incision in phacoemulsification
Comparison of ultrasonographic and intraoperative findings in Achilles tendon rupture
Community based rehabilitation program for people with musculoskeletal conditions
Chronic patients
Combined influences of gradual changes in room temperature and light around dusk and dawn on circadian rhythms of core temperature, urinary 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate and waking sensation just after rising
Coexistence of ochronosis and B 27 positive ankylosing spondylitis
Cross-sectional study of ocular optical components interactions in emmetropes
Contact allergy to special and standard allergens in patients with venous ulcers
Clinical comparison of flowable composite to other fissure sealing materials
Craniofacial characteristics of Croatian and Syrian populations
Cremated human and animal remains of the Roman period
CYFRA 21-1 in non-small cell lung cancer
Cell apoptosis as assessed by M30 expression in keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma
Cephalometric indicators of the vertical dimension of occlusion
Correlation of anaemia and cognitive functions measured by the complex reactiometer Drenovac
Combined surgical approach to carotid and coronary artery disease
Comparative biomechanical analysis of the rotational shot put technique
Classroom furniture design
Comfort evaluation as the example of anthropotechnical furniture design
Comparison of BMI and the body mass/body surface ratio
Characteristics of hepatitis C infection in injecting drug users in Zadar County, Croatia
Computer-guided surgery for gastric carcinoma
Central venous catheters for chemotherapy of solid tumors
Clinical course of uremic neuropathy in long-term hemodialysis
Construction and reproducibility of a questionnaire aimed for evaluation of dietary habits in physically active individuals
Comparison of occurrence of upper urinary tract carcinomas in the region with endemic villges and non-endemic nephropathy region in Croatia
Clinical guidelines development and usage
Comparison between continuous ambulatory arterial blood pressure monitoring and standard blood pressure measurements among patients of younger and older age group
Characteristics of patients who committed suicide during hospitalization in psychiatric hospital »Vrapče« in the period 1996–2006
Comparative study of condylar inclination settings in two types of semiadjustable articulators
Comparison of subjective and objective measurement of sweat transfer rate
Correlation between cholelithiasis and gallbladder carcinoma in surgical and autopsy specimens
Calcaneal fracture
Comparative analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma in men and dogs
Correlation of APACHE II and SOFA scores with length of stay in various surgical iIntensive care units
Comparison of proliferation and differentiation of calvarial osteoblast cultures derived from Msx2 deficient and wild type mice
Comparison of digito-palmar dermatoglyphic traits in children with cerebral palsy and their close family members
Comparative analysis of dermatoglyphic traits in Albanian and Turkish population living in Kosovo
Childhood environment and adult height among Polish university students
Craniocervical dystonia questionnaire (CDQ-24)
Carotid endarterectomy unexpectedly resulted in optimal blood pressure control
Comparative study on dermatoglyphics in patients with PTSD
Comparative study on dermatoglyphics in alcoholic patients
Changes of alveolar bone density around the abutment teeth in patients wearing removable partial dentures depending on Kennedy classification
Combined vacuum-assisted closure treatment with laparoscopic mobilization of an omental flap and meshed skin grafts for reconstruction of infected sternotomy wounds
Cytologic follow-up in patients with CIN treated by LLETZ, cold knife conization and Semm’s cold coagulation
Cytogenetics of multiple myeloma
Collection and composition of autologous peripheral blood stem cells graft in patients with acute myeloid leukemia : influence on hematopoietic recovery and outcome
CD20 positive childhood B-non Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL) : morphology, immunophenotype and a novel treatment approach : a single center experience
Cervical cytology and HPV test in follow-up after conisation or LLETZ
Cervical cancer screening programme in Primorsko-goranska county, Croatia : the results of the pilot study
Cytologic characteristics of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the cervix uteri : case report
Cervical cancer as a public health issue : what next?
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia : insights from lymph nodes & bone marrow and clinical perspectives
Current organisation of clinical cytology in Croatia
Cytology of cervical intraepithelial glandular lesions
Cytogenetic follow-up in testicular seminoma patients exposed to adjuvant radiotherapy
Creation and typology definition of the museum on the internet
Cervix cancer screening in Croatia within the European cervical cancer prevention week
Clinical cytology and primary health care of children and adults
Correlation of levels of depressiveness and choice of elective subjects in medical students
Comparison of evening and morning dosing of travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% fixed combination in 6 month period
Cystitis cystica and recurrent urinary tract infections in children
Cardiopulmonary effects of hemorrhagic shock in splenic autotransplanted pigs : a new surgical model
Correlation of parental socioeconomic status indicators with morphological and motor dimensions of preschool children
Combined usage of inhaled and intravenous milrinone in pulmonary hypertension after heart valve surgery
Concept, measurement and use of acculturation in health and disease risk studies
CT perfusion and noncontrast CT in acute ischemic stroke diagnosing : is there influence on early thrombolytic therapy outcome?
Comparative study on gene tags of the neurotransmission system in schizophrenic and suicidal subjects
C-myc expression in the microvessels of medulloblastoma
Contactallergy caused by fragrance mix and Myroxylon pereirae (balsam of Peru) : a retrospective study
Correlation of cardio-ankle vascular index, ten-year risk assessment and other atherosclerosis risk factors
Clinical and no-clinical setting specificities in first session short-term psychotherapy psychodrama group
Comparison of the results of surgical and non-surgical treatment of combat urogenital injuries in Bosnia war 1992–1995
Croatian bibliometric analysis : 2000–2007
Childhood and adolescent body fat and its relationship with health outcome in 50 Year old males and females : the wroclaw growth study
Covariates and prevalence of obesity among adult North Indian population
Cancer incidence in a population living near a petrochemical facility and oil refinery
Clinical characteristics of patients with spondyloarthritides and HLA-B27 positive antigen
Clinical and anorectal motility features in chronically constipated children
Changing pattern of sensitization in Croatia to aeroallergens in adult population referring to Allergy clinic during a period of 15 years
Cancer and cardiovascular diseases nutrition knowledge and dietary intake of medical students
Croatia: still a low-level HIV epidemic? : seroprevalence study
Complications after hip rearthroplastics with revision endoprosthesis
Comparative analysis of qualitative dermatoglyphic traits of Albanian and Turkish populations living in the area of Dukagjin valley in Kosovo
Chondromyxoid fibroma of the second metacarpal bone : a case report
CT follow-up and clinical outcome in severe traumatic injury patients
Consanguinity in two spanish regions : La Cabrera and Fuentes Carrionas. Dispensations and isonymy
Cystic echinococcosis of lung and heart coupled with repeated echinococcosis of brain : a case report
Current status of iodine intake in Croatia : the results of 2009 survey
Cathepsin D and its prognostic value in neuroepithelial brain tumors
Città Vecchia and Lesina : everlasting animosity on the island of Hvar
Croatian Muslims : immigrant community of indigenous Europeans
Cyber anthropology or anthropology in cyberspace
Correlation of endothelin-1 concentration and angiotensin-converting enzyme activity with the staging of liver fibrosis
Croatian children’s views towards importance of health care information
Comparative Assessment of the Acute Ankle Injury by Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance
Causal connection of non-specific low back pain and disc degeneration in children with transitional vertebra and/or spina bifida occulta: role of magnetic resonance : prospective study
Current trends in breast reduction
Challenges for health care development in Croatia
Comparison of three postoperative follow-up methods in patients with oral cancer
Changes of the dental service delivered to patients with intellectual disability under general anaesthesia in Dental Polyclinic Split, Croatia, during the years 1985–2009
Clinical importance of changes to femoral bone mineral density around the hip endoprosthesis
Cyclosporine induced biochemical remission in childhood autoimmune hepatitis
Central type of chondrosarcoma with a fulminant course : a case report
Clear cell variant of urothelial carcinoma in urinary bladder; a clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study : a case report
Communication in crisis situations in the process of immunization
Connection of depression and bone loss in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
Clinical and radiological morphometry of posterior parts of thoracic and lumbal vertebras
Calpain expression in the brain cortex after traumatic brain injury
Comparison of two selective muscarinic receptor antagonists (solifenacin and darifenacin) in women with overactive bladder : the SOLIDAR study
Clinical and biochemical characteristics of polycystic ovary syndrome in Croatian population
Clinical and neurophysiological changes in patients with pineal region expansions
Cluster analysis of association of weather, daily factors and emergent medical conditions
Comparison of multidetector-row computed tomography and duplex Doppler ultrasonography in detecting atherosclerotic carotid plaques complicated with intraplaque hemorrhage
Craniofacial morphology of Croatian patients with obstructive sleep apnea
Comorbidity of recurrent aphthous stomatitis and polyps ventriculi
Cobalamin deficiency manifested with seizures, mood oscillations, psychotic features and reversible dementia in the absence of typical neurologic and hematologic signs and symptoms : : a case report
Changes in the genetic variance and heritability of the body mass index and skinfolds among Polish twins aged 8–18 years
Clinical scoring systems in predicting health-related quality of life of children with injuries
Comparison of somatotype values of football players in two professional league football teams according to the positions
Clinical and patohistological factors affecting the 5 year survival rate in a population of Croatian women with invasive ductal breast carcinoma
Clinical, hormonal and metabolic characteristics of polycystic ovary syndrome among obese and nonobese women in the Croatian population
Characteristics of different phenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome based on the Rotterdam criteria in the Croatian population
Characteristics of stroke in young adults in Tuzla canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cryptococcus neoformans meningoencephalitis in a patient with idiopathic CD4+ T lymphocytopenia
Croatian anthropological terminology : challenges and dilemmas
Comparison of vertical forces during root canal filling with three different obturation techniques
Clinical expression of inflammatory bowel diseases : a retrospective population-based cohort study; Vukovarsko-Srijemska county, Croatia, 2010
Complex regional pain syndrome type I after diphtheria-tetanus (Di-Te) vaccination
Cultural initiation of medical doctors
Computer-aided evaluation of radiologist’s reproducibility and subjectivity in mammographic density assessment
Can Croatian medicine do without palliative medicine? : Study investigating the need for formal education
CTLA-a +49 and TNF-α 308 gene polymorphisms in celiac patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
Course and rate of post-fracture bone healing in correlation with bone-specific alkaline phosphatase and bone callus formation
Cardiac arrest in a patient with Ebstein’s anomaly without accessory pathways
Complications of endoscopic CO2 laser surgery for laryngeal cancer and concepts of their management
Coparenting within the family system : review of literature
Comparison between clinical significance of serum proinflammatory protein interleukin-6 and classic tumor markers total PSA, free PSA and free/Total PSA prior to prostate biopsy
Changes in dietary intake and body weight in lactating and non-lactating women : prospective study in northern coastal Croatia
Comparing women doing regular exercise with sedentary women in terms of certain blood parameters, leptin level and body fat percentage
Correlations of skinfold thicknesses and circumferences at exactly defined body sites with leptin in 10-12-year-old boys with different BMIs
Correlation between agility and sprinting according to student age
Cardiovascular drugs consumption : comparison between two Croatian regions, City of Zagreb and Lika-Senj County
Camurati-Engelmann disease in a family from Croatian island : an old bone scan confirmed pattern of inheritance
Comparison of game-related statistics in men's international championships between winning and losing teams according to margin of victory
Complications of pulmonary AVMs in a patient with Rendu-Osler-Weber disease
Cultural and geographical overview of traditional diet in Croatia
Changes in the eyelids and conjunctiva caused by ultraviolet radiation
Contact lenses as the best conservative treatment of newly diagnosed keratoconus : epidemiological retrospective study
Can non-adhesive short stretch bandages change a life?
Comparison of 23 gauge and 25 gauge PPV in the treatment of epiretinal membranes and macular holes
Compliance among soft contact lens wearers
Corticosteroid therapy in patients with non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy
Comparison of IOL – master and ultrasound biometry in preoperative intra ocular lens (IOL) power calculation
Capsular tension ring in damaged zonules
Combined procedure of phacoemulsification and implantation of ex-PRESS miniature glaucoma shunt
Cluster analysis as a prediction tool for pregnancy outcomes
Correlates of frailty among aging residents of upper Selška Valley villages under Ratitovec Mountain
Can our fingers alone raise us up to the sky? : Analysis of the digit ratio association with success in olympic wrestling
Changes of respiratory exchange ratio in children and adolescents : a longitudinal study
Comparison of home advantage in college and professional team sports in the United States
Caliper vs. lipometer - comparing two methods of subcutaneous body fat measurement by Bland-Altman diagrams
Creatinine clearance and estimated glomerular filtration rate – when are they interchangeable
Comparison between inbreeding analyses methodologies
Czech contributions to searching for starting points of transculturality
Dermatoglyphs and disease
Dialect in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"
Dubrovnik will not just go away
Darwin and feminism
Depopulation in Croatia - causes, traits, implications
Diversity of palmar patterns in Iranian populations
Dermatoglyphic analysis of La Liebana (Cantabria - Spain).
Dysfunctioning families
Distribution, transmission and penetrance of hereditary juvenile glaucoma linked to manic-depressive psychosis and diabetes mellitus
Dermatoglyphics and schizophrenia
Dermatoglyphics and coronary artery disease
Dermatoglyphic traits in the Malta population
Deteoration of dilatative cardiomyopathy as a result of therapy withdrawal in the prisoner's camp in Serbia
Development in the multiple beam x-ray bone densitometry
Dental status and condition of prosthetic appliances in a group of elderly patients
Dynamic analysis of sport jumping as a basis for the human motion studies
Dental caries in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Dating experience, shyness and physical attractiveness in Croatian females
Dieting behaviour and eating attitudes in Croatian female adolescents
Deformities of the spine and oro-facial skeletal anomalies
Denial in the patients treated with bone marrow transplantation
Deletions in the SMN and NAIP genes in patients with spinal muscular antrophy in Croatia
Deletion screening of the Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy gene in Croatian population
Doctor's oath to secrecy and psychiatric patient
Dental disease in the late Medieval population from Nova Rača, Croatia
Doctor in the house
Development and growth of immature hips
Dermatoglyphic analysis in borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia
Diseases in European historical populations and their effects on individuals and society
Determination of central dynamic moments of inertia of body segments
Distribution of alleles at two microsatellite loci (D6S273 and TNFa) in Croatian population
Differential diagnosis on ancient skeletal remains
Dermatoglyphic analysis in bipolar affectve disorder and schizophrenia
Development of aerobic endurance and repetitive strength in special army unit members
Development of acetabulum after closed reduction in developmental hip dysplasia
Drug use among Croatian students
Differential reproductive success and body size in !Kung San people from Northern Namibia
Doses in the vicinity of mobile X-ray equipment in a children's intensive care unit
Depressive disorder as possible risk factor of osteoporosis
Demographic variables as measures of biological adaptation
Differences between winning and defeated top quality basketball teams in final tournaments of European club championship
Diagnostic value of thyrotropin releasing hormone test in 129 patients with suspected tumoral hyperprolactinemia
Double tooth
Dermatoglyphs and gastric cancer
Diagnostic value of cytology and colposcopy for squamous and glandular cervical intraepithelial lesions
Description of diffuse interstitial lung diseases and assessment of their activity
Development of centrality indices of subcutaneous fat during growth
Dental and minor physical anomalies in children with developmental disorders
Developmental potential of mouse embryos without extraembryonic membranes in modified organ culture
Differences in physical activity between non-overweight, overweight and obese children
Duplex-Doppler ultrasonography in the detection of lower extremities deep venous thrombosis and in the detection of alternative findings
Diagnostic value of a peroral sucrose permeability test in children with recurrent upper abdominal pain
Deletion/deletion genotype of angiotensin-I converting enzyme gene is not associated with coronary artery disease in Caucasians with type 2 diebetes
Dermatoglyphs and larynx cancer
Distribution of surnames and linguistic-cultural identities in western Slovenia
Dental arch relations analysed in a 14th century fossil skull of the Sao tribe, Cameroon
Dental wear study in a 14th century skull of the Sao tribe , Cameroon
Dental contribution to paleo-odontological study of interarch relations in a human fossil
Dietary habits and folate status in women of childbearing age in Croatia
Does chronological age reduce working ability ?
Do parathyroid glands from individuals of different age and gender contain lymph vessels?
Do we need the "adolescent crisis" diagnosis?
Duplex sonography of arteriovenous fistula in chronic hemodialysis patients
Dermatoglyphs and brachial plexus palsy
Denture repairs in different regions of Croatia in relation to prosthodontic teams
DNA methylation as a regulatory mechanism for gene expression in mammals
Different therapeutic modalities in a patient with multiple spontaneously developed keloids
Deletion polymorphism of the angiotensin l-converting enzyme gene in elderly patients with coronary heart disease
Dental caries in disabled children
Dental anxiety in relation to emotional and behavioral problems in Croatian adolescents
Differencies in morphologic characteristics between top level gymnasts of year 1933 and 2000
Digit ratio (2D:4D) in Lithuania once and now
Detection of disseminated melanoma cells by reverse-transcription-polymerase chain reaction
Diagnostic imaging of small amounts of pleural fluid
Duke treadmill score in prioritizing patients for coronary angiography
Development of biomotor characteristics and athletic abilities of sprint and throw in boys aged six to eight years
Densitometric analysis of dental implant placement between flapless technique and the two-stage technique
Deaths of the elderly exposed to violence in Turkey
Depression and suicidality in the adolescents in Osijek, Croatia
Development of the fetal neural retina in vitro and in ectopic transplants in vivo
Development of biomotor characteristics and sprint and throw athletic abilities in six- to eight-year-old girls
Dose- and mode-dependent effect of halogen dental curing blue light on the V79-cell line
Differentiation of epiglottal epithelia during prenatal and postnatal human development
Development of motor and specific motor abilities for athletic in elementary school male and female first-graders
Determining the cut-off value of pro-gastrin releasing peptide (ProGRP) in lung cancer according to population characteristics
Dupuytren's disease characteristics in Primorsko-goranska County, Croatia
De novo NEMO gene deletion ([delta]4-10) - a cause of incontinentia pigmenti in a female infant
Dental status as a quality control health care parameter for children with disabilities
Development management model of elite athletes in team sports games
Dyslipidemia and adherence to the Mediterranean diet in Croatian HIV-Infected patients during the first year of highly active antiretroviral therapy
Direct medical cost of children and adolescents epilepsy at a university setting in Croatia
Dermatoglyphs in patients with beta-thalassemia major and their thalassemia carrier parents
Different roles of sex steroid hormones in the pathogenesis of vascular dysfunction and the development of cardiovascular disease in men and women
Does a seasonal developmental rhythm exist in tropical living populations?
Distribution and correlations of non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in Roma and caucasian children
Dental status of victims from Batajnica’s mass graves
Diagnostic approach for precancerous and early invasive cancerous lesions of the uterine cervix
Diagnostic pitfalls in parathyroid gland cytology
Digital morphometry of cytologic aspirate endometrial samples
Detection of human papillomaviruses type 16, 18 and 33 in bronchial aspirates of lung carcinoma patients by polymerase chain reaction : a study of 84 cases in Croatia
Diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis by fine needle aspiration cytology of an isolated cervical lymph node : case report
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in patient after treatment of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
Detection of t(14;18) by PCR of IgH/BCL2 fusion gene in follicular lymphoma from archived cytological smears
Diversity of Y-short tandem repeats in the representative sample of the population of canton Sarajevo residents, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Diet quality in elderly nursing home residents evaluated by diet quality index revised (DQI-R)
Double, ectopic blind-end ureter : a case report
Dual kidney transplantation : case report
Decreasing of residual alveolar ridge height in complete denture wearers : a five year follow up study
Drug-induced aseptic meningitis, sensorineural hearing loss and vestibulopaty
Differences in eating and lifestyle habits between first- and sixth-year medical students from Zagreb
Depression, somatization and anxiety in female patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMD)
Determination of total chromium in tanned leather samples used in car industry
Drinking in adolescents : qualitative analysis
Duration and variability of speech segments in fluent speech of children with and without stuttering
Dementia and legal competency
Depiction of facial nerve paresis in the gallery of portraits carved in stone by George Matthew the Dalmatian on the Šibenik Cathedral dating from the 15th century
Dental health and dental care in children with cerebral palsy
Defense mechanisms in alcohol dependent patients with oral and oropharinegal cancer
Drug related deaths in the Split-Dalmatia county 1997–2007
Distribution of RoekoSeal sealer applied by three obturation techniques
Differences in conative characteristics and perceived group cohesion of the basketball players playing in different positions in the team
Displacement of a mandibular incisor : an infrequent complication of mandibular fracture
Does urban poverty increase body fluctuating asymmetry?
Do kinesiologic activities change aberrant behavior in preschool children?
Differences in situation efficacy indicators at the elite basketball players that play on different positions in the team
Differential diagnostic performance of Rose Bengal score test in Sjögren’s syndrome patients
Dilemma of antiepileptic drugs withdrawal in symptomatic epilepsy
Data analysis strategies for reducing the influence of the bias in cross-cultural research
Descriptive epidemiology of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in Croatia
Dermatomyositis as paraneoplastic syndrome of peritoneal and ovarian relapse after long-term complete remission in patient with metastatic bilateral breast cancer
Dermatoglyphics in patients with hypothyreosis
Detection of ovarian cancer by determination of Ca 125 in different patohistologycal types of tumor according to age
Does life along the sea carry greater risk of thyroid cancer?
Disposal of the body after murder committed by juvenile offender
Detection of myocardial ischemia in diabetic patients : the limitations of myocardial perfusion imaging
Differences in anthropologic characteristics between kinesiologically active and inactive female students
Diagnoses of Suicidum and Tentamen Suicidi in the registers of patients of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia’s Banovina public general hospital in Bjelovar from 1931–1940
Does body mass index and position of impacted lower third molar affect the postoperative pain intensity?
Differences between health-related physical fitness profiles of Croatian children in urban and rural areas
Differences between keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma using TGF-á
Detection of coxarthrosis in femoral head radiographic images seems limited mainly to vertically oriented pattern features
Dietary patterns in adults from an Adriatic island of Croatia and their associations with metabolic syndrome and its components
Definition of acetylsalicylic acid resistance using whole blood impedance aggregometry in patients undergoing coronary artery surgery
Disc and condylar head position in the temporomandibular joint with and without disc displacement
Dirofilaria repens as a cause of subconjunctival infection in a 77-years old female patient from Croatia : a case report
Development of sizing system for girls aged 6 to 12 years in Croatia
Distribution of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes in Croatian women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) : a pilot study
Do IL-1B and IL-1RN modulate chronic low back pain in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder?
Determinant factors of life expectancy at birth in the European Union countries
Diagnostic value of MPO in patients admitted for suspected acute coronary syndrome : a study of adult in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
De novo case of a partial trisomy 4p and a partial monosomy 8p
Development of the competitive business in the context of environmental legislation in Croatia
Demographic, anthropometric and socioeconomic characteristics of functional constipation in Eastern Croatia
Diagnostic value of cytology of voided urine
Dental caries experience and tobacco use in 19-year-old Croatian army recruits
Determining the quality of life after removing of impacted lower wisdom tooth using the principal component analysis method
Depression, anxiety and cognitive dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus : a study of adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Osijek, Croatia
Dumping and illegal transport of hazardous waste, danger of modern society
Development of genetics in the world and in Croatia : forty years of the Croatian Society of Human Genetics of the Croatian Medical Association
Deficiency and sources of nutrition among an Indian tribal popul
Development and validation of a self-administered food frequency questionnaire to assess habitual dietary intake and quality of diet in healthy adults in the Republic of Croatia
Discrepancy of whiteness and UV protection in wet state
Development and validation of a questionnaire for evaluation of students' attitudes towards family medicine
Development of SMOG-Cro readability formula for healthcare communication and patient education
Differences in physical fitness among young tennis players in between 1992 and 2008
Discriminating between the roles of androgens and estrogens in cardiovascular disease
Display modes of personal ornaments in the upper palaeolithic sites of Istria, Croatia
Developmental study on leg-to-body ratio preferences
Differences among tennis players aged 12, 14 and 16 years in certain morphological characteristics : a Croatian prospective
Dependence between age at menarche, body composition and selected somatic indices
Does cytological laboratory hold the responsibility for the low sensitivity of the Pap test in detecting endometrial cancer?
Dermoscopy and early melanoma
Diet at the Roman village of Virovitica Kiškorija South, Croatia
Experience from field work in Dogon Land, Republic of Mali
ECOCIDE - the most important ecological problem of our country
Estimation of the population structure trough temporal migration analysis
Ethnic and family factors in early human growth and morbidity in Israel
Electrokinesiological technique in the assessment of spinal function
Endocrine effects in the control of fetal growth
Ethnographic decision tree modeling of caretakers' responses to childhood diarrhea in two Cameroonian villages
Envy and gratitude in a large group of refugees
Enclaves of hereditary dwarfism on the island of Krk, Croatia
Evaluation of humanitarian aid
Evaluation of short group psychotherapy of soldiers suffering from psychical traumas
Epidemiological data analysis
Endemic goitre, migration and nutrition of the Dogon population
Effects of smoking and Helicobacter pylory on prostaglandin concentrations in gastric and duodenal mucosa of patients with duodenal ulcer and duodenitis
Estimation of radioactive calcium absorption based on expanding Ca-exchangeable space
Effect of unilateral function on craniofacial growth
Eating behaviour, weight status and depressive feelings on female adolescents
Endemic goitre
Effects of preeclampsia and eclampsia on cord blood coagulation tests
Endemic cretinism in a traditional society in Mali
Epidemiology and prophylaxis of endemic goitre in the Bwa village of Sirao (Mali)
Effect of dietary fish supplementation of lipoprotein levels in patients with hyperlipoproteinemia
Estimation of referent cephalometric parameters in dental prosthetics
Ethnology as a play
Estimation of the onset of bone atrophy
Evidence of genocide 7000 BP
Epidemiology of coeliac disease in children in one Croatian county
Endemic goitre and plasmatic levels of vitamins A and E in the school-children on the island of Krk, Croatia
Early diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Epidemiology of coeliac disease in children in one Croatian county
Empirical verification of the weighted system of criteria for the elite basketball players quality evaluation
Effect of amine fluoride on enamel surface morphology
Epidemiology of violence and war
Exile and the understroyable perpetuity of stigmatizations
Estimation of sex from the talus in prehistoric native Americans
Expert model of decision-making system for efficient orientation of basketball players to positions and roles in the game
Effect of specially programmed physical and health education on motor fitness of seven-year-old school children
Evaluation of denture stomatitis in Croatian adult population
Event-related potentials in medical workers with long-term exposure to xylene
Effect of insulin and insulin-like growth factor I on fetal macrosomia in healthy women
Effects of developmental training of basketball cadets realised in the competitive period
Epidemiology of epilepsy
Environmentally induced neurological disease in the Western Pacific
Epidemiology of occupation cancer in China
Ergonomics for needs of elderly and disabled people
Effect of programmed kinesiologic treatment on structural transformation of some strength and endurance manifestations in Croatian army draftees
Experimental hematotympanum
Epidemiological analysis of oral surgery procedures
Ethnohistorical processes, demographic structure and linguistic determinants of the island of Vis
Estimation of inbreeding, kinship and genetic distances from surnames
Effect of 6-month athletic training on motor abilities in seven-year-old schoolgirls
Effect of motor abilities on performing the Hvar folk dance cicilion in 11-year-old girls
Epidemiology of malignant pleural mesotheliomas in Croatia in the period from 1989 to 1998
Effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication on extent of duodenal gastric metaplasia and grade of gastritis
Evaluation of the intraocular pressure-reducing effect of latanoprost as monotherapy in open-angle glaucoma
Efficacy and safety of propofol sedation during urgent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
Effects of the beehive type and queen-bee descent on the development of the bee-diseases at apiaries
Ergonomical valorization of working spaces in multipurpose ships
Experiencing infertility
Early cancer in congenital choledochal cyst
Effects of war aggression in Croatia on some forms and manifestations of breast cancer
Effects of war aggression in Croatia on histopathological manifestations of breast cancer in defined population of one county
Empathy, communication, deception
Enthesopathies - proposal of a standardized scoring method and applications
Efficiency of polylactide/polyglycolide copolymers bone replacements in bone defects healing measured by densitometry
Experience of time with mental disorder
Environmental stress and adaptational responses
Effects of troglitazone and insulin on glucose production in cultured hepatocytes isolated from rats on high fat diet
Effects of rHuEPO treatment on red blood cell osmotic resistance
Electromyographic study of the anal sphincter in women
Epidemiological study on removable denture deliveries in different districs of Croatia, 1996-2001 and 2002
Effects of tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] on insulin stimulated amino acid transport in cultured rat hepatocytes
Epidemiology of monosymptomatic optic neuritis in Rijeka county, Croatia
Effectiveness of latanoprost (Xalatan TM) monotherapy in newly discovered and previously medicamentously treted primary open angle glaukoma patients
Effect of honeybee broods (Queen-bee different lineage) moving on disease development at various beehive types and allergy reaction cause in humans
Estimating height from arm span measurement in Malawian children
Epidemiological study of suicide in Croatia
Effects of smoking and alcohol consumption on vertebral deformity in the elderly
Epidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli infections in the Zenica - Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Effects of vanadate on glucose production in cultured hepatocytes isolated from rats on high saturated fat diet
Effect of new rules on the correlation between situation parameters and performance in beach volleyball
Epidemiology of superficial mycosis (Tinea pedis, onychomycosis) in elementary school children in Istanbul, Turkey
Esthetic reconstruction of teeth in patient with dentinogenesis imperfecta
Effects of socio-economic and behavioural characteristics in explaning central obesity
Epidemiological characteristics of sacroidosis patients hospitalized in the University Hospital for Lung Diseases "Jordanovac" (Zagreb, Croatia) in the 1997-2002 period
Esomeprazole versus pantoprazole for healing erozive oesophagitis
Establishing sexual dimorphism in humans
Evaluation of the development of psychosomatic medicine in a large University Hospital in Turkey
Effects of raloxifene on changes in bone density
Evaluation of circle of willis aneurysms with spiral computed tomographic angiography
Eighteen years of heart transplantation:
Erectile dysfunction after myocardial infarction
Effect of pesticides on wound contraction
Emergence of uropathogenic extended-spectrum β lactamases-producing Escherichia coli strains in the community
Epidemiology of prostate cancer in the Mediterranean population of Croatia
Ethnicity and biodemographic structure in the Arbëreshe of the province of Cosenza, Southern Italy, in the XIX century
Evaluation of the gonial angle in the Anatolian populations
Examining psychic consequences in firefighters exposed to strees
Epidemiology of pelvic floor disorders between urban and rural female inhabitants
Estrogen and progesterone receptor status in primary breast cancer
Erdheim-Chester disease and concomitant tuberculosis successfully treated with chemotherapy and long-term steroids
Evaluation of DNA damage in radiotherapy-treated cancer patients using the alkaline comet assay
Effects of 500-year mercury mining and milling on cancer incidence in the region of Idrija, Slovenia
Effects of biomotor structures on performance of competitive gymnastics elements in elementary school female sixth-graders
Effect of parental anthropometric parameters on neonatal birth weight and birth length
Evolution of the clinical presentation and outcomes after radical prostatectomy for patients with clinically localized prostate cancer:
Effects of clonidine preemptive analgesia on acute postoperative pain in abdominal surgery
Evaluation of bacteremia in a pediatric intensive care unit
Effect of olanzapine on diruptivne behavior in institutionalized patients with severe intellectual disability
Epilepsy due to malformations of cortical development
Effects of biomotor structures on performance of competitive gymnastics elements in elementary school male sixth-graders
Examining the presence of ABO(H) antigens of blood types in the saliva of patients with oral cancer
Effect of erythropoietin in a patient with severe congestive heart failure
Extraversion and taste sensitivity
Extreme levels of underweight and stunting among pre-adolescent children of low socioeconomic class from Madhyamgram and Barasat, West Bengal, India
Efficacy of healthy weight loss program in obesity tretment
Efforts in fighting against cancer in Croatia have to be focused on the primary health care
Effects of nutritional support in patients with colorectal cancer during chemotherapy
Experiences and attitudes towards dependence among students in Vukovar, Croatia
Experts opinion about system of the performance evaluation criteria weighted per positons in the water polo game
Effects of arm swing on mechanical parameters of human gait
Ethnohistorical processes and demographic structure of the island of Rab, Croatia
Empathy in group psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Evaluation of quality of life and sexual functiong of women using levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine contraceptive system
Epidemiologic study of the sexually dimorphic second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and other finger ratios in Greek population
Etiology of deafness in children cochlear implant candidates in Croatia
Endomedullary radiofrequency ablation of metastatic lesion of the right femur 5 years after primary breast carcinoma
European media programme
Endoscopic CO2 laser surgery for supraglottic cancer
Evaluation models of some morphological characteristcs for talent scouting in sport
Euthanasia of patients with the chronic renal failure
Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of thyroid dysfunction in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes
Estimating DXA total body fat percentage by lipometer subcutaneous adipose tissue thicknesses
Epidemiological study on prosthodontic Aapliance deliveries within elderly cohorts in the Republic of Croatia, 2002–2006
Effect of aminglycoside administration on the occurrence and multiplication of resistant bacteria
Efficacy and safety of budesonide/formeterol combination therapy in asthma patients
Exclusive breastfeeding and growth in Croatian infants
Effects of obesity reduction on cardiovascular risk factors : comparison of individual and group treatment : substudy of the Croatian healthy weight loss programme
Effect of botulinum toxin-A injection on intraocular pressure and proptosis in thyroid associated orbitopathy
Evaluation of fresh frozen plasma usage at the University Hospital Center Rijeka
Evolution of management and investigations of cerebrovascular diseases in Croatia
Estimating clinical outcome of HPV induced cervical lesions by combination of capsid protein L1 and p16INK4a protein detection
Expression of Ki-67, P53 and progesterone receptors in uterine smooth muscle tumors : diagnostic value
Epitheloid hemangioendothelioma in patient with liver transplantation
External quality assessment in clinical cell analysis by flow cytometry : why is it so important?
Endoscopic ultrasound in solid pancreatic masses : current state and review of the literature
Evaluation of the HPV L1 capsid protein in prognosis of mild and moderate dysplasia of the cervix uteri
Empirical verification of the weighted system of criteria for the elite water polo players quality evaluation
Effects of low-level laser treatment on mouth dryness
Effect of management of patients with Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa on symptoms and impulsive behavior
Effects of a hyperbaric environment on subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top)
Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1 in uterosacral ligaments tissue of women with genital prolapse
Emergency prehospital on-scene thoracotomy : a novel method
Evaluation of periodontal status in HIV infected persons in Croatia
Efficacy and safety of inferior turbinate coblation-channeling in the treatment of nasal obstructions
Examining problem solving skills of physical education and sport students from several factors
Efficacy of antimicrobial triclosan-coated polyglactin 910 (Vicryl* Plus) suture for closure of the abdominal wall after colorectal surgery.
Effect of elevated catecholamine levels on cerebral hemodynamics in patients with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder
Epidemiological patterns of tuberculosis in Croatia in the period 1996–2005
Epidemiologic characteristics of human campylobacteriosis in the county Primorsko-goranska (Croatia), 2003–2007
Effect of nordic walking on functional ability and blood pressure in elderly women
Effect of number of rooms and sibs on nutritional status among rural Bengalee preschool children from eastern India
Effects of ramipril and valsartan on proteinuria and renal function in patients with nondiabetic proteinuria
Evaluation of hand asymmetry in relation to hand preference
Effect of electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation on the rats’ brain, liver and kidney cells measured by comet assay
Endoscopically assisted latissimus dorsi flap harvesting and breast reconstruction in young Female with Poland syndrome
Effects of body mass index on adolescents’ social comparisons and body cathexis in Istanbul
Effect of LGG yoghurt on Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Spp. salivary counts in children
Extramedullary plasmacytoma imitating neoplasm of the gallbladder fossa after cholecystectomy
Emergency contraception : can we benefit from lessons learned?
Estimated glucose disposal rate in assessment of renal function in patients with type 1 diabetes
Electrophysiological correlates activated during the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST)
Effect of micronutrient fortified biscuit supplementation on the weight, height and BMI of adolescent girls
Effects of difficulties experienced by adolescents who have a parent with cancer on their psychological condition
Ethnobotany of Mallorca (Balearic Islands) : a multidisciplinary approach
Etiology and oncogenesis of pancreatic carcinoma
Epigenetics, and human biology and health responses to modernization in the Samoan archipelago
Early detection and recognition of children with ADHD (Attention deficit hiperactivity disorder) symptoms
Effect of bone morphogenetic protein-7 on gene expression of bone morphogenetic protein-4, dentin matrix protein-1, insulin-like growth factor-I and -II in cementoblasts in vitro
Ecotoxicological characterization of marine sediment in Kostrena coastal area
Effects of alpha-MSH on corneal epithelial lesions in rats
Effect of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes
Emergency treatment for clinically unstable patients with pelvic fracture and haemorrhage
Ectopic pregnancy as contraceptive failure in patient with epilepsy
Evaluating thermophysiological comfort using the principles of sensory analysis
Efficacy of ozone on microorganisms in the tooth root canal
Etiology and epidemiology of obstructive jaundice in continental Croatia
Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx
Evaluation of lifestyle of underweight, normal weight and overweight young women
Effects of an additional basketball and volleyball program on motor abilities of fifth grade elementary school students
Ethics of the profession of public relations : does the public relations affects on journalism in Croatia?
Effects of lipoprotein lipase and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-g gene variants on metabolic syndrome traits
Expression of genes responsible for the repair of mispaired bases of the DNA (MLH1) in invasive ductal breast carcinoma
Equine seroprevalence rates as an additional indicator for a more accurate risk assessment of the West Nile virus transmission
Effects of magnesium, chromium, iron and zinc from food supplements on selected aquatic organisms
Epidemiology and clinical presentation of inflammatory bowel disease in Zadar County, Croatia
Expression of the bmp -2, -4 and -7 and their antagonists gremlin, chordin, noggin and follistatin during ectopic osteogenesis
Echocardiographic assessment of revascularization completeness impact on diastolic dysfunction in ischemic heart disease
Emergency surgery for large bowel obstruction caused by cancer
Effect of chorioamnionitis on mortality, early onset neonatal sepsis and bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm neonates with birth weight of ≤1,500 grams
Effect of exercises on quality of life in women with osteoporosis and osteopenia
Evaluation of sentinel node biopsy in oral carcinomas
Effects of internal and external environment on health and well-being : from cell to society
Efficiency of alkaline hydrolysis method in environment protection
Effects of air polution on growth in schoolchildren
Effect of unilateral ureteral obstruction and anti-angiotensin II treatment on renal tubule cell apoptosis and interstitial fibrosis in rats
Estimate of cervical cancer incidence and mortality rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Efficacy of sling procedures for treatment of female stress urinary incontinence
Epidemiological study of visual functions : refractive errors, macular degeneration and glaucoma in children in the karst area of Opatija
Effect of the against the rule myopic astigmatism on the near vision of the elderly
Endoscopic diagnostic of chronic pancreatitis
Ex-PRESS miniature glaucoma shunt in treatment of refractory glaucoma
Effects of different agility training programs among first-grade elementary school students
Ergonomic suitability of kitchen furniture regarding height accessibility
Efficasy of different psychiatric treatment methods of liaison psychiatrist in treatment of women with breast cancer
Expression of CD133 and CD117 in 64 serous ovarian cancer cases
Elderly abuse and alcohol consumption
English phraseological units with an onomastic element and their translation equivalents in Slovene
Fatal traffic accidents in the area of Zageb (Croatia) in the period 1940-1981
Family resemblance in cardio-respiratory traits
Factor analysis in the study of coronary heart disease
From blood stains to the study of pathogenesis of human hereditary diseases
Factor analysis of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ 12) on the sample of the unemployed and students
Feminism and humanism
Family correlations of metacarpal bones - heritable (h2) and environmental (c2) components of total phenotypic variation
Factor analysis of medical data of patients with primary and metastatic vaginal cancer
Features of uremic neuropathy in long-term dialysis
Functional organisation of the facial motor system in man
Femoral neck anteversion
Factors predisposing to early childhood caries (ECC) in children of pre-school age in the city of Zagreb, Croatia
Foramen mandibulae as an indicator of successful conduction anesthesia
Factors predicting a child's dental fear
Fate of the miraculous mineral
Formulation and validation of a composite migration history score for epidemiological research in Mexican American women
Finger ridge count correlations among four tribes of Andhra Pradesh, India
Forensic importance of jealousy
First toll free helpline for smoking cessation
Frequencies of mtDNA haplogroups in Southeastern Europe
Fitness level of adult economically active population in the Republic of Croatia estimated by EUROFIT system
From genomic advances to public health benefits
Five reasons why inbreeding may have considerable effect on post-reproductive human health
Fitnes profile of elite Croatian female taekwondo athletes
Formation and morphology of struvite and newberyite in aqueous solutions at 25 and 37 C
Frequency of HFE gene mutations C282Y and H63D in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Foot anthropometry and morphology phenomena
Foetus body mass prepartal assesment in clinical practice
Functional status of hip joint after surgical and conservative treatment of acetabular fracture
Foot morphometric phenomena
Frequency of anticardiolipin, antinuclear and anti-β2 glycoprotein I antibodies in children with epilepsy
Fundamental restoration of the Civic hospital in Split
First fractures at child's age
Forensic psychiatric evaluation of persons with posttraumatic stress disorder undergoing criminal trial
From ancient enigmas to novel paradigms
Frequency of ventricular premature beats and ventricular tachycardia in STEMI treted with fibrinolytics
Family as a factor in cerebral palsy prevetion
Finger dermatoglyphic variations in Rengma Nagas of Nagaland India
Family and child with central nervous system lesion
Forensic acpects of alcohol abuse and homicide
Familial aggregation of blood pressure with respect to anthropometric variables in a business community of Punjab, a North Indian state
Fat distribution pattern as a risk factor for chronic disease among the tribals of Northeast India
Fetal macrosomia in pregnant women with gestational diabetes
Forensic efficiency parameters for the 15 STR loci in the population of the island of Cres (Croatia)
FNA based diagnosis of head and neck nodal lymphoma
Fine needle aspiration biopsy of follicular thyroid tumors
Fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosing rare breast carcinoma : two case reports
First documented case of BK nephropathy in kidney transplant recipient in Croatia : usage of urine cytology in evaluation process
Fine needle aspiration cytology in the evaluation of parotid gland tumors
Flow cytometry immunophenotyping (FCI) of fine needle aspirates (FNAs) of lymph Nodes
Flow cytometric analysis of deep-seated lymph nodes
Fine needle aspiration cytology of minimal breast cancer in Istria county
Familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in a 6-week-old male infant
Fine needle aspiration cytology of adrenocortical carcinoma : case report
Fine-needle aspiration cytology of apocrine hidradenoma
Fine needle aspiration cytology of Chondroid syringoma
Fine needle aspiration cytology of metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma
Fine needle aspiration cytology of the pancreas : a guide to the diagnostic approach
Future perspectives of personalized oncology
Functional ability of the elderly in institutional and non-institutional care in Croatia
Fitness profiling in handball : physical and physiological characteristics of elite players
First case of Q fever endocarditis in Croatia and a short review
Further evidence of a lower pleistocene arrival of early humans in northern Europe : the Untermassfeld site (Germany)
Formula and scale for body surface area estimation in high-risk infants
Fulminant meningococcal sepsis in a young child : a case report
Fire and bones : Bronze age III in the north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
Formation of adhesions at surgical meshes in a rat experimental model
From the history of Croatian dentistry : 100th anniversary of the birth of professor Šime Kordić (1909–1984)
Functional outcome assessment of lower limb amputees and prosthetic users with a 2-minute walk test
From local to global : an overview of the Croatian National Theatre in the era of globalization
Functional dimorphism and characteristics of maximal hand grip force in top level female athletes
Film and television in Croatia today : production, new technologies and the relationship with visual anthropology
First quadricuspid aortic valve to be reported in Croatia
Factors related to oral health related quality of life in TMD patients
Fertility in the aging male : molecular pathways in the anthropology of aging
Facial preferences in early adolescent girls : pubertal maturity predicts preferences maturity
First six years of implementing colorectal cancer screening in the Osijek-Baranja county, Croatia : can we do better?
Family factors associated with auto-aggressiveness in adolescents in Croatia
From Morisky to hill-bone : self-reports scales for measuring adherence to medication
Full thickness cartilage palisade tympanoplasty with malleus interposition : a study of the long term results
Frequency of main Western-Euroasian mtDNA haplogroups and paleolithic and neolithic lineages in the genetic structure of population of Northeastern Bosnia
Factors in traditional families which affect health and health care : a qualitative study
Fish and shellfish intake and diabetes in a costal population of the Adriatic
From postpartum metastatic cancer to parathyroid adenoma : a case report
Functional changes of P300 values among young football players as a measure of a cognitive function
FOXP1 expression in normal and neoplastic erythroid and myeloid cells
Frequency distribution and association of some morpho- and physiological traits in patients with lung diseases in Kosova
From Morocco to Italy : how women's bodies reflect their change of residence
First report on PVL-positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus of SCCmec type V, SPA type T441 in Croatia
Gm and Km immunoglobulin allotypes in populations on the island of Pag-Croatia
Genomic imprinting in medical genetics
Genetic aspects of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases
Growth, type of physique and state of nutrition
Gonadal dysgenesis and reduction of teeth crown dimensions
Genetic epidemiology of cleft lip in a population isolate
Glucose measurement in field situations
Gender roles during the war
Genetic demography of medullary thyroid carcinoma in France
Growth channels in pubertal girls
Geographical distribution of cancer in Croatia
Growth channels in pubertal boys
Growth factors in macrosomic newborns of healthy mothers
Glycosylated hemoglobin and fetal growth in normal, gestational and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus pregnancies
Genetic factors in iodine deficiency disorders
Gender difference in health status and health care facilities in some social groups and subgroups of southern West Bengal, India
Genetic analysis of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in a Southern Croatia
Genetic epidemiological studies of Eastern Adriatic island isolates, Croatia
Glaucoma triple procedure
Genograms of exile and return families in Croatia
Gender differences in body build and physiological functions in the adult population of Yucatan, Mexico
Growth and development of male children and youth in Tuzla's region after war in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geographical distribution of elderly people in Croatia
Genealogical structuring of a population
Gastrointestinal pseudo-obstruction
Genetic study in Japanese isolates
Gender differences in depression
Growth pattern of the Kamars
Gender-specific growth patterns for stature, sitting height and limbs length in Croatian children and youth
Genetic studies in south Balkan populations
Geriatric-palliative care units model for improvement of elderly care
Gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 promotes corneal epithelial defects healing in rats
Gemcitabine in the first and second-line chemotherapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Growth and secular trend in school-children from Cento, Ferrara, Italy
Giant perianal angiomyofibroblastoma
Growth disorders in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Gonadal cell proliferation dimorphism
Growth and nutritional status of the Bharia
Gastric myoelectrical activity in a population of healthy Croatian subjects
Genetic diversity of 15 STR loci in a population of Montenegro
Growth patterns and physical plasticity in adolescent laborers
Gender-specific growth petterns of transversal body dimensions in Croatian children and youth (2 to 18 years of age)
Game-related statistical that discriminated winning and losing teams from the Spanish men's professional basketball teams
Giant cell arteritis: how to diagnose?
Genotype frequencies of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 promoter gene polymorphism in the population of healthy Croatian pre-scholars
Growth and nutritional status of Tibetan children at high altitude
Gender-related differences in maximum mechanical power output in short-term activities in chidren and adolescents
Gender differences in body composition, physical activity, eating behavior and body image among normal weight adolescents
Growth and nutritional status of pre-school children in India
Genitourinary diseases prior spontaneous abortion as a risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Giant basal cell carcinoma of the back
Gaps in tuberculosis knowledge among primary health care physicians in Croatia
Genetic structure of the Azores Islands
Gender differences in in-hospital mortality and angiographic findings of patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
Granular cell tumor : clinically presented as lymphadenopathy
Geometric morphometric study and cluster analysis of late byzantine and modern human crania
Genetic contribution to variation in body configuration in Belgian nuclear families : a closer look at body lengths and circumferences
Gorski Kotar – an endemic region for primary gastric non-Hodgkin lymphoma?
General health, psychological well-being and distress of youth immigrants in Italy
Growth modulation of human cells in vitro by mild oxidative stress and 1,4-dihydropyridine derivative antioxidants
Giant aneurysm of basilar artery
Guidelines for the structure of methodological processes in visual anthropology
Glycemic index in diabetes
Giant basal cell carcinoma of the forehead : a case report
Gender differentiations of cognitive-motor functioning in prepubertal and pubertal children
Growth profile of Baiga children : a primitive tribe of district Dindori of Madhya Pradesh, India
God’s punishment or bad strategy : anti-epidemic measures in the lower Neretva basin at the time of cholera in 1886
Genetic polymorphisms of INS, INSR and IRS-1 genes are not associated with polycystic ovary syndrome in Croatian women
Gamma-glutamyltransferase and C-reactive protein in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Genetic analysis of putative familial relationships in a captive chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) population
Gastric tube ulcer perforating the pericardium after subtotal esophagectomy
GISTs’ classifications in predicting aggressive behavior : a single institution experience
Green technologies-assumption of economic recovery
Genetic determination of motor neuron disease and neuropathy
Global health, medical anthropology and social marketing : steps to the ecology of collaboration
Gender differences in validity scales of personality measuring instruments in psychiatric patients
General characteristics of newborns from the area of Tuzla Canton, born in the course of the 2007
Generic medicines in Croatia – regulatory aspects and statistics
Giant spinal schwannoma in a 76-year-old woman : a case report
Genetic structure of an isolated rural population in North Albania evaluated through isonymic method
Hypertensive heart disease
Historical views of "normalcy"
Heredity of ischaemic cerebrovascular disease
Harmonical method of man's figure drawing
Health services to immigrant and refugee population
Hormonal replacement therapy in postmenopausal women
Hemorrhagic infarction
Hospitalization of older and younger patients in a department of internal medicine
Hormonal replacement therapy
HLA phenotype and haplotype frequencies in Sardinia (Italy)
Human variation in health and disease
Health promotion of adolescents
Holistic approach to analysis of medical data
Holistic approach to analysis of medical data
Holistic approach to analysis of medical data
Holistic approach to analysis of medical data
Hypothermia and acute renal failure in the elderly
HLA class II gene and haplotype diversity in the population of the island of Hvar, Croatia
Health profile of two social groups living in a squatter settlement in Calcutta
Human evolutionary aspects and urban dwelling features
High resolution molecular typing of HLA class II region in the population of the island of Krk, Croatia
High frequencies and grade expressions of carabelli's trait in a sample of the Croatian population
HLA class I polymorphism in th Albanian population
How many markers or how many alleles per system are appropriate in zygosity testing?
Half-a-century of the "Kormend Growth Study"
Hope, Arkansas to hope, Albania
Health status as geneologic burden in aging process
Haematological profile in healthy urban population (8 to 70 years of age)
Haemodynamic changes in patients with whiplash injury measured by Transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD)
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia or Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome in the same family
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
Hepatocyte growth factor levels in Croatian healthy and alcoholic liver cirrhosis patients
Health consequences of migration in Micronesia
Human ecology and anthropology
Human ecology, medicine and anthropology
Human ecology and problems of demography
Human growth and urban pollution
HLA class II haplotypic association and DQCAR microsatellite polymorphisms in Croatian patients with psoriasis
HLA class I and class II polymorphism in the population of Rijeka, Croatia
Histoenzymatic and immunocytochemical characteristics of extravillous trophoblast cells of placental basal plate as parameter of their function in hypertensive pregnancy
Hemodynamic differences in sevoflurane versus propofol anesthesia
Hair testing for drugs of abuse
Hormone replacement therapy
Holistic approach to functional anatomy of the injured ankle joint
Human activity patterns and skeletal metric indicators in the upper limb
History of endemic goiter in Croatia
Has Ombredanne's method of hypospadic urethra reconstruction been ignored with reason?
Hypnosis and modern frontal-lobe concepts
Hormonal and meta-hormonal determinants of sexual dimorphism
Hirschsprung's disease and Rehbein's procedure
Hemophagocytic syndrome
Helicobacter pylori infection and coronary artery disease
HLA class II polymorphism in autochthonous population of Gorski kotar, Croatia
Histological types of polypoid cutaneous melanoma II
Hyperleptinemia - non-haemodynamic risk factor for the left ventricular hypertrophy development in hypertensive overweight females
Human papiloma virus associated with genital infection
Healthy behaviours and educational needs among Turkish women
HIV Infection, as opposed to antiretroviral therapy, does not cause changes in the concentration levels of specific salivary electrolytes
Hypothetical model in testing integrated development of preschool children
Hypoalbuminemia and complication incidence in hemodialysed uremic patients
Health related quality of life regarding to gender in sarcoidosis
Hodgkin’s lymphoma variant of Richter’s syndrome
HIV risks among female sex workers in Croatia and Montenegro
Health condition of first permanent molars in year 1977 and 2007 in children in Istria (Croatia)
Hypocone reduction and Carabelli’s traits in contemporary Jordanians and the association between Carabelli’s trait and the dimensions of the maxillary first permanent molar
History and future of visual anthropology
Henoch-Schönlein purpura complicated by appendicitis, intussusception and ureteritis
Hemiarthroplasty is an effective surgical method to manage unstable trochanteric fractures in elderly people
Health-related quality of life in the patients on maintenance hemodialysis : the analysis of demographic and clinical factors
Helicobacter Pylori infection and acute myocardial infarction
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac death due to physical exercise in Croatia in a 27-year period
Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and cytoreductive surgery (CS) as treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis : preliminary results in Croatia
High school students’ body weight control : differences between athletes and non-athletes
Health-related quality of life and metabolic control in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus in Bosnia and Herzegovina
HIV/AIDS risk behaviours among Roma and non-Roma sex workers in Belgrade (Serbia)
Hearing in children with otitis media with effusion : clinical retrospective study
HLA class I and class II polymorphism in the population of Vojvodina, Serbia
Hernia of Morgagni : case report
Hardiness and situation efficacy at elite basketball players
How to measure muscular endurance in children : a new approach
Hyperfiltration in normoalbuminuric type 1 diabetic patients : relationship with urinary albumin excretion rate
Hypertension, overweight and obesity in adolescents : the CRO-KOP study
Heavy metals and metalloid content in vegetables and soil collected from the gardens of Zagreb, Croatia
Human papillomavirus-related diseases of the female lower genital tract : oncogenic aspects and molecular interaction
Holistic approach to human health and disease : life circumstances and inner processing
Head trauma and posttraumatic epilepsy in Slavonski Brod, East Croatia, 1988-2008
Height, weight and body mass index by age and sex in children aged 4 to 6 years in Merida, Mexico, as compared to international references after normalization with LMS
HIV – related knowledge, attitudes and practice among health care workers in Montenegro
Health impact of elevated levels of lead encountered in the manufacture of crystal glass
Historical and social evolution of the healers' charisma
Historical contribution of otorhinolaryngology in Split region till 1923
Histopathological changes in tracheal mucosa following total laryngectomy
Historical overview of the human population-genetic studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina : small country, great diversity
In memoriam
Interim report on war damage caused on the cultural heritage in Croatia
Investigation of the physiological proportios of the human brain ventricles by the method of computerized tomography
Isonymy and population structure of the island of Korčula (Croatia)
International opinion survey for bioethics and medical genetics
Investigations on the variability of the tooth pulp dimensions and on the frequency of taurodontism
Incomplete adaptation of the bony birth canal to the needs of the function of delivering at pre-term deliveries
In and from Croatia
Influence of age, hemostatic tests and deep vein thrombosis on genital tumors in women
Increased size of tooth crown in 47,XXY males
Influence of the fetus weight and the increased weight of pregnant women on deviations of the bony part curvature of the birth canal
Ideologies and iconographies
Interviews with displaced persons and refugees on the island of Hvar
Influence of ritodrine on placental metabolism of lipid in preterm deliveries
Inbreeding, kinship and surnames in hereditary disorders
Immune response and proteins in cerebrospinal fluid aqueous humor
Investigation of the speed of reaction on external stimulus in schizophrenic psychosis
Inheritance of hypodontia in twins
Inflammatory mediators in saliva of patients with rapidly progressive periodontitis during war stress induced incidence increase
Influence of hyperglycemia on early embryonal growth in IDDM pregnant women
Influence of prolonged stress on risk factors for cerebrovascular disease
Intellectual performance of chronic schizophrenic patients
Influence of prolonged stress on cerebral hemodynamics
Interpopulation differences in acoustic characteristics of phonation
Initiation of healers in Ethiopia
Influence of father's weight and height on weight of male and female newborns
Investigation of hip joint prosthesis damage
Interaction with the environment
Improved national Croatian diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for premalignant lesions of the uterine cervix with some cost-benefit aspects
Importance of early drug treatment in prognosis of the Landau-Kleffner syndrome
Influence of the attack end conduction on match result in handball
International program in human ecology
Inbreeding and nephrolithiasis in Croatian island isolates
Influence of war circumstances on tumor morphological characteristics in patients with breast cancer
Influence of age and gender on radiomorphometric indices of the mandible in removable denture wearers
Influence of diet on dental caries in diabetics
Inbreeding and learning disability in Croatian island isolates
Is lipoprotein (A) a risk factor for atherosclerosis of the retinal arteries?
Inverted sinonasal papilloma
Influence of the incoming solar radiation on the bone mineral density in the female adult population in Croatia
Increase in cardiac contractility during puberty
Identification of biomotor structures as a precondition for programming kinesiologic education in children aged seven to nine years
Influence of occlusal stabilization splint on the asymmetric activity of masticatory muscles in patients with temporomandibular dysfunction
Isonymy and the genetic structure of albanian populations
Intergenerational trend of some dermatoglyphic traits in Vaidyas of West Bengal, India
Insertion/deletion polymorphism of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene
Impact of war on growth patterns in school children in Croatia
Increase of classical antiepileptic drug utilization in Croatia during the prosess of introducing the new generation of drugs
Inorganic raw materials economy and provenance of chipped industry in some stone age sites of Northern and Central Italy
Influence of cytology development on frequency of pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer in East Croatia, 1978-2001
Insulin-like and non-insulin-like action of vanadate in hepatocytes cultured in vitro
Involuntary hospitalizations in the Psychiatric hospital "Jankomir" before and following the alternations and amendments made to ZZODS
Influence of the beehive type on the quality of honey
Inbreeding and susceptibility to osteoporosis in Croatian island isolates
Influence of the partial denture on the articulation of dental and postalveolar sounds
Impact analysis of a regional scientific journal
Influence of maternal pregravid weight, height and body mass index on birth weight of male and female newborns
Inbreeding depression in anthropometric traits among Telaga boys of Kharagpur, West Bengal, India
Influence of alcohol abuse of the father on the intensity of clinical picture of posttraumatic stress disorder
Implementation of first Croatian law on protection of persons with mental disorders
Influence of the war in Croatia on the frequency of gynecological cancer in the University hospital Osijek in the period from 1985 to 2002
Integration of coordination into the morphological-motor system in male children aged 7-11 years
Intercondylar distances of the human temporomandibular joints
Interobserver variability in cytologic subclassification of squamous intraepithelial lesions
Impact of war on central nervous system tumors incidence
Incidence of pituitary tumors in the human population of Croatia
Isonymic analysis of population structure in Gredos, Spain
Intravascular lymphoma and thyroid gland
Infanticide in Eastern Croatia
Intact radial and median nerve after open third degree distal fracture of the humerus
Influence of passive smoking on basic anthropometric characteristics and respiratory function in young athletes
Influence of instability and muscular weakness in ethiopathogenesis of hip fractures
Is the body the self?
Influence of two different light intensities from 16:00 to 20:30 hours on evening dressing behavior in the cold
Indications for synergetic and antagonistic effects between trace elements in the environment to human health
In vitro effect of subinhibitory concentrations of ceftazidime and meropenem on the serum sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains
Integration of technical and situation efficacy into the morphological system in young female volleyball players
Is the late Neandertal mandibular sample from Vindija Cave (Croatia) biased?
Impact of a nutrition intervention program on the growth and nutritional status of Nicaraguan adolescent girls
Influence of some socio-economic factors on growth and development of the boys in the Tuzla region
Intercostal catheter analgesia is more efficient vs. intercostal nerve blockade for post-thoracotomy pain relief
Is laparoscopic nephropexy improving the quality of life
Is agility related to strength qualities?
Impairment of proprioception after whiplash injury
Influence of different wavelengths of evening indoor lighting on salivary secretion and cutaneous temperature of the feet
Influence of the "Rijeka model" of bioethics education on attitudes of medical students towards death and dying
Influence of psychosocial work-related factors on conventional risk factors of ischemic heart disease and homocysteine in Slovenian male workers
Is female attractiveness related to final reproductive success?
Incidence of caries in children of rural and subrural areas in Croatia
Imprint cytology of gastric mucosa biopsy
Immunohystochemical expression of cancer/testis antigens (MAGE-A3/4, NY-ESO-1) in non-small cell lung cancer
Impaired esophageal function in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Influence of different etching times on dentin surface morphology
Influence of liaison psychiatric approach on quality of life in patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer
Imported case of nephropathia epidemica
Initial experience with external thoracic stabilization by the »figure of eight« osteosynthesis in polytraumatized patients with flail chest injury
Is sports recreation important to university students?
Influences of twilight on diurnal variation of core temperature, its nadir, and urinary 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate during nocturnal sleep and morning drowsiness
Indications for psychiatric safety measures
Intraperitoneal analgesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Influence of hyperbaric oxygen on blood vessel reactivity
Influence of chronic stress and oclusal interference on masseter muscle pain in rat
Interactions of MinK and e-NOS gene polymorphisms appear to be inconsistent predictors of atrial fibrillation propensity, but long alleles of ESR1 promoter TA repeat may be a promising marker
Influence of ATII blockers and calcium channel blockers on renal vascular resistance in patients with essential hypertension
Increasing of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Isolated left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy associated with ventricular preexcitation
Is the HSIL subclassification cytologically real and clinically justified?
Intraoperative imprint cytological assessment of the subareolar tissue of the nipple areola complex (NAC)
Increased demand for e-mail health consultation service : analysis of a web survey
Ischemic preconditioning decreases laparoscopy induced oxidative stress in the liver
Insights into a mummy : a paleoradiological analysis
Insulin administration in the mild hyperglycaemia changes expression of proinflammatory adhesion molecules on human aortic endothelial cells
Intra-articular patient-controlled analgesia improves early rehabilitation after knee surgery
Injuries to primary school pupils and secondary school students during physical education classes and in their leisure time
Intensive rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy : our view on the neuronal group selection theory
Inflammation of ectopic pancreatic tissue as unusual cause of duodenal perforation : a case report
Inadequate face mask ventilation : clinical applications
Influence of ethnicity, geography and climate on the variation of stature among Indian populations
In vivo osteoinductive effect and in vitro isolation and cultivation bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Immeasurable levels of serum phosphate : an unidentified cause of respiratory failure in a diabetic patient
Inflammatory malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the retroperitoneum
Impaired cerebral vasoreactivity in type 2 diabetes mellitus
ICTP in bone metastases of lung cancer
Influence of surgery onto the appearance of the hip joint periarticular calcification in patients with the acetabular fracture
Immediate implantation in infected tooth sockets
Incidence of asthma in children in Tuzla canton – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Impact of body composition on performance in fitness tests among personnel of the Croatian navy
Impact of game elements on tennis match outcome in Wimbledon and Roland Garros 2009
Increased arterial stiffness in children treated with anthracyclines for malignant disease
Injuries in racket sports among Slovenian players
Integrity of gut mucosa during anaesthesia in major abdominal surgery
Importance of circulating platelet aggregates and haemodynamic changes in ophthalmic artery and progression of visual field loss at pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke
Influence of seasonal variations on in-vitro fertilization success
Influence of psychical trauma through transgenerational transfer on the development of traumatic reactions in women with diagnosed breast cancer
Increasing smoking prevalence among pupils of several croatian secondary medical schools between 1990 and 2006
Influence of depression and somatization on acute and chronic orofacial pain in patients with single or multiple TMD Diagnoses
Influence of in-hospital cardiac rehabilitation on psychological status after myocardial infarction in patients with D-type personality
Intravitreal bevacizumab with or without triamcinolone for refractory diabetic macular oedema
Improvement of health care for the poor in Split (southern Croatia) during the first half of the 19th century
Injuries of the tarsometatarsal joints : treatment and outcome
Isolated splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma in a high risk patient : a case report
Inheritance of dermatoglyphic asymmetry in 500 Indian pedigrees : complex segregation analysis
Influence of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on myogenic transcriptional factors of denervated rat muscle
Isolated capitellum humeri fractures in adults
Intercondylar notch width and inner angle of lateral femoral condyle as the risk factors for anterior cruciate ligament injury in female handball players in Herzegovina
Implant prosthetic rehabilitation of the patients with mandibular resection following oral malignoma surgery
Increase in specific density of levobupivacaine and fentanyl solution ensures lower incidence of inadequate block
Influence of the position on the bicycle on the frontal area in road cyclists
Immediate fatal outcome vs. fatal outcome within the first 48 hours following a severe traffic trauma : analysis of the possible effect of alcohol intoxication on the outcome
Instruments for measuring service quality in sport and physical activity services
Implications of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union for Croatian health care system
Impact of late hospital admission on the prognosis of patients with acute myocardial infarction
Immediate breast reconstruction in relation to women’s age
Is adrenal exhaustion synonym of syndrome burnout at workplace?
Interrogating inclusive development in India’s transition process
Is Bangladesh going through an epidemiological and nutritional transition?
Impact of morphological and motor dimensions on success of young male and female karateka
Importance of interincisal index for predicting mesiodistal crown diameters of canines and premolars
Impact of anthropometric measurements in clinical practice
Impact of biomotor dimensions on efficiency of young judoka
Impact of biomotor dimensions on player quality in young female volleybal players
In-hospital mortality of patients with acute myocardial infarction before and after introduction of PCI in Split University Hospital Center, Croatia
Island of Dugi otok through history : ethnohistorical and demographic processes on the island of Dugi otok, Croatia
Inheritance of dermatoglyphic asymmetry and diversity traits in twins based on factor : variance decomposition analysis
Intrinsic deficiencies of lectures as a teaching method
Impact of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene polymorphism on proteinuria and arterial hypertension
Importance of urinary NGAL, serum creatinine standardization and estimated glomerular filtration rate in resistant hypertension
Interleukin-6 polymorphism and prostate cancer risk in population of eastern Croatia
Influence of health education regarding correct diet on anthropometric indexes in children
Influence of allergy and bacterial colonization on the quality of life in nasal polyposis patients
Impact of prostaglandin F2-alpha and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) on pain in patients undergoing thermal balloon endometrial ablation
Intermittent epidural TOP-UPS vs. patient control epidural analgesia during labor
Incidence and prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease in Vukovarsko-Srijemska County, Croatia, 1991-2000 and 2001-2010 : a population-based study
Importance of determination of urine neutrophile gelatinase associated lipocalin in early detection of acute kidney injury
Initial effects of a treatment by fixed partial dentures supported by mini dental implants from a patient's point of view
Inheritance of quantitative dermatoglyphic traits with asymmetry and diversity in Muzeina Bedouin tribe : a small isolated and consanguineous population from South Sinai
Irritable bowel syndrome in Croatia
Imbalanced concentrations of serum lipids and lichen planus
Importance of interleukin 6 in pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease
Information retrieval and terminology extraction in online resources for patients with diabetes
Incarcerated diaphragmatic hernia differential diagnoses : differential diagnoses
Influence of stressful life events on coping in psoriasis
Impact of adolescents awareness on perception of sexually transmitted infections
Individually designed PALs vs. power optimized PALs adaptation comparison
Immunological status in patients with lower limb amputation due to peripheral arterial disease before and after comprehensive rehabilitation
Influence of dentifrices pH on enamel microhardness in vitro
Internal hernias in acute abdomen : review of literature and report of four cases
Impact of body composition and Vo2Max on the cometitive success in top-level handball players
Intergenerational contacts influence health related quality of life (HRQL) and subjective well being among Austrian elderly
Intention to be physically active is influenced by physical activity and fitness, sedentary behaviours, and life satisfaction in adolescents
Impact of positive surgical margins after radical prostatectomy on disease progression and adjuvant treatment in pathologically localized prostate cancer
Influence of diastolic blood pressure on glaucoma progression in glaucoma patients with systemic hypertension
Incidence of stroke and transient ischemic attack in Croatia : a population based study
Influence of oral hygiene knowledge and habits on dental fear in Croatian preschool children
Indicators of cellular and developmental disorders in multiple primary cancers
Is sports choice and participation related to 2D:4D? : a study among adult male students in Wrocław, Poland
Juvenile perpetrators of homicides and attempted homicides
Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia with PTPN11 mutation in a 23-month-old girl
Job satisfaction among medical doctors in one of the countries in transition : experience from Croatia
JAK2-V617F mutation is associated with clinical and laboratory features of myeloproliferative neoplasms
Jaw injuries of independence victims from the 1991 war in Croatia
Koster Health
Klatskin tumor
Kinematic measurement of the lumbar spine and pelvis in the normal population
Keller’s arthroplasty with proximal metatarsal opening wedge osteotomy in treating severe Hallux Valgus deformity
Klinefelter syndrome and acute basophilic leukaemia : case report
Known symptoms and diseases of a number of classical European composers during 17th and 20th century in relation with their artistic musical expressions
Kinetics of changes in serum concentrations of procalcitonin, interleukin-6, and C- reactive protein after elective abdominal surgery : can it be used to detect postoperative complications?
Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease : the first reported case in Croatia
Kinanthropometric attributes of young male combat sports athletes
Kinanthropometric comparison between young elite kayakers and canoeists
Knowledge about head and neck cancer in the population of Vojvodina : a comparative study
Longitudinal study of morphological and physiological development in school-aged bays and girls
Le sens de l'autre
Lung volumes in healthy teenage boys and girls of North Dalmatia (Croatia)
Loop excision of the transfromation zone (LETZ) as an outpatient method of managemenet for women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Lipoprotein (a) concentrations in school children and adolescents in Croatia
Landscape and history
Left ventricular hypertrophy in obese hypertensives: is it really eccentric?
Libido and PTSD
Lung lavage neutrophils, neutrophil elastase and albumin in the prognosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis
Life style, modernization and adaptation among Samoans
Lymphocytic adenohypophysitis simulating a pituitary adenoma in a pregnant woman
Lispro insulin and metformin versus other combination in the diabetes mellitus type 2 management after secondary oral antidiabetic drug failure
Large-gauge needle biopsy in diagnosing malignant breast neoplasia
Leisure-time activities
Living-floors and structures from the lower paleolitic to the bronze age in Italy
Long-term results of frontal lobe suspension in children with congenital dystrophcic ptosis
Lost in transition
Laparoscopic radial prostatectomy
Lung function changes in pleural asbestosis
Lymphocyte subpopulations and the expression of intercellular adhesion molecules in chronic periodontitis
Limb lengths of primary school children in a city from western region of Turkey
Labial talon cusp on maxillary central incisors
Low to high frequency ratio of heart rate variability spectra fails to describe sympatho-vagal balance in cardiac patients
Leber's hereditary optic neuroretinopathy (LHON) associated with mitochondrial DNA point mutation G11778A in two Croatian families
Local recurrence of primary non-ampullary adenocarcinoma of duodenum after surgical treatment
Laparoscopic abdominal cysts fenestration using harmonic scalpel
Laboratory and sonographic findings in dialyzed patients with bilateral chronic knee pain versus dialyzed asymptomatic patients
Long term results of age-related macular degeneration therapy with prednisolone acetate
Laparoscopic colon surgery
Lower gastrointestinal disorders in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Linear vertical jaw resorption potential in elderly complete denture wearers
Lumbosacral radiculopathy
Limb salvage surgery in Enneking’s stage III a
Localization of mental and mandibular foramens on the conventional and digital panoramic images
Life threatening complications after unsuccessful attempt of the guidewire dilating forceps tracheostomy in multi-trauma patient with cervical spine injury
Liquid-based cytology : new possibilities in the diagnosis of cervical lesions
Lymphomatoid granulomatosis in a 23-year-old man : cytological and histological typing and rapid response to steroid and cyclophosphamide combination therapy
Lung lavage cell profiles in diffuse lung disease
Leadership power perception of amateur and professional soccer coaches and players according to their belief in good luck or not
Latent structure of Raven’s colored progressive matrices
Laying eyes on headlights : eye movements suggest facial features in cars
Laryngeal inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor in a man : a case report
Lower lobe pulmonary tuberculosis in immunocompetent male
Lead concentrations in teeth from people living in Kosovo and Austria
Lymph node, spleen and peripheral blood lymphocytes as stimulators of alloreactivity
Life satisfaction in persons of the third age after retirement
Low adiponectin serum level : reduced protective effect on the left ventricular wall thickness
Lifestyle habits and the risk of head and neck cancer in Zagreb region
Long-Term Functional Outcomes after 10 Years of Bilateral Cochlear Implantat Use
Lower urinary tract infections and the effects of hormone therapy in postmenopausal women in the Zagreb region
Lack of association between polymorphism in ABCC2 gene and response to antiepileptic drug treatment in Croatian patients with epilepsy
Lack of association between TNF-α promoter polymorphism and prostate carcinoma susceptibility in Eastern Croatian population
Life satisfaction and school performance of children exposed to classic and cyber peer bullying
Laparoscopic surgery for large hydatide liver cyst after two previous laparotomies
Leiomyosarcoma of the spermatic cord with scalp metastasis : case report and literature review
Liver steatosis replaced with non-invasive viral and host parameters can serve as negative predictive model in patients with chronic hepatitis
Large chondrosarcoma of the lumbar spine : a rare yet important cause of lower back pain
Less is more : possible option in the treatment of depression
Low-dose computed tomography in a pregnant woman with a ruptured pseudoaneurysm of the abdominal aorta
Minutiae characteristics - ends and junctions
Modelling of the head and cervical spine in biomechanical analysis
Mechanical behavior of lumbosacral spine caused by altered biomechanical conditions in advanced pregnancy
Medical anthropology applied in the workplace of primary care providers
Mosaicism of heart growth and development during puberty
Modeling patterns of change with age as a risk factor of disease and mortality
Model of the human abdominal pressure
Morphological characteristics of prospective alpine skiers
Mental health and the Cambodian traditional healer for refugees who resettled, were repatriated or internally displaced, and for those who stayed at home
Morphometric analysis of molar wearing and its effects upon endodontal space
Minority toleration and political education in Central and Eastern Europe
Morphological and structural changes of the mandible in the postnatal life
Maximal aerobic capacity and its relationship with physical growth in Chinese children
Multi-indicator survey on children's nutrition in Croatia (MICS)
Morphometric dimensions of metacarpal bones in the population structure analysis
Morphometric characteristics of toothless lower jaw ridge as a bed for total lower jaw prosthesis
Moire topography in measurement of the sagittal curvatures of the spine
Morphology of gonads in pure XY gonadal dysgenesis
Milk consumption, smoking and lead concentration in human hair
Minimally invasive surgery in the field of gynecologic oncology
MtDNA haplogroups in the populations of Croatian Adriatic islands
Microsatellite haplotypes associations with 5 CFTR mutations in "Grande Briere", an isolate located in Southern Brittany
Morphological and biomechanical analysis of a skeleton from Roman imperial necropolis of Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna, Italy, II-III c. A. D.)
Mirko Dražen Grmek
Mediterranean islands
Morphologic and kinematic characteristics of elite sprinters
Medical genetics, public health and anthropology
Methodological issues in the epidemoiology of risk assessment and mortality
Multiple causes of death, chronic diseases and aging
Metabolic Syndrome X
Methadone maintenance tretment and drugs
Miraculous healings as a time- and space- conditioned category
Menopause in blackfeet women
Molecular variation in endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene (eNOS) in western Mediterranean populations
Malignant potential of dysplastic endocervical epithelium assessed by ploidy status, S-phase fraction by C-myc expression
Molecular variation at functional genes and the history of human populations
Model of total skin electron treatment using the 'six-dual-field'
Midsagittal cranial shape variation in the genus Homo by geometric morphometrics
Metatarsal metastasis from transitional cell cancer of the urinary bladder
Mother's age effect on the boys' anthropometric properties in the region of Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Metabolic evaluation of urolithiasis patients from eastern Croatia
Make love to forget
Morphological structures of elite karateka and their impact on technical and fighting efficiency
Morphological status of cadets and pilots of the Croatian air force
Mortality of cerebrovascular diseases in Croatia
Morphological classification and sexual dimorphism of hyoid bone
Mood effects of weather conditions of the Zagreb population, Croatia
Morbidity and mortality in the city of Zagreb, Croatia
Migrations in clinical and pathological stage of prostatic carcinoma in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy in the period between 1993 and 2003
Montelukast in asthma treatment in Croatia
Met-enkephalin effects on histamine-induced bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs
Massacre over civilians during the war in Croatia
Measurement of tooth extraction forces in upper incisors
Morphometric analysis of the sternum
Morphological characteristics, technical and situation efficacy of young female volleyball players
Motor structures in female volleyball players aged 14-17 according to technique quality and performance
Maternal and fetal outcome in elective versus emergency caesarean section in a developing country
Marked improvement in survival among adult Croatian AIDS patients after the introduction of highly active antiretroviral treatment
Motor abilities in dance structure performance in female students
Measures for achieving recruits' enhanced fitness
Modeling the influence of body size on weightlifting and powerlifting performance
Monitoring of cross-country skiers by means of an expert model of potential performance
Mandibular Caffey's disease
Menarcheal onset is associated with body composition parameters but not with socioeconomic status
MR assessment of bile duct size in healthy individuals
Motor abilities at belly dance in elementary female schoolers
MTHFR C 677T mutation and 4G/5G PAI-1 polymorphism in patient with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Microbiological surveillance of the surgical intensive care unit in Zagreb
Mushroom poisoning
Myopericarditis and sudden cardiac death due to physical exercise in male athletes
Medical and psychological parameters in overweight and obese persons seeking treatment
Maculopapular eruption secondary to itraconazole
Maturational profiles and migration in the female adolescent population of Madrid
Metabolic syndrome in an island population of the eastern Adriatic coast of Croatia
Maternal group B streptococcus infektion, neonatal outcome and the role of preventive strategies
Massive gastrointestinal bleeding and obstruction of the ureter caused by the migration of a swallowed toothpick from the sigmoid colon
Morphological differences of elite Croatian track-and-field athletes
Morphometric alteration of femoral condyles due to knee osteoarthritis
Migraine and tension-type headache in medical students
Mast cell tumor in dogs
Magnetic resonance imaging Study on temporomandibular joint morphology
Multiple sclerosis and cancers in Croatia
Microfracture technique in combination with intraarticular hyaluronic acid injection in articular cartilage defect regeneration in rabbit model
Mechanical Ventilation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients, Noninvasive vs. Invasive Method (Randomized Prospective Study)
Microincision aponeurotic ptosis surgery of upper lid
Morphometry of the pelvic ring in definition of biomechanical factors influencing the type of pelvic fracture
Myasthenia gravis patients with anti-MuSK antibodies
Malonaldehyde and erythrocyte antioxidant status in children with controlled asthma
Metabolic syndrome among the inhabitants of the island of Vis
Methods of intervention in the control of ragweed spread (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) in the area of Zagreb County and the city of Zagreb
Mitochondrial DNA heritage of Cres Islanders
Multiple ways of belonging in a multicultural city
Malignant skin melanoma in Croatia
Multiple recurrence of hydatid disease lasted 19 years
Morphometry of tumor cells in different grades and types of breast cancer
Morphometric and DNA image analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid macrophages nuclei in interstitial lung diseases with lymphocytic alveolitis
Misleading presentations of malignant breast diseases : role of clinical cytology
Monocytes in metabolic disorders : opportunities for flow cytometry contributions
Malignancy risk assessment in adenomatoid nodules and suspicious follicular lesions of the thyroid obtained by fine needle aspiration cytology
Multimodal image analysis of chronic leukemic lymphoproliferative disorders and the hypothesis of "single" and "multiple" programmed stops in the development of typical and atypical forms of leukemias and lymphomas
Mitochondrial, y-chromosomal and autosomal variation in Mbenzele Pygmies from the Central African Republic
Metastases to rare locations as the initial manifestation of non-small cell lung cancer : two case reports
Myeloid sarcoma involving the breast
Microbiological analysis of a mummy from the Archeological Museum in Zagreb
Molecular variants of human papilloma viruses type 16 and 6 in women with different cytological results detected by RFLP analysis
Morphometric characteristics of thyroid cartilage in people of eastern Croatia
Modern approach to topical treatment of aging skin
Morphological, motor and situation-motor characteristics of elite female handball players according to playing performance and position
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma misdiagnosed as palatal odontogenic infection : an overview on the differential diagnosis of palatal lesions
Major defect to the brachial artery following blunt trauma : a five year follow-up
Multiscale phenomena related to diabetic foot
Morphological adaptation to climate in modern Homo sapiens crania : the importance of basicranial breadth
Microbiological analysis of the mummy of St. Marcian
Most common skin tumours in correlation with solar ultraviolet radiation in the area of west Herzegovina
Masticatory muscle and temporomandibular joint pain in croatian war veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder
Monitoring the presence of genetically modified food on the market of the Republic of Croatia
MRI study of the ACL in children and adolescents
Measurement of spinal sagittal curvatures using the laser triangulation method
Measuring improvement following total hip and knee arthroplasty using the SF-36 health survey
Multiple identification processes on the island of Korčula (nested identities)
Maternal genetic legacy of the Eastern Adriatic island of Krk : an interplay of evolutionary forces and island’s historical events in shaping the genetic structure of contemporary island population
Macular thickness and volume parameters measured using optical coherence tomography (OCT) for evaluation of glaucoma patients
Modified operative technique for involutional lower lid entropion
Mucormycosis of the nasal ala in a leukemic (M7 AML) child : is surgery of the nasal defect indicated?
Morpho-physiological features of human populations in the context of climatic–geographical conditions
Metabolic syndrome among the inhabitants of the island of Cres
Multivariate analysis of different factors affecting the patient general satisfaction with complete dentures
Medical and social care in Rovinj from the mid 15th to the mid 19th century
Minor physical anomalies in children with hearing impairment and normal controls
Mechanical bowel preparation in colorectal surgery
Mangled extremity : case report, literature review and borderline cases guidelines proposal
Midwifery education in Turkey
Multifragmentary distal crural fracture ski injury in an athlete : a case report
Miraculous healings of paralysis : a preliminary study on sources
Mometasone furoate and nasal vascularisation in allergic patients
Microleakage along glass-fibre posts cemented with three different materials after cyclic loading : a pilot study
Mucositis grades and yeast species
Monosystem multifocal Langerhans cell histiocytosis (multifocal eosinophilic granulomas of the bone) in a 36-year old patient : case report, therapeutic doubts and review of literature
Macular thickness after glaucoma filtration surgery
Multiple lingual cusps trait on mandibular premolars and hypoconulid reduction trait on mandibular first molar in living Jordanian population. Intra- and inter-trait interactions
Maternal obesity affects newborn somatometrics and vital parameters in a gender typical manner : evidence for the male disadvantage hypothesis?
Malondialdehyde and 8-oxo-7.8-dihydro-2’deoxyguanosine in the urine of residents from Balkan endemic nephropathy area in Croatia : a pilot study
Morphological, motor and technical determinants of fighting efficiency of Croatian female cadet age karate athletes
Mixed feelings about the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus : a consequence of adjusting to health related quality of life
Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs (C15–C26) in the Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia
Mosquito survey during West Nile virus outbreak 2012 in Northeast Croatia
Morphological profile of different types of top young female European basketball players
Malignant neoplasms of respiratory and intrathoracic organs (C30-C39) in the Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia
Menstrual characteristics of adolescent athletes : a study from West Bengal, India
Malignant neoplasms of male genital organs (c60-c63) in the Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia
Malignant neoplasms of breast and female genital organs (C50, C51-C58) in the Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia
Macro-regional differences in motor abilities among the 5th grade primary school pupils in the Republic of Croatia
Morphological characteristics of adult male handball players considering five levels of performance and playing position
Movements of temporomandibular condyles during swallowing
Modified cotton socks – possibility to protect from diabetic foot infection
Metaphors about violence by preservice teachers
Mastoid trepanation in a deceased from medieval Croatia : a case report
Myxoma of the zygomatic bone : a case report
Morphological manifestations of the Dandy-Walker syndrome in female members of a family
Manual snow removal and sudden death
Mediatisation or PR-ization of public – media communication : analysis of mediated communication of Zoran Milanović
Menstrual changes in body composition of female athletes
Normal families?
New WHO health targets include women's issues
Neurohypophyseal regulation of ovarian function
Nutritional changes in Eastern Germany
Neurotransmitter changes in alcoholism and in the withdrawal syndrome
Neurovegetative stigmatization and hypertension
Nutritional status of the population in Dalmatia, Croatia
New methods and techniques in anthroplogy
Nutrition, infection and child growth in Papua New Guinea
New classification of the styloid process length
Nutrition and exercise as a way for controlling aging
Nutrition and growth of children in lesser developed countries
Novel alleles of the D16S752 polymorphic genetic marker linked to E-cadherin gene
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) histochemistry detecting NOS in healthy and chronically inflamed pulp
Non-linear relations between selected anthropological predictors and psycho-physiological exercise-responses
Non linear relationship between anthropometric and motor-endurance variables
Neurofibromatosis type 1 in pregnancy
Neopterin kinetics after cardiac surgery with or without cardiopulmonary bypass
Nutritional studies in Croatia
Nutrition, body weight and deterioration of familial combined hyperlipidemia
Norm-violation, norm-adherence, and overeating
Neurotoxicity that may mimic progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in patient with transplanted kidney
Nutritional risk screening in hospitalized and haemodialysis patients
Non linear anthropometric predictors in swimming
New anthropometric instruments
Nutritional and pharmacologic support in patients with pancreatic cancer
Nitric oxide synthesis in placenta is increased in intrauterine growth restriction and fetal hypoxia
Neurological outcome in road traffic accidents with spinal cord injury
Neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus
Nutritional habits of the inhabitants of the island of Vis
Number of counting cells and cytospins selection influences on bronchoalveolar lavage cell profiles
Neonatal hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis : case report
Necrotising sarcoid granulomatosis of the spinal cord : case report
Non-verbal communication of the residents living in homes for the older people in Slovenia
Neonatal birth weight variations between inland and littoral Croatia
New insights in mechanisms for development of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Nail position has an influence on anterior knee pain after tibial intramedullary nailing
Nutritional assessment by mid-upper arm circumference of Santal adults of Purulia, West Bengal, India
Nucleated red blood cells count as first prognostic marker for adverse neonatal outcome in severe preeclamptic pregnancies
Neuroendocrine small cell carcinoma of the breast : a case report
Nutritional habits of Croatian island populations : recent insights
Nasopharyngeal bacterial flora in healthy preschool children during winter-spring months
Neoplasms (C00-D48) in Osijek-Baranja County from 2001 to 2006, Croatia
National program of colorectal carcinoma early detection in Brod-Posavina County (East Croatia)
National program of breast cancer early detection in Brod-Posavina County (East Croatia)
Neurosurgical procedure for treatment of traumatic subdural hematoma with severe brain injury : a single center matched-pair analysis
Nutrition in cancer patients
Nutritional knowledge and dietary habits survey in high school population
Nursing staffs' views on physical and psychosocial care provision in Slovenian nursing homes
Nationwide survey of Klebsiella Pneumoniae strains producing CTX-M extended-spectrum ß-lactamases in Croatia
On the role played by Chinese medical liquor in keeping human good health
Obesity and women's health in two socioeconomic areas of Yucatan, Mexico
Osteological evidence for peri-mortem trauma and occupational stress in two medieval skeletons from Croatia
Ontogenetic aspects of dimensions and proportions in sitting posture
On some neurobiological and cultural-anthropological aspects of the contralateral-neglect syndrome
Osteometric dimensions of metacarpalbones with respect to the professional exposure to vibration
Ovarian cancer and ovulation induction drugs
Overweight and fatness in Dalmatia, Croatia
Oral antibiotic prescription in ambulatory care in 1999
Oral status, aesthetic materials and frequency of crowns and bridges in patients with fixed prosthetic appliances living in the Metković region
Obesity and low back pain
Orthotopic liver retransplantation
Occlusal molar surfaces in females with Turner's syndrome
Oral health status and temporomandibular disorders in multiple sclerosis patients
Of mice and men
Obesity, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and the dopaminergic reward system
Ovarian cancer
Off-pump versus on-pump - intermittent aortic cross clamping - myocardial revascularisation
Oral health related quality of life in Slovenin patients with craniomandibular disorders
Off-pump coronary bypass surgery adversely affects alveolar gas exchange
Occuapational diseases, working ability and employment status in the working population of Croatia
Our experience with virtual endoscopy of paranasal sinuses
Overview of human population-genetic studies in Bosnia and herzegovina during the last three centuries
Operative complications and results of the SPAR procedure for stress urinary incontinence
Outpatient utilization of psychopharmaceuticals
Open total talar dislocation with extrusion (missing talus)
One year efficacy and safety of oral sildenafil treatment in severe pulmonary hypertension
Optoelectronic pantography diagnostics of temporomandibular disorders in patients with bruxism
Occupational medicine in taking over work injuries from family practice
Outpatient utilization patterns of the six main ATC drug groups in Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, and Croatia Counties in 2004
Oral health related to demographic features in Bosnian children aged six
Obese patients in medical intensive care unit : influence of counseling on weight loss and cardiovascular parameters
Overweight and obesity in Slovenian schoolgirls : 1991–2006
Orofacial injuries reported by junior and senior basketball players
Obesity in type 2 diabetes : prevalence, treatment trends and dilemmas
Osteolytic skull metastasis with dural involvement from a papillary thyroid carcinoma
Oxidative stress markers in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder
Optical aspect of deformation analysis in the bone-denture complex
Oral hygiene and gingival health in patients with fixed prosthodontic appliances : 12-month follow-up
Oral health awareness in Croatian and Italian urban adolescents
Organization of the »Marine Colony« for children with tuberculosis in Rijeka (Croatia) : entanglement between medicine and politics
Obesity and oral health : is there an association?
Operative treatment of Bennett’s fracture
Oculocutaneous albinism and consanguineous marriage among spanish Gitanos or Calé : a study of 83 cases
Obesity and systolic blood pressure in young adult men born small for gestational age
Osteobiography of a 19 th century elderly woman with pertrochanteric fracture and osteoporosis : a multidisciplinary approach
On play and playing
Osteoporosis, spinal mobility and chest expansion index in patients with ankylosing spondylitis
Oral health-related risk behaviours and attitudes among Croatian adolescents : multiple logistic regression analysis
Opportunities and contradictions in maritime heritage and small-scale fishing : a case study of Catalonia
Ovarian torsion in adolescent with chronic immune thrombocytopenia
Osteogenesis imperfecta : multi-systemic and life-long disease that affects whole family
Oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL) in patients wearing fixed partial dentures
Ocular surface disease in pseudoexfoliation syndrome
Ocular surface changes in glaucoma patients related to topical medications
Osteoprotegerin and vascular calcification : clinical and prognostic relevance
Psychoanalytical aspect of nationality identity
Predefence of democracy
Poverty, wealth, pollution and human health
Physiological characteristics pf prospective alpine skiers
Polymorphic genes and cardiovascular disease in black and white populations
Placental lipid contents in gestational diabetic pregnancy
Primary narcissism
Palatal and dental arch dimensions in patients with Down's syndrome
Psychosexual dysfunction following gynecological tumor surgery
Prevalence of malocclusions in patients with gonadal dysgenesis
Psychiatric Hospital as a cultural determinant
Philia and benefitientia
Physiological consequences of everyday psychosocial stress
Psychical difficulties in former prisoners of detention camps
Physique and body composition
Ponderal index and disproportionate fetal growth in IDDM pregnancies
Psychological understanding of anthropomorphism in theatre architecture
Psycho-social characteristics of female alcoholics
Perceptual and conceptual content of human consciousness
Physical growth and fatness as related to physical activity in preadolescent girls
Preoperative tumor marker CA125 levels in relations to epithelial ovarian cancer stage
Pro-longed exile and potential integration processes in Croatia
Perineal swellings
PTSD and alcoholism
Psychosocial characteristics of patients with bronchial asthma and coronary disease
Plasma cholinesterase activity in patients with uterine cervical cancer during radiotherapy
Preventive sealing of dental fissures with heliosil
Prognosis for the patients with chronic hepatitis B
Prognosis for the patients with alcoholic and nonalcoholic liver disease
Psychodynamics and regression of social groups
Patterns of variation in a caste-cluster of Dhangaras of Maharashtra, India
Physician/patient differences in the perception of asthma
Phylogenetically conditioned possibilities of the realization and of the development of complex movements at the age of 7 years
Population variation in migraine prevalence
Ptc taste response, T4 level, and age in non-smoking mennonites
Psychoanalytic approach to anthropology
Perception of ecological factors in asthmatic and coronary patients
Psychiatric patients' experiences in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and in religious support
Pragmatic validity of the combined model of expert system for assessment and analysis of the actual quality overall structure of basketball players
Position specific morphological characteristics of top-level male handball players
Perinatal outcome of pregnancies in women aged 40 and over
Prehistoric populations of the island of Hvar
Pattern of adolescent growth among the Brahmin girls
Pap smear adequacy
Pleomorphic vulvar leiomyoma with local invasive behavior
Plasma cortisol in men
Premature parental heart attack is heralding elevated risk in their offspring
Path analysis of familial resemblance in blood pressure in Middle Dalmatia, Croatia
Phylogeny of vertebrate nuclear receptors
Pediatric urolithiasis in Croatia
Patients' ranking of therapeutic factors in group analysis
Paleoenvironmental analysis
Proposal of a data collection form to record dento-alveolar features
Performance of WHO angina questionnaire in measuring burden of coronary heart disease in human isolate populations
Prevalence of hospitalized patients with sarcoidosis in Croatia
Prevalence of the three categories of handedness among Malawian school children
Palliative treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with percutaneous ethanol injection using tumor's feeding artery occlusion under the ultrasonic color Doppler guidance
Palatal and dental arch morphology in Down syndrome
Posttraumatic locked-in syndrome with an unusual three day delay in the appearance
Primary pulmonary botryomycosis
Prevalence of overweight and obesity among the affluent adolescent school children of Amritsar, Punjab
Present state and possibilities for improvement of cancer prevention and early detection in the Osijek-Baranya County
Prognostic value of refined Wiberg's angle in his development
Proinflammatory factors in saliva as possible markers for periodontal disease
Patients review
Patient's satisfaction with prosthetic devices
Poaceae pollen concentrations in the atmosphere of three inland Croatian sites
Probability distribution on the parse trees
Papers on human evolution published in Collegium antropologicum from 1977-2004
Prevalence of scoliosis in school-children from Mostar, Bosnia nad Herzegovina
Presence of high rates of overweight and obesity among adult Marwaris of Howrah, West Bengal, India
Physical fitness, menstrual cycle disorders and smoking habit in Croatian national ballet and national folk dance ensembles
Parent-child correlation for various indices of adiposity in an endogamous Indian population
Pulmonary function in persons who are professionally exposed to formaldehyde fumes
Patterns of sexual dimorphism from birth to senescence
Pregnancy outcome after treatment with radioiodine for differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Prevalence of human papillomavirus genotypes in cervical cancer and precursor lesions
Primary Sjogren's syndrome associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of salivary gland and cystic lung disease
Pulmonary embolism due to the right atrial myxoma
Partial cecal necrosis treated by laparoscopic partial cecal resection
Progressive chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuopathy in a chilld with central nervous system involvement and myopathy
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder - a neglected diagnosis?
Patterns of hand variation
Paleobiology, palaeopathology and necrophobic practices in early Iron Age burials (IX-VII century BC) in Capo Colonna, Trani, Apulia, Southern Italy
Pathology of the mandibles and maxillae from archaeological context
Psycho-social aspects of measures aimed at decreasing prevalence of chronic diseases in the population of returnees in the Osijek region, Croatia
Prevalence of periodontal diseases in Zagreb population, Croatia
Possible prognostic significance of P53 and Ki 67 in inverted sinonasal papilloma
Progression of optic neuritis to multiple sclerosis in the county of Split-Dalmatia, Croatia
Predictive calculation of effectiveness of a regional bone marrow donor registry in Vojvodina, Serbia
Perceptions of family medicine and career choice among first year medical students
Propane-associated autoerotic asphyxiation
Pulmonary embolism caused by a migrated gunshot projectile
Predictive parameters of gestational diabetes mellitus
Pulmonary compliance values provide prognosis in mechanically ventilated patients
Physicians' strike and general mortality
Psychoeducation and compliance in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia
Pathogenic hantaviruses elicit different immunoreactions in THP-1 cells and primary monocytes and induce differentiation of human monocytes to dendritic-like cells
Predictors of aggressiveness in schizophrenic patients treated in inpatient forensic institutions
Prognostic significance of BsALP in healing of long bone fractures
Problem drinking among university students in Malawi
Physical activity related to forced vital capacity and strength performance in sample of young males and females
Periodontal disease status of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus
Prescribing antibiotics to preschool children in primary health care in Croatia
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the interior of Croatia
Plants and geographical names in Croatia
Prevalence of unrecognized dyslipidaemia in Dubai and Northern Emirates
Prostate disease prevalence with epidemiological and hormonal analysis in randomly selected male population in Croatia
Population structure in the Island of Ugljan
Parkinson's disease
Physical development and swimming performance during biological maturation in young female swimmers
Problems in the current psychiatry residency training program in Croatia: residents’ perspective
Posttraumatic stress disorder in women
Postoperative morbidity and histopathologic characteristics of tonsillar tissue Following coblation tonsillectomy in children
PHACES syndrome
Paget’s disease in contralateral breast occuring 11 years after mastectomy for invasive ductal carcinoma
Pulmonary hypertension in patient with elevated homocystein level and blast injuries
Physical exercise and cardiac death due to pneumonia in male teenagers
Psychopharmacotherapy and remission of patients with schizophrenia
Preoperative clonidine or levobupivacaine
Population data for Y-chromosome haplotypes defined by AmpFlSTR YFiler PCR Amplification Kit in North Sardinia (Italy)
Perioperative management with glucose solution and insulin
Position specific morphological characteristics of elite water polo players
Persistent accumulation of 4-hydroxynonenal-protein adducts in gastric mucosa after helicobacter pylori eradication
Psoriasis, mental disorders and stress
Painless acanthamoeba keratitis in a soft contact Lens wearer
Position-related differences in selected morphological body characteristics of top-level handball players
Presence of third molar germs in orthodontic patients with class II/2 and class III malocclusions
Plant remains from an early Iron Age well at Hajndl, Slovenia
Prostatic carcinoma metastatic to the optic nerve
Pap Test – with or without vaginal smear?
Post-thaw viability of cryopreserved hematopoietic progenitor cell grafts : Does It Matter?
Pallister Killian syndrome : unusual significant postnatal overgrowth in a girl with otherwise typical presentation
Parvovirus B 19 (PVB19) induced pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) in immunocompromised patient after liver transplantation
Primary gastrointestinal non-Hodgkin lymphoma in adults : clinicopathologic and survival characteristics
Polyomavirus associated nephropathy after kidney and pancreas transplantation : case report
Pelvic ganglioneuroma : case report
Polymorphisms in toll-like receptor genes : implications for prostate cancer development
Properties of the celiac trunk : anatomical study
Prevalence and risk factors of alcohol abuse among university students from eastern Croatia : questionnaire study
Predictive impact of coronary risk factors in southern Croatia : a case control study
Psychophysical characteristics of the premenstrual period
Prevalence and risk factors for herpes simplex virus type 2 infections in East Croatia
Prevalence and significance of vaginal group B streptococcus olonization in pregnant women from Osijek, Croatia
Physical ativity and sudden cardiac death in elders : a Croatian study
Predicted coronary heart disease risk in Croatian HIV infected patients treated with combination antiretroviral therapy
Pain relieve after impacted wisdom teeth extraction dependent on the drug therapy
Perception of arterial hypertension and myocardial infarction in hypertensive and normotensive men and women
Perforin expression after acute myocardial infarction : a pilot study
Position of women in the Ladiya society : demographic perspectives
Pain relief in medical patients : does clinical judgment and prescribing knowledge suffice?
Professional burnout as the state and process : what to do?
Postoperative use of radioiodine (131-I) : review of recommendations and guidelines
Prevalence of torus palatinus and torus mandibularis in the Split-dalmatian county, Croatia
Platelet serotonin concentration at term pregnancy and after birth: physiologic values for croatian population
Prediction of ovarian tumor malignancy
Prohypertensive effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are mostly due to vasoconstriction
Plausible mechanisms for brain structural and size changes in human evolution
Psychiatric hospital : from asylums to centres for mind-body wellness
Psychological symptoms among workers employed in companies undergoing privatization in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prevalence of nonspecific low back pain in schoolchildren in north-eastern Slovenia
Psychometric validation of the croatian version of the quality of life in epilepsy inventory (QOLIE-31)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in Kostrena coastal area
Peripheral regional analgesia with femoral catheter versus intravenous patient controlled analgesia after total knee arthroplasty : a prospective randomized study
Position of intragastric balloons in global initiative for obesity treatment
Physiological dysregulation and somatic decline among elders : modeling, applying and re-interpreting allostatic load
Prevalence and tracking of weight disorders in Italian primary school students : a three-year follow-up
Presenteeism towards absenteeism: manual work versus sedentary work, private versus governmental : a Croatian review
Psychological status and recurrent aphthous ulceration
Phyllodes tumors and fibroadenoma common beginning and different ending
Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with mandibular resection prosthesis using mini dental implants (MDIs) : case report
Perforated ascending colon cancer presenting as colocutaneous fistula with abscess to the anterior abdominal wall at the site of a cholecystectomy scar treated with biologic mesh
Polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor gene in the population of Eastern Croatia with psoriasis vulgaris and diabetes mellitus
Primary Ewing’s sarcoma of the kidney : a case report
Preventative valve-sparing aortic root replacement and pregnancy outcome in Marfan syndrome
Personality traits, motivation and bone health in vegetarians
Predictors of short-term neurocognitive outcome following coronary revascularisation (CABG) depending on the use of cardiopulmonary bypass
Pathological pregnancy and psychological symptoms in women
Paraganglioma of the urinary bladder – clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and electron microscopy analysis : a case report
Population decline in the central region of Russian Federation (1990–2010)
Psychometric properties of the Albanian language version of the OHIP-ALB49 questionnaire in the Republic of Kosovo
Prognostic factors of local recurrence and survival after curative rectal cancer surgery : a single institution experience
Prognostic significance of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 in endometrial cancer
Photodynamic therapy in dermatology : current treatments and implications
Predictors of collective guilt after the violent conflict
Parents’ attitudes on sexual education – what and when?
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome complicated with intussusception : enteroscopic polyps resections through laparotomy
Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in the old institutionalized people in Zagreb, Croatia
Polypoid angiomyofibroblastoma tumor of nasal cavity : case report
Public and private language ideologies as reflected in language attitudes on the island of Korčula
Preliminary report of hypoglycemic response in obese metabolic syndrome males treated with metformin after weight loss intervention
Prosthetic modalities used to treat cleft palate patients in a university clinic : a 10-year review
Pregnant women’s knowledge and attitudes to prenatal screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities : Croatian multicentric survey
P2RY12 gene polymorphisms and effect of clopidogrel on platelet aggregation
Position of the mental foramen in Kosovarian population
Primary uterine cervical cancer : correlation of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and clinical staging (FIGO) with histopathology findings
Primary extragastrointestinal stromal tumor of the sigmoid mesocolon with metastatic spread to greater omentum : case report
Pathophysiology of osteonecrosis of the jaw in patients treated with bisphosphonate
Prevalence of third molars and pathological changes related to them in dental medicine
Periodontal disease increases risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the spleen: recurrence eight years after splenectomy : report of a case and literature review
Pharmacotherapy of suicidal behaviour in major depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among patients with major depressive disorder : differences between newly diagnosed first episode and recurrent disease
Postlaryngectomy olfactory rehabilitation and swimming
Polymorphisms of interleukin-23 receptor in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in a Croatian tertiary center
Prevalence and genotype distribution of high-risk human papillomavirus (HR HPV) in male genital samples of Osijek-Baranja County
Predictors of fitness status on success in taekwondo
Pregnancy and vaginal delivery in epidural analgesia in woman with cerebrospinal fluid shunt
Prevalence of depressive symptoms among college students and the influence of sport activity
Pagan-Christian change in Northeastern Hungary in the 10th –13th centuries AD : a palaeodemographic aspect
Prevalence, attitudes and knowledge about HIV, HBV and HCV infections among inmates in prisons Prilep and Bitola : a pilot study
Patient satisfaction after revision hip arthroplasty or resection hip arthroplasty due to periprosthetic infection
Peripheral arterial catheter related infections in the neurosurgical intensive care unit
Political myths and totalitarianism : an anthropological analysis of their causal interrelationship
Partial monosomy 2p and partial trisomy 4q due to paternal translocation t(2;4)(p25.1;q31.3)
Predictors of high prescribing rates in family practice during actual consultation : a cross-sectional study from Slovenia
Pathological and non-pathological irregularities of nystagmus
Perception of mobbing during the study : results of a national quantitative research among Slovenian midwifery students
Preoperative diagnosis of fallopian tube malignancy with transvaginal color doppler ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging after negative hysteroscopy for postmenopausal bleedin
Prenatal diagnosis of 18p deletion and isochromosome 18q mosaicism in a fetus with a cystic hygroma
Prostate volume and urinary discomforts in elderly
Perception of stress, depression, hypertension and myocardial infarction as predictors of adherence to hypertension drug treatment
Progression of conjunctival primary acquired melanosis (PAM) to widely spreaded malignant melanoma
Potential years of life lost due to premature mortality from cancer in Karlovac County (Croatia), 2006–2010
Photorejuvenation : topical photodynamic therapy as therapeutic opportunity for skin rejuvenation
Periprosthetic infections after total hip and knee arthroplasty : a review
Plasma content of glucose, C-reactive protein, uric acid and cholesterol in male, female and ovariectomized rats upon acute and chronic stress – a path for development of cardiovascular diseases
Physical fitness comparison and quality of life between Spanish and Serbian elderly women through a physical fitness program
Physical activity and quality of life of mothers of preschool children
Penetrating arrow injury – causing the death of an early medieval woman from the Muzla-Cenkov locality in Slovakia : (9th – 10th century CE)
Psychological factors in experience of pain during childbirth
Performance indicators of the top basketball players : relations with several variables
Position-related differences in selected morphological body characteristics of top-level female handball players
Patients' reactions to local anaesthetic application devices in paediatric dentistry
Palmar creases : classification, reliability and relationships to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)
Prediction of the Y-chromosome haplogroups within a recently settled Turkish population in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prebiotic and synbiotic treatment before colorectal surgery : randomised double blind trial
Prevalence of epilepsy in Podgorica, Montenegro
Quality life and mental well-being of the unemployed
Qualitative dermatoglyphic traits of the digito-palmar complex in patients with bronchopulmonary carcinoma
Quantitative dermatoglyphic analysis in male alcoholics
Quantitative and qualitative dermatoglyphics as a basis to study the relationship between Pacific populations
Quantitative dermatoglyphic analysis in persons with superior intelligence
Qualitative human body composition analysis assessed with bioelectrical impedance
Qualitative dermatoglyphic traits in ovarian cancer patients
Quality of life changes after inguinal hernia repair using anterior rectus sheath
Quantification model for muscular forces and momentums in human lower extremities
Qualitative dermatoglyphic traits in brachial plexus palsy
Quality of life after stroke in Croatian patients
Quality of the blood sampled from surgical drainage after total hip arthroplasty
Qualitative analysis of dermatoglyphics of the digito-palmar complex in children with severe recessive perceptively impaired hearing
Quality management
Q fever in Croatia : war-induced changes in epidemiological characteristics
Quality of life after cardiac surgery
Quality of life of patients after stroke in ounty Osijek-Baranya
Quality of life in children after cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease
Quantitative analysis of Troponin I serum values in patients with acute cholecystitis
Quality of life after the Sweedish adjustable gastric band procedure
Quality of life of Croatian breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant treatment : comparison to long-term breast cancer survivors
Quality of life in patients with blepharospasm
Quantitative sex differentations of motor abilities in children aged 11–14
Quality of pain in herpes zoster patients
Quality and intensity of low back pain in cronic PTSD patients
Quality of life in croatian metastatic melanoma patients
Rhinomanometrical findings after decongestion of nasal mucosa in healthy people
Reproductive patterns in Neanderthals
Reproductive patterns as environmental markers in rural Marocco
Relation between cranial base flexure and position of the jaws
Respiratory symptoms and ventilatory capacity of school children in urban and rural area
Representations and beliefs about pregnancy and childbearing in a group of Toba women
Research issues in nutrition
Russian folk medicine in the past and at the present
Relation between intestinal calcium and strontium absorption
Radiographic study on the resorption of the lower part of the mandible
Relationship of blood pressure to fatness and fat patterning in Mexican American adults from the Hispanic health and nutrition examination survey (HHANES, 1982-1984)
Rural community in the process of socio-economic changes
Relationship between bite forces and main anthropometric dimensions
Regression of offspring morphology to socio-economic and genetic family factors in rural and urban populations of Poland
Relationship between femoral anteversion and neck-shaft angle
Risk factors in women with gestational diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance
Review of methods for transformation skinfolds data to normality for boys and girls from 7 to 9 years old
Radiographic cephalometry of the facial profile
Road traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers
Reframing refugees
Registers and follow-up methods of populations in a public health survey
Role behaviours among urban women as revealed by time allocation
Reflection on body composition studies
Review on prostaglandin and oxytocin activity in preterm labor
Relationship between genetic anomalies of different levels and deviations in dermatoglyphic traits
Re-evaluation of the endocranial volume of the Guattari 1 Neandertal specimen (Monte Circeo)
Respirator triggering of electron beam computed tomography (EBCT)
Risk factors in asthmatic patients in Croatia
Relationship of gastric metaplasia and age, sex, smoking and Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with duodenal ulcer and duodenitis
Relationship between the face and the tooth form
Relative distribution of subcutaneous fat in childhood
Reform of the school system as an anthropological problem
Reconstructing life history of hominids and humans
Relations between some exogenous factors and anthropometric factors of growth and development of male children and youngsters in the Tuzla region, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Regional and social differences in body mass index, and the prevalence of overweight and obesity among 18 year old men in Austria between the years 1985 and 2000
Renal vascular resistance in glomerular diseases
Respiratory findings in art students
Reasons for extraction of permanent teeth in urban and rural populations of Croatia
Right atrial pacemaker lead thrombosis incidentally detected by transesophageal echocardiography
Reccurent pleomorphic adenoma of epipharynx following irradiation therapy
Risk of pneumonia recurrence in patients previously hospitalized for pneumonia
Religiosity and health outcomes
Reevaluating Harris Lines
Regional adiposity, body composition and central body fat distribution of 10-16 years old Bengalee boys of Nimta, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
Relevant sonographic parameters of a painful shoulder in symptomatic dialyzed patients versus asymptomatic dialyzed and healthy volunteers
Relations of the morphological characteristic latent structure and body posture indicators in children aged seven to nine years
Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis of BMI in assessing obesity among adult Bengalee males in India
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of numerical aberrations of chromosome 21 and 18 by PCR-STR method
Regeneration of the skeleton by recombinant human bone morphogenetic proteins
Rice policosanol does not have any effects on blood coagulation factors in hypercholesterolemic patients
Risk factor analysis and diagnoses of coronary heart disease in patients with hypercholesterolemia from Croatian Zagorje County
Relationships between legs bone mineral density, antropometry and jumping height in prepubertal children
Retrospective clinical analysis of free conjunctival autograft in treatment of pterygia
Risk behaviors for getting HIV infection among the Croatian men who have sex with men
Radiofrequency ablation as locoregional therapy for unresectable hepatic malignancies
Recombinant factor VIIa in massive haemoptysis associated with chronic necrotising aspergillosis
Relations between anterior permanent teeth, dental arches and hard palate
Reversible "brain atrophy" in patients with Chushing's disease
Regression analysis of the symptoms
Research of urinary tract infections in family medicine physicians' offices – empiric antimicrobial therapy of urinary tract infections
Receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve estimation of low birth weight based on maternal early third trimester weight among Bengalee women of Kolkata, India
Regulatory T cells (Tregs) monitoring in environmental diseases
Relations between morphological and cognitive dimensions of persons with above-average motor abilities
Religiosity and quality of life in breast cancer patients
Relationship between polymorphonuclear leukocyte count in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and bacterial content in Gram’s stain and bacterial content in final microbiological report
Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in management of hepatocellular carcinoma : a single centre experience
Recurrent chromosomal abnormalities in lymphomas in fine needle aspirates of lymph node
Risk behavior of customers in centers for free voluntary HIV counselling and testing in two Croatian cities : Osijek and Zadar
Role of zinc in chronic gastritis
Rhabdomyosarcoma with bone marrow infiltration mimicking hematologic neoplasia
Rectal metastasis from lobular carcinoma of the breast : a case report
Revisiting the question of neandertal regional variability : a view from the Rhône valley corridor
Real mineral density of the sternum
Relationships between physical activity and musculoskeletal disorders in former athletes
Real-time expression of hTERT in primary melanoma biopsies
Ramipril and risk of hyperkalemia in chronic hemodialysis patients
Radiation therapy in treatment of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva : a case report and review of the literature
Relationships between anthropometric, body composition and bone mineral parameters in 7-8-year-old rhythmic gymnasts compared with controls
Retroperitoneal and metachronous testicular germ cell tumors with different histology and teratoma growing syndrome : a case report
Recurrent achalasia in a child with Williams-Beuren syndrome
Relationship between tumor vascularity and vascular endothelial growth factor as prognostic factors for patients with neuroblastoma
Reconstruction of a soft tissue defect of the back after myelomeningocele closure with modified V-Y plasty
Restless legs syndrome
Relationships between cognitive and motor abilities in female children aged 10–14 years
Relationship between the training of young recruits and values of bite forces
Results of the surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament
Rectal cancer treatment and survival : comparison of two 5 – year time intervals
Relationship between psychopathological factors and metabolic control in children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Risk factors for acute respiratory tract infections in children
Residues of lindane in adipose tissue of lambs and sheep from islands Krk and Cres
Renal cell carcinoma with concurrent urothelial carcinoma of urinary bladder and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Restorative treatment decisions of Croatian university teachers
Relationship of genetic markers for atherosclerosis and long-term outcome after percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting
Relations between the course of illness, family history of schizophrenia and family functioning in persons with schizophrenia
Reducing pain and improving quality of life for patients suffering the acetabular fracture
Risk factors for sexually transmitted infections among young adolescents
Risks for first nonfatal myocardial infarction in Belgrade
Recent trend and perspectives in forensic anthropology : a bibliometric analysis
Renal adenocarcinoma presenting as a spontaneous perirenal hematoma in a patient on warfarin therapy : case report and literature review
Risk factors for microvascular atherosclerotic changes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Recent achievements in preventive dentistry by introducing a new probiotic toothpaste
Risk management in air protection in the Republic of Croatia
Risk behaviors for getting HIV infection among university students in Serbia
Respiratory distress syndrome in newborns of gestational age of over 32 weeks
Role of stress in burnout among students of medicine and dentistry : a study in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Medicine
Risk factors influencing non-use of condoms at sexual relations in populations under heightened risk
Runners as sport tourists : the experience and travel behaviours of Ljubljana Marathon participants
Radiotherapy-induced hearing loss in patients with laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinomas
Risk factors for subdural bleeding in elderly population
Recent diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to prenatally and perinatally diagnosed hydronephrosis and their implementation in the University Clinical Hospital Mostar
Relationship between age and thickness of carotid arteries in a population without risk factors for atherosclerosis
Reliability of the ATD angle in dermatoglyphic analysis
Relationship between the names of people and enterprises with plant origin with phytotoponyms in five Croatian regions
Scandinavian women during the medieval period
Seasonal fluctuation of pathological and optimum conceptions, maternal subfecundity, gender dimorphism and survival
Social and biological risk factors related to the climacteric period in women
Sports instructors and sports leaders
Statistical methods for studying individual change during aging
Spectrographic detection of skeletal variation
Selected results of growth acceleration in East Germany
Studying culture from the "outside" and the "inside"
Specific aspects of the complex rehabilitation of mastecotomy women in Croatia
Some implications of the diet of children in American Samoa
Social status, age, and blood pressure in an English general practice
Structural modeling of blood pressure in Samoans
Spirometric standards for nonsmoking girls aged 9 to 16 years in north-west Croatia
Secular growth changes in school children in Croatia
Self-concept of the secondary-school students in Zagreb, Croatia
Self-concept of the future airtraffic workers in Zagreb, Croatia
Some aspects of clinical treatments directed towards evaluation of supportive therapies in breast cancer patients
Subjective feeling of well-being and ventilatory function among males and females with chronic bronchitis and asthma
Some characteristics of tooth crown convexity
Skeletal aging: rate of tooth attrition in hunter-gatherer populations
Selenium in serum of the patients with increased risk of developing colorectal carcinoma and patients with colorectal carcinoma
Some biological aspects of depression
Somatotype and physical fitness of prepubertal children
Selected data on growth and physical fitness of healthy Hungarian boys and girls in our changing world
Self-concept of the future medical workers
Successful struggle against iodine deficiency disorder (I.D.D.) in Croatia
Serum total, LDL, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides related to age, gender and cigarette smoking in patients with first acute myocardial infarction
Some anatomical and anthropological measures of mandibular ramus in our population
Scientometric analysis of anthropology in the Republic of Croatia for the period of 1980-1996.
Seat pressure distribution
Subjective assessment of sitting comfort
Study of eating attitudes and body image perception in the preadolescent age
Studies of body composition in Slovenia
Serum tumor marker CYFRA 21-1 in the diagnostics of NSCLC lung cancer
Some structural characteristics of the inguinal region in the Northern Croatia
Surname as "cancer risk" in extreme isolates
Set of criteria for the actual quality evaluation of the elite basketball players
Safety of simultaneous resections of colorectal cancer and liver metastases
Symbolism in prehistoric man
Study on the ethical concepts of the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, ultra-nationalist
System of the performance evaluation criteria weighted per positions in the basketball game
Sexually dimorphic ontogenetic trajectories of frontal sinus cross sections
Sexual dimorphism in body composition, weight status and growth in prepubertal school children from rural areas of Eastern Austria
Some anthropometric characteristics
Sexual dimorphism
Seasonality of marriages and ecological contexts in rural communities of central-southern Italy (Abruzzo), 1500-1871
Serum IgA, IgG, IgM and salivary IgA in recurrent aphthous ulceration
Sex differences in body build and their relationship to sex-specific processes of aging
Some ethiologic factors of speech comprehension disturbances
Seasonality of births and conceptions in a pastoral community of the province of l'Aquila (Abruzzo, Italy)
Situational efficacy of anthropomotor types of young female handball players
Sudden death due to physical exercise in the elderly
Socio-demographic characteristics of postmenopausal estrogen users
Some aspects of secular changes in Hungary over the twentieth century
Sudden death due to recreational exercise in physicians
Symptomatic epilepsy associated with intracranial calcifications in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Screening of fixed prosthodontic dentures after five years of use in relation to material and construction
Sex differences in bone loss
Social behavior in aged rhesus macaques
Sexual life after cervical carcinoma
SEM analysis of tooth enamel
Shape analysis of the mid-sagittal craniogram in some European Middle and Upper-Paleolithic adult and subadult crania
Secular trend in stature and age at menarche among Punjabi Aroras residing in New Delhi, India
Smoking habits, signs of chronic diseases and survival in inland and coastal regions of Croatia
Some anthropologic factors of performance in rhythmic gymnastics novices
Spontaneously ruptured gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) of the jejunum mimicking acute appendicitis
Selective portal vein embolization as introduction in major surgery
Seasonality of births in Croatia
Segregation analysis of systolic and diastolic blood pressure in Middle Dalmatia island population
Sources of infection in childhood tuberculosis in a region of East Croatia
Suicidal thought and behavior in high school students in Adana, Turkey
Socio-demographic characteristics and lifestyle habits of pregnant women smokers
Some anthropologic characteristics of elite female handball players at different playing positions
Septic acromioclavicular arthritis in a patient with diabetes mellitus
Serum zinc concentration in the maintenance hemodialysis patients
Surnames as markers of pathologies
Sex determination using the scapula in medieval skeletons from East Anatolia
Structure of visits persons with diabetes in Croatian family practice
Serum concentration of zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium in patients with liver cirrhosis
Selection of appropriate artificial frontal teeth size using dimensions of hard palate
Sex determinants in the genome
Social determinants of health
Serum concentration of nine hormones in aging male population and association with potency and libido problems
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
Screening for depression disorders in patients with chronic somatic illness
Simulation of working conditions by maximum work load on firefighters
Snodgrass' urethroplasty in hypospadias surgery in Clinical hospital Mostar
Subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top) development in children and young adults
Self-esteem in children and adolescents differently treated for locomotory trauma
Science attitudes and knowledge among preclinical medical students in Pokhara, Nepal
Structural analysis of dental fear in children with and without dental trauma experience
Self-reported confidence, attitudes and skills in practical procedures among medical students
Somatotype in elderly type 2 diabetes patients
Stenotic occlusive lesions of internal carotid artery in diabetic patients
Sensitivity and specificity of body mass index as a definition of the obesity component of metabolic syndrome
Supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children caused by traffic
Soft-start polymerization of fissure sealant
Second generation antipsychotics and risk of diabetes type II
Self-inflicted burns in patients with chronic combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder
Synovial chondromatosis of the pisotriquetral joint with secondary osteoarthritis
Specific and gender differences between hospitalized and out of hospital mortality due to myocardial infarction
Sexual dimorphism in the chuvashian population of Russia in two types of dermatoglyphic traits
Soft tissue facial profile of normal dental and skeletal subjects in Croatian population aged 12 to 15 years
Study of Harris lines at the "Prat de la Riba" necropolis
Subcutaneous fat patterns in Type-2 diabetic men and healthy controls
Signs of trauma in an adult parietal bone exhumed from a Portuguese prehistoric collective burial
Sexual risk behaviour among migrant tribals living in urban slums of an Eastern Indian city
Sex determination using the femur in an ancient Japonese population
Substituting dietary polyunsaturated fat with monounsaturated fat increases insulin sensitivity in cultured rat hepatocytes
Serum immunoglobulins IgG, IgA and IgM in patients with oral lichen ruber
Screening of patients at risk for 22q11 deletion
Seroprevalence of herpes simplex virus type 2 in adult HIV-infected patients and blood donors in Croatia
Sport activity and eating habits of people who were attending special obesity tretment programme
Sex differences in motor characteristics of elementary school children included/not included in swimming training
Successful pole vault influenced by certain kinematical parameters
Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylory infection in dyspeptic patients
Serum and tissue angiotensin converting enzyme in patients with psoriasis
Shared psychotic disorder ("Folie a Deux") between mother and 15 years old son
Sex differences in morphological dimensions in twelve-year-old children from Imotska Krajina
Self-perception of drug abusers and addicts and investigators’ perception of etiological factors of psychoactive drug addiction
Splintering of tourism market
Spectrum of phenomena of multiple myocardial contractions during each single cardiac cycle
Sex differences in general knowledge domains
Sex or surgery
Sun exposure and visual field damage among children on the Adriatic Island Rab
Sonographic evaluation of pleural fluid in a large group of adult healthy individuals:
Salivation quantum – stomatopyrosis
Sexual dimorphism in the Turkmenian population in two types of dermatoglyphic traits
Sex differences in anthropometric characteristics, Motor and cognitive functioning in preschool children at the time of school enrolment
Significance of continuous medical education of general practitioners about common diseases
Statin prescription by Croatian family doctors
Surgical treatment of pathologic fractures in patients with metastatic tumors
Symptomatic sacral perineurial (Tarlov) cysts
Serum Immunoglobulins in non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Patients
Single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy : a new advantage of gallbladder surgery
Simultaneous occurrence of chronic lymphocytic and chronic myeloid leukemia
Septic arthritis due to Streptococcus sanguis
Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma in a 19 month-old boy : a case report
Synchronous bilateral breast carcinoma with two different morphology subtypes : a case report
Suicidal behavior and suicide among children and adolescents : risk factors and epidemiological characteristics
Social support and posttraumatic stress disorder in combat veterans in Croatia
Skin cancers in Croatia, 2003–2005 : epidemiological study
Screening with mammography organized by family physicians teams : what have we learnt?
Somatotypological characterization of Bulgarian children and adolescents (Smolyan region)
Surgical treatment of aortic dissection in a patient with metastatic prostate cancer
Spontaneous serial fractures of metatarsal bones in female patient with rheumatoid arthritis on long-term steroid therapy
Searching the peopling of the Iberian peninsula from the perspective of two Andalusian subpopulations : a study based on Y-chromosome haplogroups J and E
Starvation as cause of death in the Croatian Quarnero and hinterland between 1816 and 1825
Squatting facet : a case study Dilkaya and Van-Kalesi populations in eastern Turkey
Self-perceived body weight status and weight-control behaviors of high school students in a southern city of Turkey
Serotonin and cortisol as suicidogenic factors in patients with PTSD
Suppurative tonsillitis and sudden cardiac death due to physical training in a young soccer player
Spontaneous perforation of the small intestine : a novel manifestation of classical homocystinuria in an adult with new cystathionine b-synthetase gene mutations
Successful use of recombinant factor VIIa in traumatic liver injury
Spontaneous regression of intervertebral disc herniation : case reports
Salmonella ovarian abscess in young girl presented as acute abdomen : case report
Salivary analytes in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
Surgical Scientific Publication and the 1991–1995 War in Croatia
Socio-cultural Impacts of Contemporary Tourism
Surface roughness of one nanofill and one silorane composite after polishing
School-age involvement in sport and perceived quality of sport services
Shunt in the diagnosis of initial lung lesion in smokers
Spinal anesthesia at the L2–3 and L3–4 levels : comparison of analgesia and hemodynamic response
Severe traumatic brain injury after the assault with an axe handle
Secular changes in growth and obesity in perinatal population
Significance of mini radial endoscope ultrasound (MREUS) in diagnosis and therapy of colorectal neoplasia
Strains and stresses of workers caused by exposure to noise
Self-rated health and its relationship to health/life problems and coping strategies in members of the professional Slovenian armed forces
Surgical treatment of liver echinococcosis : open or laparoscopic surgery?
Shear bond strength in zirconia veneered ceramics using two different surface treatments prior veneering
Shift work, quality of life and work ability among Croatian hospital nurses
Synovial chondromatosis of the elbow
Section for interventional radiology : sIRcro 10 years of existence and organised activities (2000–2010)
Spontaneous ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Smoking habits according to metabolic traits in an island population of the eastern Adriatic coast
Survival of patients treated with online hemodiafiltration compared to conventional hemodialysis
Somatotype of elite italian gymnasts
Sex steroids : beyond conventional dimorphism
Simple robust method for quasi-confirmatory factor analysis (three examples)
Studying social aspects of vegetarianism : a research proposal on the basis of a survey among adult population of two Slovenian biggest cities
Sport-specific and anthropometric factors of quality in junior male water polo players
Successful delivery of fetus with fetal inherited thrombophilia after two fetal deaths
Spontaneous isolated dissection of the abdominal aorta
Sexual behaviour and condom use as a protection against sexually transmitted infections in student population
Severe acute pancreatitis as a part of multiple dysfunction syndrome
Should MS be treated by escalation or induction therapy?
Sex-specific age-related changes of information processing rate indicators during childhood and adolescence
Sport skill level and gender with relation to age, physical development and special fitness of the participants of Olympic Volleyball Tournament Beijing 2008
Short-term power output and local muscular endurance of young male soccer players according to playing position
Sex ratio at birth in Croatia : update
Surgical treatment of prolactinomas : our experience
Spondylolisthesis in an Etruscan woman from Spina (Ferrara, Italy) : an iron age case report
Skeletal remains from late Roman period : »as old as Diocletian's palace«
SeptiFast real-time pcr for detection of bloodborne pathogens in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock
Speech comprehension and emotional/behavioral problems in children with specific language impairment (SLI)
Study of dental occlusion in ancient human remains : a methodological approach
Say it in Croatian : Croatian translation of the EGPRN definition of multimorbidity using a Delphi consensus technique
Surgical treatment of kidney cancer in elderly
Self-determined, goal orientations and motivational climate in physical education
Sudden death due to swimming in elderly women
Some reflections on human needs, peace, transculturality and Igbo proverbs in the light of Emmanuel Edeh's African philosophy
Sharing wisdom(s) to enrich knowledge : working in a transdisciplinary research team in medical anthropology
Subcutaneous adipose tissue topography in long-term enterally fed children and healthy controls
Sexually transmitted diseases as a risk for acquiring HIV infection among the population of men who have sex with men - : a case control study
Secular changes in education, urban-rural living, menarche and abortion rates in perinatal population
Successful treatment of acute aortic dissection type Stanford A presenting as limb ischemia, successfully treated with operative and endovascular procedures
Sex asessment using the femur and tibia in medieval skeletal remains from Ireland : discriminant function analysis
Sexual dimorphism in the dimensions of teeth in Serbian population
Similar distributions of Dupuytren's contracture and Y-chromosome haplogroup I among modern Europeans suggest simultaneous spreading of these traits some 40 to 10 KYA.
Self-perception of physical appearance in adolescents : gender, age and ethnic aspects
The dream of Philip Latinovicz
T. S. Eliot and "The Golden Bough"
The dream-work of Miroslav Krleža
The population study of middle Dalmatia
The stone age man from the Austrian-Italian Alps
The relation between chronic malnutrition and fertility
The structure and function of adipose tissue in humans, with comments on the evolutionary origin and physiological consequences of sex differences
Tracing the origin of a fatal condition in an Alpine isolate by genealogical and mathematical methods
The alibis of total war
The household of four generations
The woman's role in the subculture of Adriatic island isolates
The cultural ecology of physical disability
The use of "normal" control samples in dermatoglyphic research
The high plasma digoxin level
The population structure of the island of Krk
Testimonial discourse between national narrative and etnography as socio-cultural analysis
The assessment of body composition in the elderly
Traditional and modern medicine in developing countries
The importance of traditional healing for Ethiopian immigrants in Israel
The metastasis of witchcraft
The anthropodynamic model for the analysis of time changing anthropomeasures
The real shifting of he nucleus pulposus
The contribution to the study of m. temporalis as two different functional units
The analysis of quantitative dermatoglyphic traits in patients with bronchial asthma
The effect of high altitude hypoxia and noise on peripheral responses to cold
Taxonomic analysis of morphological/motor characteristics in seven-year old girls
The causes of breast cancer incidence growth in Croatia
The image of the leader
The dance event as a political ritual
Tooth root abnormalities in twins
The role of primary treatment choice in ovarian cancer prognosis
The comparison of the impacts of psychocultural, socioeconomical, hereditary-constitutional and clinicopathological factors on ovarian cancer prognosis
Towards further analyzing the methodology of the displaced person and refugee research
The relationship between migration, genetic and sociocultural variables
The meaning and possibilities of working-through shame in group setting
The anthropological approach to the study of the uprooted in Croatia
The electrocardiogram in comatose states
Transfer of general hospital into war hospital
Transvaginal color flow imaging of the uterine artery during fertile period and postmenopause
Transdisciplinarity in the study of undernutrition-infection interactions
Transdisciplinary approach in women's health research
The status of physical growth in Chinese children
The aging process
The effect of coagulation parameters on the placental respiratory and nutritive function in women having chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia
The use of visual evoked potentials to follow-up prisoners of war after release from detention camps
The adolescents assessment of family functioning
The interaction between technical requirements and comfort in car seating
The influence of the dentition on the shape of the mandible
The comparison of two methods in the anthropological study of linguistic differentiation
The twentieth anniversary of the Croatian anthropological society and the five-year existence of the Institute for anthropological research
Thyroid and fertility
The prevalence of goitre and cretinism in a population of the Wwest Ivory Coast
The phenomenon of envy in theory and therapy
The projection questionnaire
The introduction of photodynamic therapy for tumorous patients in Croatia based on our experimental experiences and clinical approaches of the other groups
The relationship of obesity and the development of coronary heart disease to longitudinal changes in systolic blood pressure
The influence of gender on traffic accidents
The international flow of cultural capital and an American anthropologist's experiences doing ethnography in Croatia
The applied nutrition project of eastern Kenya
The polycystic ovary syndrome
The analysis of population structure based on morphometric dimensions of metacarpal bones
The comparison of isodose plans
The usefulness of biochemical bone markers in predicting the response of hormone replacement therapy in perimenopausal cigarette smoking healthy women
The origin of ethics and social order in a society without state power
The renewal of aristocratic principles
Trauma and reconstruction in a large group of refugees
Thickness distribution of the occipital bone
The iceman under pressure
The earliest islanders of the Eastern Adriatic
The potential role of hypocortisolism in the pathophysiology of PTSD and psoriasis
The influence of tooth wear on root canal dimensions
The corrected Q-T interval in the elderly with urban hypothermia
The use of scientometric parameters for the evaluation of scientific contributions
The influences of training on rowers of different age
Terminal hinge axis - Hobo point - Frankfurt horizontal relations
The satisfaction with the removable partial denture therapy in the Croatian adult population
Ten-year evaluation of conservative and surgical treatment of gingival recession
The impact of traumatic experience on attitude towards future in refugee adolescents
The effect of a compulsory curriculum on ethical attitudes of medical students
The Croatian Health Survey - SF-36: I. general quality of life assessment
The comparison of forensic-psychiatric traits between female and male perpetrators of murder or attempted murder
The effect of high birth weight (4000 g or more) on the weight and height of adult men and women
The assessment of the analytic group treatment efficiency according to Yalom's classification
Treatment of supracondylar humerus fractures in children
The compact formulation of anthropodynamical measures in physiological anthropology
The relationship between left ventricular filling shortly after an uncomplicated myocardial infarction and subsequent exercise capacity
Transcranial doppler in smoking relapse prevention strategy
The development of blood and lymph vessels of human parathyroid glands in embryonal, fetal and postnatal period
The Croatian health survey
Three-dimensional ultrasonography for the evaluation of atherosclerotic stenoses of the carotid trunk
The qualitative changes of human motor dimensions in boys between the ages of 10 and 14
Thermal homeostasis and temperature-related illness in the elderly
Tongue rolling and aging
The biocultural consequences of contemporary and future diets in developed countries
The concept of stress and its relevance to studies of adaptation in prehistoric populations
Theincidence and seasonal variations of acute primary angle-closure glaucoma
The prevalence of minor physical anomalies in mentally retarded children
The structure of body measurements for the determination of garment system for young Croatian men
The effect of occlusal relationships on the occurrence of sounds in the temporomandibular joint
Transformation of health services from civilian to wartime medical corps
The difference in complex psychomotor reaction time between patients with and without signs of cerebral circulatory disorders
The effect of delivery on regression of abnormal cervical cytologic findings
The secular trend in the incidence of hemorrhagic stroke in the region of Osijek, Eastern Croatia in the period 1988-2000
Tooth morphology in function of selfprotective mechanism
The ethical structure of homeric society
The medicalization of female fertility
The efficacy of cisapride vs. placebo and diet in patients with chronic constipation
The quantitative analysis of the vascularization following two basic auditory canal skin incisions
The application of psychoanalytic principles to the study of "magic"
The incidence of stroke in Baranya county (east Croatia)
The fate of the arachnoid villi in humans
The advancement in the early diagnostics of developmental hip dysplasia in infants
The structure of body measurements for the determination of shoe sizing for young croatian men
The role of transbronchial lung biopsy in the diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodule
Typological and technological study of prehistoric implements in animal hard tissues
Three-dimensional topographic survey of the human remains in Lamalunga Cave (Altamura, Bari, Southern Italy)
Traumatic events and life-style in ancient Italian populations
The effect of baby friendly hospital initiative and postnatal support on breastfeeding rates
The mechanisms of morphological-motor functioning in elementary school female first- to fourth- graders
Trigger factors in childhood psoriasis and vitiligo
The incidence of optic neuritis in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
Tissue expression of proliferative antigens (PCNA and Ki-67) in oral lichen ruber related to clinical status
Twin seasonality in a rural Catalonian population
The -429 T/C and -374 T/A gene polymorphisms of the receptor of advanced glycation end products gene (RAGE) are not risk factors for coronary artery disease in Slovene population with type 2 diabetes
The ScaI gene polymorphism of the atrial natriuretic factor and essential arterial hypertension in childhood
The effect of 3-weeks stationary cardiac rehabilitation on plasma lipids level in 444 patients with coronary heart disease
The ventilatory patterns of the left upper lobe of lung
The contribution of collective attack tactics in differentiating handball score efficiency
The sequence in appearance and disappearance of impressiones gyrorum cerebri and cerebelli
Temperament and character in cross-cultural comparisons between Swedish and Iranian people and Iranian refugees in Sweden
The race concept in six regions
The child behavior checklist, taecher report form and youth self report problem scales in a normative sample of Croatian children and adolescents aged 7-18
The impact of anthropometric parameters on the incidence of low back pain
The results of helicobacter pylori eradication on repeated bleeding in patients with stomach ulcer
The appereance of pars planitis in multiple sclerosis
The influence of the respiration disturbances on the growth and development of the orofacial complex
The localization and anthropometry of mental foramen on late Byzantine mandibles
Thickness of masticatory mucosa in the human hard palate and tuberosity dependent on gender and body mass index
The Oedipus complex in the contemporary psychoanalysis
The speech of reality and the speech of the stage
The mortality of two groups of infants in Spanish rural region
The influence of incompetent lip seal on the growth and development of craniofacial complex
The effectiveness of a forty-year long Iodine prophylaxis in endemic goitre region of Grobnik, Croatia
The mental health of children upon their return home after a long displacement period
The amputees and quality of life
The dissections of craniovascular arteries
The correlation of changes of the optic nerve diameter in the acute retrobulbar neuritis with the brain changes in multiple sclerosis
Thrombus size is associated with etiology of deep venous thrombosis
The renal parenchyma evaluation
Trichinella spiralis and breast carcinoma
The impact of interventions on a pre-industrial Austrian alpine population
The physique of young males in east Africa from the biosocial point of view
The effect of body mass on physiological indicators in the performance of forestry workers
The relationships between burn pain, anxiety and depression
The effect of motor abilities on karate performance
The effect of propofol and fentanyl as compared with sevoflurane on postoperative vomiting in children after adenotonsillectomy
The significance of ultrasonography in diagnosing and folow-up of cystic cystitis in children
The notochordal sheath in amphioxus
Transient cellular structures in developing corpus callosum of the human brain
Therapeutic efficacy of 5% NaCl hypertonic solution in patients with bullous keratopathy
The prehistoric hillfort at Grad (Pelješac, Dalmatia)
Trend of mortality observed in a cohort of drug addicts of the metropolitan area of Bologna, north-eastern Italy, during a 25-year-period
The place and role of serologic methods in detecting Helicobacter pylori infection
The supply of blood in the skin territory above the lower part of the serratus anterior muscle
The Tai-Phake of Assam, India
The "Harsh inhabitants of Hvar" in the speech of Vinko Pribojević (A. D. 1525)
The role of oral glucose intolerance test in reducing pregnancy complications
Tracking of anthropometric parameters and bioelectrical impedance in pubertal boys and girls
The influence of age on tooth root colour changes
The impact of cognitive processors and conative regulators on specific motor abilities in boxers
The immunomodulation effect of allogenic blood transfusion in colorectal cancer
The cancellous bone multiscale morphology-elasticity relationship
The developmental origins of obesity and related health disorders
Trends in body mass index, prevalence of overweight and obesity in preschool Lithuanian children
The role of fruit drinks in daily diet of some Osijek inhabitants, Croatia
The antioxidant power and level of lipid peroxidation products in the sera of apparently healthy adult males
The canal fill ratio as a factor influencing the aseptic loosening of the Mueller-type cemented stem
The impact of dance-aerobics training on the morpho-motor status in female high-schoolers
The risk of sports activities
The study of entheses
The rational strategies for detecting developmental dysplasia of the hip at the age of 4-6 months old infants
The interleukin-1 receptor antagonist gene and the inhibitor of kappa B-like protein gene polymorphisms are not associated with myocardial infarction in Slovene population with type 2 diabetes
The view from down under
The effects of the level of physical activity on calcaneal ultrasound measurements
The prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors in patients from Croatian Zagorje county treated at Department of Medicine, Zabok General Hospital from 2000 to 2006
The analysis of walk cycle in patients with spastic cerebral palsy after surgical management on the lower extremity
The ecological aspect of ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology of population in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The impact of age, sex, body mass index and menstrual cycle phase on gastric myoelectrical activity characteristics in a healthy Croatian population
The electrophoretic mobility of cell nuclei (EMN) index and changes in acid-base homeostasis under conditions of the intensive physical exercise
The analysis of the unstable tibia fracture treatment applying internal stabilization method
Tumor growth fraction, expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors, p53, Bcl-2 and cathepsin D activity in primary ductal invasive breast carcinoma and their axillary lymph node metastases
The case of asymptomatic primary actinomycosis of the greater omentum in the patient with intrauterine contraceptive device
The role of polio-vaccine in pleural mesothelioma
Teeth eruption in children with normal occlusion and malocclusion
Toxicological assessment of P-9801091 plant mixture extract after chronic administration in CBA/HZg mice
Treatment of cancer-related anemia
The remedies of the folk medicine of the Croatians living in Ćićarija, Northern Istria
Thoracic intramedullary sarcoidosis mimicking an intramedullary tumor
The role of endothelin-1 and nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of hypertension in diabetic patients
The advantages of end-to-side arteriovenous anastomosis over the other two types of arteriovenous anastomosis in dialysis patients
The effect of analgesics and psysical therapy on respiratory function after open and laparoscopic cholecystectomy
The impact of football training on motor development in male children
Traditional CVD risk factors and socio-economic derivation in Roma minority population of Croatia
The attitudes and sterotypes of supporting fields towards the persons with disabilities
The influence of the monitoring youth mentoring program for adolescents with behavioural problems and behavioural disorders
The impact of motor abilities on belly dance performance in femele high school students
Teratogenicity of antibacterial agents
The influence of keeping pheasants in captivity vs. nature on the biological value of meat and its use in human nutrition
Thyroid activity in patients with major depression
Towards an integration of psychoanalysis and neurobiology in 21st century
Towards the other mythology - the offspring of darkness
The Americanization of the Croatian language
The prevalence of risky behaviors related to violence in high school students in a southern city Turkey
The prevalence of lateral incisor hypodontia and canine impaction in Croatian population
The quality of life during the treatment of long bone fractures in children and adolescents
Transfixed condylar plate (TCP) provides better biomechanical and weight bearing possibilities for the fixation of trochanteric fracture
The influence of temperament and character of psychotic individuals on the possibility of committing criminal offences
The utilization of antibiotics in the management of acute pancreatitis
The story of the Croatian village of Rude after years of compulsory salt iodination in Croatia
Treatment of tibial bone defect with rotational vascular periosteal graft in rabbits
The epidemiology and diagnostic approach to acute pulmonary embolism in the University Hospital
Treatment of Hypertension by General Practitioners and Antihypertensive Drugs Expenditure in an Urban Environment
Tissue ischemia due to CO2 pressure during laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
The effects of strength training on some parameters of aerobic and anaerobic endurance
The impact of specific motoricity on karate performance in young karateka
The influence of Healozone on microleakage and fissure penetration of different sealing materials
The efficacy of a brief supportive psychodynamic therapy in treating anxious-depressive disorder in daily hospital
Trigeminal neuralgia secondary to meningioma of petroclival localization
The comparison of anthropometrical parameters of the four-year-old children in the urban and rural Slavonia, Croatia, 1985 and 2005
Trend of relations between morphological characteristics and motor abilities in preschool children
The heart frequency and its variability in hypertensive patients considering A/B type of behaviour and eight basic emotions and levels of anger expression
The prevalence of proximal fractures of dental crowns with amalgam fillings
The relationships between self-esteem, emotional reactions and quality of life in pediatric locomotory trauma patients
The outcome of the surgical treatment in the patients with the penetrating chest wounds
Tinea incognito due to trichophyton rubrum
The ageing of Croatian population
The early prevention of metabolic syndrome by physical exercise
The Croatian version of the oral health impact profile questionnaire
The effect of nutrition knowledge on dietary intake among Croatian university students
The main biomechanical risk factors for the prevalence of the left hip joint traumatic and degenerative changes
The effects of long-term experimental diabetes mellitus type I on skeletal muscle regeneration capacity
The importance of P-glycoprotein multidrug transporter activity measurement in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection
The Slovenian version of the oral health impact profile questionnaire (OHIP-SVN)
The occupational safety and health in hospitals from the point of nurses
The evaluation of the stroke unit in Croatia at the University Hospital "Sestre milosrdnice", Zagreb : 1995–2006 experience
Treatment of pineal region lesions
The influence of medical and nonmedical factors to the progression of renal osteodystrophy
The accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology and flow cytometry in evaluation of nodal and extranodal sites in patients with suspicion of lymphoma
The importance of urgent cytological examination of synovial fluids in differentiation inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint diseases
The value of urinary decoy cells finding in patients with kidney transplantation
Thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology in children and adolescents
T-lymphoblastic lymphoma with an unusual t(8;14)(q24;q11) : case report
Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) and unilateral transpedicular fixation
T lymphoblastic leukaemia with an unusual burkitt lymphoma morphology : a case report
Trauma related fat embolism syndrome in forensic practice
The role of endoscopic ultrasound in evaluation of gastric subepithelial lesions
The antimetastatic effect of macrophages restored by indomethacin : concomitant tumor immunity model
The role of the nutrition in the pathogenesis of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Barrett’s oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinoma
The proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) in the treatment of proximal femoral fractures
The benefits of regular kinesiotherapy once a week for postmenopausal women : an aged-matched study
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura : the role of ADAMTS13 assay in clinical practice
The case report of treatment strategy for Anorexia nervosa with psychotic elements in adolescent
Temporomandibular joint disorder in a patient with multiple sclerosis : review of literature with a clinical report
The centenary progress of molecular Genetics : a 100th anniversary of T. H. Morgan’s discoveries
The possibilities and limitations of direct digital radiography, ultrasound and computed tomography in diagnosing pleural mesotelioma
The impact of basic motor abilities on the specific motoricity performance in elite karateka
The importance of thorough preoperative diagnostics of maxillary ameloblastoma : report of three cases
The Croatian model of university education for health professionals
The influence of the different morphological changes on gastric mucosa on somatostatin cell number in antrum mucosa and serum somatostatin
Thorough clinical evaluation of skin, as well as oral, genital and anal mucosa is beneficial in lichen planus patients
The role of contrast enchanced axillary ultrasonography in early breast cancer patients
The ttiological relation between serum iron level and infection incidence in hemodialysis uremic patients
The physicians and surgeons of Koper from the 14th to the 17th century
The "round block" surgical technique in the management of multicentric fibroadenomas
Tumor markers in breast cancer : evaluation of their clinical usefulness
The chronology of third molar eruption in the Croatian population
The validity of ESIN method of osteosynthesis compared to other active surgical methods of treatment of diaphyseal fractures of long bones in children and adolescents
The comparison of human perception to the measured sweat transfer rate
The biopsychosocial model of treatment the patients with inflammatory chronic bowel disease
The rising incidence and mortality of prostate cancer in Belgrade population
The impact of L-NAME and L-arginine chronic toxicity induced lesions on ascites – pulmonary hypertension syndrome development in broiler chickens
The effect of dance over depression
The personality traits and social characteristics of croatian heroin addicts and cannabis users
The possibility of respiratory distress syndrome prevention of premature born children
The application of autogenic training in counseling center for mother and child in order to promote breastfeeding
Types of body posture and their characteristics in boys 10 to 13 years of age
The role of oxidative stress after retinal laser photocoagulation in nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy
Talking culture, crying health, hoping for nothing : surviving the many flyers above the human Rights global cuckoo’s nests
The Study of Athletes’ Body Perception and Gender Role
The effect of 8 week plates exercise on body composition in obese women
The association of uric acid with glucose and lipids in general population : croatian cross-sectional study
The prevalence of depression and anxiety in seafarers type 2 diabetic patients
The ophthalmic anomalies in children with Down syndrome in Split-dalmatian county
The influence of mother’s active smoking during pregnancy on body mass index of newborns
The impact of psychological testing on the patients suffering from stomatopyrosis
The use of a food supplementation with D-phenylalanine, L-glutamine and L-5-hydroxytriptophan in the alleviation of alcohol withdrawal symptoms
The effect of demographic characteristics on self-medication patterns : a cross-sectional nationwide study from Slovenia
The distribution of HLA alleles among children with atopic asthma in Croatia
Torsion of epiploic appendage mimic acute appendicitis
The jubilees of the discovery of insulin & glycemic index : where conventional meets complementary medicine in the management of diabetes mellitus
The role of motor and nutritional individuality in childhood obesity
The nutritional dual-burden in developing countries : how is it assessed and what are the health implications?
The Selška Valley study of health and aging : unraveling senescence, stress and frailty
The determination of blood pressure, anger expression and body mass index in adolescents in Turkey : a pilot study
The training and employment of teachers of physical education and sports in Turkey
The negative effect of heavy work life during adolescence on height development of young males
The efficacy and safety of solifenacin in patients with overactive bladder syndrome
The trend of parasitic diseases among the population of Osječko-baranjska county during the period 1996–2010 – Croatia
The role of IgG avidity in diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infection in newborns and infants
The relationship between prolonged cerebral oxygen desaturation and postoperative outcome in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting
The influence of clinical and anthropometric parameters on the serum levels of the endothelin-1 in pregnant women and their newborns
Tetrahydrophthalazine derivative »sodium nucleinate« exert its anti-inflammatory effects through inhibition of oxidative burst in human monocytes
The prevalence and pulmonary consequences of anxiety and depressive disorders in patients with asthma
Time trends in prescribing habits of anxiolytics and antidepressants in Slovenian family practices (with emphasis on elderly patients)
Tracking variability : recent anthropometric data for Croatian population and comparison with other world populations
The latent structure of soccer in the phases of attack and defense
Total knee replacement surgery is followed by transitory endothelial dysfunction
Treatment of infected tibial nonunion with bone defect using central bone grafting technique
The impact of wool in the patients with chronic non-specific low back pain
The carcinoid tumour in Meckel’s diverticulum: how to treat young adults with appendicitis? : case report
The influence of environment and energy macro surroundings on the development of tourism in the 21st century
The frequency and malignant transformation rate of oral lichen planus and leukoplakia : a retrospective study
The impact of the vitamins A, C and E in the prevention of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Barrett’s oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinoma
The developmental characteristics of mastoid pneumatisation in cleft palate children : the genetic influence
The effectiveness of the therapeutic ultrasound on the psycho-physiological functioning in patients who presented with neck pain
The effects of positive and negative emotionality on the satisfaction of sport : a research on elite athletes
The effects of 8-week speed training program on the acceleration ability and maximum speed running at 11 years athletes
The influence of anthropological features on ball flight speed in handball
Transition, tradition, and nostalgia : postsocialist transformations in a comparative framework
Transitioning from traditional : pollution, diet and the development of children
The factor of local cultural specificity and process of globalization
The Russian food, alcohol and tobacco consumption patterns during transition
The genetics of obesity in transition
Transfer of learning on a spatial memory task between the blind and sighted people
The influence of bodily activity on retaining the functionality of the hand in aged persons
The effect of spinal versus general anesthesia on postoperative pain and analgesic requirements in patients undergoing peripheral vascular surgery
The effect of heating and ultrasound on the shear bond strength of glass ionomer cement
The metabolic syndrome is associated with high-normal urinary albumin excretion and retinopathy in normoalbuminuric type 1 diabetic patients
The antioxidative protecting role of the Mediterranean diet
The role of videomediastinoscopy in staging of non-small cell lung cancer
Trauma symptoms in pupils involved in school bullying : a cross sectional study conducted in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The efficacy of gaseous ozone on some cariogenic bacteria
Teeth number anomalies in permanent dentition among non-syndromic dental patients
The prevalence and the risk factors of the cervical colonization by the genital mycoplasmas among pregnant women from Eastern Croatia
The importance of serological tests implementation in disseminated candidiasis diagnose
The cranial analysis of eight skulls from collective grave of the early bronze age Vucedol site (East Slavonia, Croatia)
The use of color duplex ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in the dissolution of idiopathic recurrent priapism in patient with congenital penile curvature : a case report
The H1N1 influenza pneumonia as early complication after heart transplantation : experience from the Dubrava University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia
Two different manifestations of locked-in syndrome
The impact of delayed cardiac surgery on the postnatal growth of children with congenital heart disease in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thermography : a feasible method for screening breast cancer?
Thermography is not a feasible method for breast cancer screening
The Croatian national termbank STRUNA : a new platform for terminological work
The opinions of Polish nurses and patients on nursing protests
Treatment seeking behaviour in hypertension : factors associated with awareness and medication among socioeconomically disadvantaged migrants in Delhi, India
Total and LDL cholesterol are associated with glomerular filtration rate in normoalbuminuric type 1 diabetic patients
The relationship between methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T gene polymorphism and diabetic nephropathy in Croatian type 2 diabetic patients
The role of c-Fos protein, somatostatin and neuropeptide Y in the pathogenesis of ischemic brain injuries based on animal model of cerebral ischemia
The weak spots of saliva buffering tests
Therapy of umbilical hernia during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
The epidemiology of non-traumatic prehospital sudden death in Split-Dalmatia county
The popularization of the ethnological documentary film at the beginning of the 21st century
Tibial stress fracture simulate osteomyelitic foci in the course of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis
The teoretical & practical knowledge of nurses and midwives regarding to the Hepatitis-B Virus (HBV) vaccination : a cross-sectional study in Konya – Turkey
The burden of hospitalised carcinoma patients in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia, 1998–2010
The level of serum pro-matrix metalloproteinase-2 as a prognostic factor in patients with invasive ductal breast cancer
The risk of developing endemic nephropathy in subjects with proteinuria
The effects of parental smoking on anthropometric parameters, peak expiratory flow rate and physical condition in school children
The examination of the heart rate recovery after anaerobic running in soccer players
The relationship of morphology and motor abilities to specific table tennis tasks in youngsters
The incidence of satellite cysts in keratocystic odontogenic tumors
The discrepancy in the perception of the public-political speech in Croatia
The relationship between body structure and the socio-economic status in Hungarian children and adolescents
The radiological estimation of vertebral body volumes on the thoracic and lumbal spine : radiological estimation of vertebral body volumes
The evolvement of the renographic curve pattern in early childhood
The role of antibiotic prophylaxis in preterm premature rupture of membranes
Taekwondo coaches knowledge about prevention and management of dental trauma
Trigeminal neuralgia : case and treatment analysis at the department of oral surgery of the University Hospital Dubrava
The inscription of medicus of the XIth legion from Burnum
The life and work of Ksenija Atanasijević (1894-1981) : psychology and anthropology as the inevitability and necessity of philosophy
The effect of 5α-reductase inhibition with finasteride and dutasteride on bone mineral density in older men with benign prostatic hyperplasia
The influence of allogeneic platelet gel on the morphology of human long bones
Trace metals in the environment and population as possible long term consequence of war in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia
The relationship between meaning of illness, anxiety depression, and quality of life for cancer patients
The importance of anatomical topography in nasolacrimal duct stenosis
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) : alternative or a method of choice in treating tumors of the rectum with appropriately selected patients?
The effect of trombophilia on pregnancy outcome and IVF success
Treatment of congenital leg length discrepancies in children using an Ilizarov external fixator : a comparative study
The role of negative pressure wound therapy in patients with kidney transplantation
The wild boar attack : a case report of a wild boar inflicted injury and treatment
Treatment of hardware infection after osteosynthesis of lower leg using negative pressure wound therapy and transforming powder dressing
The concept of resilience and protection of critical infrastructure against natural and man-made disasters in Republic of Macedonia
Trends in family planning and contraception carried out in primary health care in Croatia : 1995–2012 : study based on routinely collected data
Traditional practices of Turkish infertile women : an example from a rural county
Treatment of advanced peripheral arterial insufficiency in the elderly
Temporomandibular disorders and orthodontic treatment need in orthodontically untreated children and adolescents
The lymph node roundness index in the evaluation of lymph nodes of the neck
The level of improvement of visual acuity in high corneal astigmatism with rigid gas permeable contact lenses
The influence of retinal eye diseases on painting
To a deeper understanding of loneliness amongst older Irish adults
The acceleration of birth weight and birth length of hypotrophic and hypertrophic newborns from Tuzla Canton from 1976 to 2007
The relationship between cognitive and emotional intelligence and high school academic achievement
The role of standard echocardiographic parameters in endomyocardial biopsy proven cardiac amyloidosis
The legacy of foundlings in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
The sensitiveness and fulfillment of psychological needs : medical, health care and students
The prevalence of spine deformities and flat feet among 10-12 year old children who train basketball – cross-sectional study
The comparison of malocclusion prevalence between children with cerebral palsy and healthy children
The influence of changes in size and proportion of selected facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) on assessment of similarity between female faces
The role of tonsillectomy in the prevention of Helicobacter pylori infection
The gap between the knowledge and current practices – a case of tobacco control programs in Croatia
The eidemiological characteristics of Hepatitis B in Croatia : the results of the prevention
The accuracy of the osteological sexing of cremated human remains : a test based on grave goods from East Lithuanian barrows
The disruption of subsistence agricultural systems in rural Yucatan, Mexico may have contributed to the coexistence of stunting in children with adult overweight and obesity
The difference in the severity of premenstrual symptoms between users and non-users of oral contraceptives
The influence of the age, the years of training and the BMI on the average muscle power in male and female rowers
The value of hormone receptor assessment in ultrasound guided core needle biopsy of the breast
Treatment of severe acquired haemophilia A with immunosuppressive agent : a case report of one patient
The partnership of public health and anthropology
Utilisation of health services in rural Maharashtra
University educational system and scientific institutions in the Republic of Croatia
Understanding the nutrition of poor urban women
Use of magnetic resonance in body composition studies
Understanding the role of nationalism in "new democracies"
Urban hypothermia and hyperglycemia in the elderly
Urban adolescents and sexual risk taking
Urbanization and heavy physical work as influencing factors on physiques
Use of the oral contraceptive pill by Austrian adolescents with emphasis on the age of onset, side effects, compliance and lifestyle
Ultrasonographic measurement of the thyroid volume
Unilateral multicentric breast cancer
Uterine artery embolization for the treatment of uterine fibroids
Use of digital photographs for artificial tooth selection
Ultrasonographic estimation of fetal weight
Using magnetic resonance imaging to identify the lumbosacral segment in children
Use of DNA probes in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis
Ultrasonographic forms of pleural space in healthy children
Unhealthy body perception among Turkish youths
Using different methods to assess the discomfort during car driving
Urine immunocytology as a noninvasive diagnostic tool for acute kidney rejection : a single center experience
Use of wild and semi-wild edible plants in nutrition and survival of people in 1430 days of siege of Sarajevo during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992–1995)
Ultrasound evaluation of extracranial carotid artery lesions in parkinsonian patients
Update on thoracic paravertebral blocks
Ultrasonographic assessment of kidney dimensions in first six months of life
Unexpected sudden death due to recreational swimming and diving in men in Croatia in a 14-year period
Unrecognized malaria and its consequences : a case report of severe malaria with acute renal failure
Use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in the early period after kidney transplantation
Urinary tract infection (UTI) in newborns : risk factors, identification and prevention of consequences
Ultrasound distinction between simple recurrent urinary tract infections and a specific bladder wall inflammatory entity called cystitis cystica
Unconjugated pathological jaundice in newborns
Use of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP2) in bilateral alveolar ridge augmentation : case report
Ulipristal acetate in emergency contraception
Use of serum levels of proinflammatory Cytokine IL-1α in chronic hepatitis C
Uyghur medicine in practice : a study in Khotan
Understanding basic temporal relations in primary school pupils with hearing impairments
Variation in limb bones of terminal late archaic populations of Ohio
Visual evoked potentials in three representative groups of prisoners of war released from Serbian detention camps
Variation in menarcheal age according to the growth channels appertaination and the soft tissue component in pubertal girls
Variations of sitting posture and physical activity in different types of school furniture
Virtual anthropology (VA)
Variations of body mass index in Croatian school children and adolescents
Vomer as relevant factor in the mastication forces transmission system
Value of Color-Doppler imaging in diagnosis of intrabulbar and intraorbital tumors
Vertebral artery hypoplasia
Visualization of anthropometric measures of workers in computer 3D modeling of work place
Variations of femoral condyle shape
Visualizing facial shape regression upon 2nd to 4th digit ratio and testosterone
Validity of optical device lipometer and bioelectric impedance analysis for body fat assessment in men and women
Virilizing adrenal cancer and bail-out nephrectomy
Venomous snakebites in Southern Croatia
Vindija cave and the modern human peopling of Europe
Vaccination coverage in hard to reach Roma children in Slovenia
Variations in mugwort (Artemisia Spp.) airborne pollen concentrations at three sites in central Croatia, in period from 2002 to 2003
Virtual bronchoscopy and 3D spiral CT reconstructions in the management of patient with bronchial cancer
Variation of pelvic diameters due to different scanning positions
Vascular thrombosis associated with antiphospholipide syndrome
Views of elementary school teachers towards students with cochlear implants inclusion in the process of education
Vertebroplasty for vertebral compression fracture
Visual evoked response in patients with severe carotid disease
Value of fine-needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and anaplastic large cell lymphoma : one centre experience
Villoglandular papillary adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix with aggressive clinical course : a case report
Vascular endothelial growth factor and intratumoral microvessel density as prognostic factors in endometrial cancer
Variations of body physique in Santhals : an Indian tribe
Visual evoked potential can be used to detect a prediabetic form of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetes mellitus type I
Vulvar Paget’s disease : a case report
Visual aspects of perception of multimedia messages on the web through the "eye tracker" method
Variation in menstrual characters : a study between married and unmarried women of west Bengal
Vertebroplasty : high viscosity cement versus low viscosity cement
Vagus nerve stimulation in the treatment of patients with pharmacoresistant epilepsy: our experiences
Valdoltra and osteoarticular tuberculosis among Slovenians : the 100th anniversary of the Valdoltra hospital
Voice rehabilitation of Broca's aphasia following total laryngectomy
Value of rapid aetiological diagnosis in optimization of antimicrobial treatment in bacterial community acquired pneumonia
Vaginal delivery and continuous epidural analgesia : should we change our clinical approach?
Vertebral pathologies and related activity patterns in two mediaeval populations from Spain
Variation of musculoskeletal stress markers in the medieval population from Cedynia (Poland) : proposal of standardized scoring method application
Visual persuasion and politics: ideology and symbols of the totalitarian regimes : case study: hammer and sickle
Vitamin K epoxide reductase complex 1 (VKORC1) gene polymorphisms in population of Eastern Croatia
Variation in indicators of respiratory functions among Warsaw adolescents in relation to ambient air pollution and smoking
Validation of the slovenian version of patient assessment of chronic illness care (PACIC) in patients with coronary heart disease
Value of cytology in small cell lung carcinoma diagnostic : single-center study
Virus etiology of schizophrenia : the characteristics of the »little ice age« and its consequences
Vitiligo in Croatia : a case report
Validation of epstein biopsy criteria for insignificant prostate cancer in contemporary cohort of Croatian patients
Visual vs. spectrophotometric methods for shade selection
Jezik: eng
Impresum: Zagreb : School of Biological Anthropology, Section for Biological Anthropology, Medical Association of Croatia, 1977-.
Zagreb : Section for Biological Anthropology of the Medical Association of Croatia : Croatian Anthropological Society : Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health : Center for Health Cooperation with Nonaligned and Developing Countries,
Zagreb : Croatian Anthropological Society : Institute for Anthropological Research : Croatian Association of Medical Antropology, Croatian Medical Association : Commission on Medical Antropology and Epidemiology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences,
Zagreb : Croatian Anthropological Society : Institute for Anthropological Research : Commission on Medical Antropology and Epidemiology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences : Laser-plus,
Zagreb : Croatian Anthropological Society : Institute for Anthropological Research : Commission on Medical Antropology and Epidemiology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences : Laser-plus : Department of Natural Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts,
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